Monday, October 23rd

Today we discussed modeling, subtracting, and adding decimals and fractional equivalents.  The kids did a good job with each of the three ways.  They played me in a very tense math basketball game and won a pass for no math homework.  In SS, we read and discussed how the telegraph, railroads, money, and population were major advantages for the Union.  We watched America The Story of Us and discussed how the Union had these clear advantages during the war.  The students picked teams and worked on an essay on the same topic during writing.

Make sure to look at the icon KINCAID KEYNOTES.

Have a great night.

Friday, October 20th


It’s here! It’s here!!  The Kincaid Fun Run is finally here!  We have over 200 registered runners and are very excited about this event!  It’s this Saturday, October 21.  Pick up your Fun Run shirts beginning at 7:15 a.m.  Don’t forget, Kincaid Rd will be closed for these runs so get there early! 


Run times:

4th & 5th grade – 8:00 a.m.

2nd & 3rd grade – 8:20 a.m.

K & 1st grade – 8:40 a.m.

3K – 9:15 a.m.


Parking this year is going to be easy.  Since we will be starting the runs up on Kincaid Rd, the only place you cannot park is in the front lot (bus area).  The K building lot, the side by the Target trailers and the upper lot will all be available for parking.  Also, the back playground will be open for parking,  just like Donuts with Dad and Mornings with Mom. 


Remember however, Kincaid Rd. will be closed during the runs.  So, ingress and egress will be limited.


We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday!!!


Thank you for a wonderful conference week !!!!   I really enjoyed speaking with everyone this week.  PLEASE use the weekends for reading fictional books or nonfiction – SCI and SS, working on math fluency, and  working on math vocabulary.   It looks like a beautiful weekend to be outside and I hope all of you enjoy it!!   I will hopefully enjoy the Michigan vs. Penn State game…. and much football and relaxation.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Thursday, Oct 19

CONGRATS to Sophia Brown, Abby McMahan, and Xavier Hopkins for running for Student Council.  

CONGRATS to JANICE KIM for being our class rep for this year.  



Handout for Halloween Dance was sent home today!!!  i also sent a picture on Class Dojo.

The kids worked on a brand new program for them called One Note.  PLEASE ask them what they learned today and how it works.  🙂  There is a big MATH VOCABULARY TEST tomorrow.  It is worth 100 points and the students should know most or all of these words.  Enjoy the sun today.

Have a great night !!

Monday, Oct 16th

Conference Week!!!!    Early Dismissal Week !!!

FUN RUN is this Saturday, October 21st.

We continued to work on our Expert Project books in the computer lab.  I have instructed the students to be as detailed as possible when describing their content.  In Math, we continued to work on our multiplication with decimals and division.  The kids have multiplication facts that they have written down after our 1-1 conference this week.  PLEASE STUDY those facts only with your child at home.

I look forward to talking to you about your fantastic children this week.

Have a great day!!!

Friday, October 13th


The kids did a great job today with their leveled reading groups (Bridge to Terabithia, Because of Winn Dixie, and the Whipping Boy).  We had oral discussions and the kids went through sequence of events, discussed character traits, and went in depth with problems and possible solutions during our 10 minute discussions.   The kids wrote about 3 Courageous Women ( Clara Barton, Mary Chestnut, and Elizabeth Van Lew) from the Civil War.  We continued with multiplication with decimals and division.

Continue to work on EXPERT PROJECTS!!! and multiplication facts.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, Oct 12th

Doughnuts with Dad is tomorrow!!!!

We reviewed division and multiplication with decimals in math today.  Many students need to continue practicing their division skills. We started our outlines of our informational “Expert Books” today.  The students need to have their outline completed by tomorrow.  I gave them about 35 minutes to work on it today in the computer lab.

The book fair tour was good!!  If your child wants to purchase a book they can do it before school any day next week.  Big selection of books!!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, Oct 11th

Early Release Day is TOMORROW!!

Doughnuts with Dad is FRIDAY!!!!!!

The kids received their EXPERT PROJECT today in class.  We discussed the project and the expectations for about 40 minutes.  This is an informational project that requires each student to create an informational book and presentation.  The presentation will be the Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving Break ( Nov 16/17).  We will be working on the books extensively in the classroom.  They need to have their topic tomorrow to discuss with me individually.

We continued to work on man made things that change landforms.  The students worked in partners to complete a PPT to show how lanforms are changed to help humans.

The kids did a good job again with multiplying with decimals.  They are understanding how to move the decimal and what it means using the inverse operation.  VERY PROUD OF THEIR PROGRESS AS A CLASS

Have a great night!!

Tuesday, October 10th


Book Fair stuff went home today.

The kids did an absolutely outstanding job with math today.  They used 25 different terms to describe our lesson today.  They worked multiplication with decimals and showed equivalences with fractions.  Not an easy skill at all, and they did a really good job.  I will send pictures with CLASS DOJO!!

We read chapter 11 in Esperanza Rising.  Esperanza is started to change her ways and become more self reliant.  The kids are recognizing her change even though she isn’t particular good at anything she is trying to achieve.   In SS, we discussed how the mini bullet brought horror to the battlefield.  We will continue to discuss the Civil War and Reconstruction.  The kids worked on Physical Changes in Science Lab and determining what objects would be more dense.

Have a great night!!!

Monday, October 9th

I am back from my football trip to Michigan…. it was fun but didn’t go well in the CrAzY rain..

Donuts for Dads and Book Fair are on Friday.

Early Release Day is this THURSDAY

Today we went over how a soldier’s life in SS.  We also started multiplication with decimals today.  The kids have done an outstanding job with vocabulary with their math and it has shown through their progress in understanding different concepts.  Keep them studying their math facts and vocabulary each weekend !!


Have great night.

Thursday, October 5th

If you have not turned in your conference slips, PLEASE do that by Monday.  Once I have everyone’s slip, I can try to set a schedule for Conference Week.

The kids started with a new literacy group today in reading.  Ask them about their new book and what they read today.  They all did a good job of managing their time and working hard.

Early Release Day will be Thursday, Oct 12th

I will not be here tomorrow.  Please have your students read and practice multiplication and division skills if needed.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!!!