Welcome to the Jungle…….

Welcome To The Compton Elementary PE Department!


Our mission at Compton Elementary is to provide each student with the opportunity to develop the skills, motivation, and behaviors that will lead to each student deciding to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle.


1) Take responsibility for your actions.

2)  Respect others and equipment.

3)  Demonstrate self control.

4)  Try your best at all times


Safety is the number one priority in the gym. However, accidents do occur. REPORT ALL IN INJURIES TO THE TEACHER IMMEDIATELY!


Please ensure that your child has proper rubber soled shoes. NO HEELS OR OPENED TOE SHOES. We recommend keeping a pair of shoes in your child’s bag for those days when schedule changes occur to eliminate any confusion.


If your student is sick or hurt, PLEASE SEND A NOTE WITH A DATE WHEN THEY CAN RETURN AND PARTICIPATE. If your student is placed in a cast or brace, by a doctor please have a medical excuse for when they are able to return to participate. Once the child has returned from their injury/sickness the final decision is the teachers on whether they can participate.

If your child has any medical conditions, allergies, or religious reasons that might inhibt your child from participating in PE please send a note explaining the situation.


WATER is the only drink allowed in class.

Water bottles are always welcome, please put your students name on them!

During the warmer months, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are appropriate. Please label all items.

We are the largest classroom in the school.  It is super important that students wear tennis shoes on their PE days.  As a friendly reminder, we do not tie tennis shoes after Christmas Break.