Lessons Plans and Important Imformation 1/14/19 thru 1/18/19:

We are just  half way through the school year! Again, my name is Tiffany Comer-Hull. This is my 17th year teaching at Griffin. This year, I’m teaching two 7th grade math classes,  and two co-taught math classes with my perspective co-teacher, Mr. Lohuis. Also, feel free to refer to his Blog along with the 7th grade math team blog, as they will also contain the information in regards to the classes I teach. Any further information that you can provide that can help aid me in better understanding your child and their needs is greatly appreciated. You can leave me a message at 678-842-6917 to which I will respond to as soon as possible. You can also reach me by email at Tiffany.Comer-Hull@cobbk12.org ,in which you are sure to receive a quicker response. Thank you so much for allowing your child to attend Griffin Middle School and I look forward to working with you and your child this school year.


Lessons Plans 1/14/19 thru 1/18/19:

This week in my class we will focus on  the following topics: We will continue  Unit 3 (Ratios and Proportional  Reasoning). Monday we will take a quiz on ratios, rates, unit rates and proportions. Tuesday we will take 2 Unit 3 mini touchstones. Wednesday we will take a mid Unit 3 summative. Thursday and Friday we will work on proportional relationships involving similar figures and finding the percent of a number.  We will continue to review, for unit 3, identifying, setting up and solving ratios, rates, unit rates,  creating and identify equivalent fractions, solving complex fractions and converting unit rates, setting up and solving proportions that also include word problems, finding the rate of change in tables and graphs and finding the constant of proportionality. We will also continue to review identifying integers on a number line; computing absolute value; describing integer situations; along with adding , subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers; ordering fractions on a number  line; computing fractions (+,-,x,/); naming types of decimals; converting fractions, decimals, percents and comparing and ordering rational numbers, all from the topics we have covered in Unit 1. We will also continue to review  order of operations, exponents,  properties of operations, the distributive property, evaluate/solve algebraic expressions using substitution, combining like terms, adding and subtracting linear expressions and one and two step equations with graphing and one and two step inequalities with graphing with word problems and verbal expressions, all from which we have covered in Unit 2.


Important Information:

Please remember Griffin offers morning tutoring. This a GREAT opportunity for you to catch up on assignmentsread, be remediated, or (if you let me know in advance) extend your learning opportunities. Tutoring is held every morning from 7:45am to 8:50am.

Just as a reminder report cards are on line now and can be viewed  in Parent and Student Vue as of January 2019.




7th Grade Mathematics Teaching & Learning Framework
First Semester Second Semester
Unit 1: Operations with Rational Numbers

6 weeks

Unit 2: Expressions and Equations

6 weeks

Unit 3: Ratios & Proportional Relationships

6 weeks

Unit 4: Geometry

5 weeks

Unit 5: Inferences

4 weeks

Unit 6: Probability

4 weeks

Unit 7: Review and Extend

5 weeks

*Note: The course outline above covers the entire school year. It is subject to change as needed.


 Please use the following math technology websites/resources to assist you:

Online Textbook

The students will be using a variety of materials for their instruction including a consumable textbook. Our new textbook can be accessed ONLINE by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do
  2. Your username is: ccsd(lunch#) (example: ccsd1234567)
  3. Your password is: cobbmath1


Resourceful Links






CCSD Grading ScaleA = 90 and aboveB = 80 – 89C = 74 – 79D = 70 – 73F = 69 and below


Student grades will be determined in the following manner:

70% | Formative (Quizzes, Homework and Classwork)

30% | Summative (Tests, Projects and Essays)

Please support the GMS Foundation and help us better serve your student!



Please support te GMS Foundation and help us better serve your student!

This year the Foundation hopes to raise enough money to purchase:

– 58 laptops for the ELA classes

– 2 laptop carts for teachers transport and charge the laptops

– 52 iPad tubs for teachers to transport and charge iPads

Donate to the Give 2 Griffin Annual Fund by:

  • Completing the donation form you received in the mail and either mailing it to the school in the self-addressed envelope provided or having your student turn it in to his/her teacher
  • Donating directly online at www.cobbk12.org/griffin/foundation

Nicola Bradburn Fuller


Griffin Middle School Foundation, Inc.


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