Tuesday, January 16th

If your child is attending Simpson Middle School and they have not turned in their permission forms (YELLOW SHEET), please have them turn it in ASAP ūüôā

PLEASE STAY TUNED TO THE WEATHER FOR TONIGHT!!!!  The weather looks like it will start around 5 and end around 10.  


Math Р Today we started our focus on Geometry.  Most of this chapter deals with vocabulary and understanding and identifying shapes, angles, and lines.  Understanding how to derive volume from a rectangular prism will also be a standard.

Science РIntroduced animal and plant cells.  A great introductory discussion on cells.

Reading – ¬†Finally had the opportunity to read Ch 1 and 2 of a Wrinkle in Time. ¬†Kids did a great job of reading characters in our Author’s Theater. ¬†Looking forward to discussion questions with this book. ¬†Went through lesson 3 of Wordly Wise. ¬† We also took a computer generated comprehension test.

Have a safe and wonderful night !!

Friday, Jan 12th

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was … obviously very good at what they do. ¬†The kids did a great job, and the school was recognized as a school that did well on the trip.

We watched Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech in class today. ¬†We discussed the purpose of the holiday and the impact he made during the Civil Rights Movement. ¬†If you have not been to the King Center with your child/children, it is a great place to visit along with adding some very poignant moments and discussion points with your child.

Have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, Jan 11th

TOMORROW IS OUR FIELD TRIP TO LISTEN TO THE ASO!!! ¬† PLEASE WEAR YOUR RED KINCAID SHIRTS… if you don’t have one… wear a red shirt. ¬†We will have our 5th grade photo tomorrow with the red shirts on as well. ¬†

Math РThe students worked on many multi step word problems dealing with division of fractions and whole numbers.  This is not an easy skill and very difficult to explain and model.

SS/Writing РStudents and I discussed the book Immigrant Kids РChapter 3 At School.  We discussed how students were grouped by ability level and not by chronological age.  GREAT DISCUSSIONS based on their opinions regarding this topic.

Reading РEach group had a novel study discussion on their readings.  Most of the students did a good job with discussing the plot, characters, and basic ideas of their stories to date.  They also worked on vocabulary through the Wordly Wise words.



Tuesday, Jan 9th

Well it was an incredible National Title Game….. and depending on your side…. either soul sucking or absolutely fantastic ending.

Reading РWe started a new on level novel today.  Each student has started a new book that we will be reading in class.  Worked on vocabulary development with Wordly Wise.  PLEASE ask your child how to log into the website.  Many games and ways to study.  We will be having a weekly quiz on Fridays with Wordly Wise Vocabulary.

Math Р Started dividing fractions with whole numbers.  Not an easy concept at all, but the kids worked hard for day one of this standard.

SS Р Discussed how cities were transformed by many different things during the later part of the 19th century.  The students are doing a much better job of connecting ideas and seeing the correlation between two or more things.

Writing – We went over the HERO ESSAY today and they started both their outline and opening paragraphs.

Have a great day !!

Friday, Jan 5th

UGA DAY ON MONDAY!!!!! …. or Alabama (Nelms) ……. wear your colors proudly!!

Performing Arts permission forms went home for those that need to turn them in by Friday.  We will be watching a performance at Lassiter High School next Friday.  

Math – We went over and discussed multiplication of Mixed Numbers by Mixed Numbers.

Reading Р Started reading a new book called a Wrinkle in Time.  We watched a preliminary video on our sized compared to the rest of the universe.  MANY questions came up when seeing how small we are compared to the rest of the universe.  This book will lead to many discussion points and opinions throughout.

SS – Read Immigrant Kids and discussed more of the positives of the mass immigration to America’s potential economy.

Writing – ¬†We started our instruction on Opinion Essays and how to structure them. ¬†This will continue over the next several weeks. ¬†They certainly have their opinions ūüôā


Have a safe and fantastic weekend !!

Thursday, Jan 4th

It was a welcome back day today!!!  I certainly enjoyed all of the stories of what the students did over the Winter Break, and the pictures sent and posted on Class Dojo were great.

Math РWe reviewed multiplication with fractions and addition with mixed numbers.  We also started multiplication of Mixed Numbers by Mixed Numbers.

Reading-  Read Chapter 1 of Immigrant Kids Рa great book that discusses the plight of the initial immigrant experience through Ellis Island. Many questions and interesting discussions with the content of immigration.

We also created an account on Wordly Wise today.  The students had fun playing different games with the words they are responsible to understand.

Writing Р Writing  INDIVIDUAL GOALS for the new year.  The students also wrote base summaries on their Winter Break experiences.

Science РScience Lab.  Electromagnets.

Thursday, Jan 4th

Hello Cougar Nation!

Happy New Year! ¬†Each year am reflective and strive to improve myself in the difference areas of my life…health, family, fitness, spiritual and career. One of my goals for 2018 is to use Twitter and social media to highlight all the great happenings at Kincaid. ¬†If you are a Twitter user, please follow me @KncaidPrincipal #CelebrateKincaid.

Honoring Our Heroes
Honoring Our Heroes is a student writing program designed for you to write about your real-life heroes and role models. For more details, please click here. Essays due to Kincaid PTA  by January 17, 2018

¬†School Choice Transfers –¬†¬†The application window for Sibling Transfers the 2018-2019 school year will be open from¬†January 4 through January 31, and the¬†application window for HB 251 Transfers for the 2018-2019 school year will be open during the first week of February, 2018.¬† ¬†For more information click here.

Our amazing teachers have been working hard and are ready to welcome your students back for the second half of this school year!  See you tomorrow!

Ms. Blake

Monday, December 18th

Thank you so much for the kind gift cards!!!   I really appreciate you guys thinking of me during the season J   I have really enjoyed teaching your children this year, and they have grown so much already!!!   They are extremely sweet children with big hearts… and that is direct reflection of your parenting.  Again, thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness!!

Mr. Bridges

Monday, December 18th



Hello Cougar Nation!

We are wrapping up 2017 with a full day on Monday…followed by Early Release Days on Tuesday and Wednesday.¬† We will be dismissing at 12:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.¬† ASP will remain open this week until 6pm as usual.

Last call for Lost and Found.  All unclaimed items will be donated to charity after school on December 20th.

School Choice Transfers –¬†¬†The application window for Sibling Transfers the 2018-2019 school year will be open from¬†January 4 through January 31, and the¬†application window for HB 251 Transfers for the 2018-2019 school year will be open during the first week of February, 2018.¬† ¬†For more information click here.

Looking for the perfect gift for your 4th or 5th grade student?
Give your child a day out with their friends to see The Lion King at The Fabulous Fox Theater on Sunday, January 28!¬†¬†The cost of this OPTIONAL trip is $62. This includes a ticket to the show and charter bus transportation. Students attending the trip will need to be dropped off at Kincaid NO LATER than 11:00 a.m. on January 28 and will return approximately 4:30 p.m.¬†¬†If you are interested in your child attending this trip, they may ask for a field trip packet from Mr. Bush or Mrs. Kotarba. If you want this to be a SURPRISE for them, or you have any questions about the trip, please contact Lori Kotarba at [email protected].

Thank you so much for all of the Giving Tree donations! It was our best year yet. The MUST Ministries Toy Shop will be restocked with all of the wonderful items that were donated by Kincaid families!  Our community is filled with generous students, parents, and staff!

Happy Holidays to all of you!  See you back on January 4th!

Ms. Blake


December 18  Holiday Parties
fjslfjslfjslkfjd1211:00 ‚Äď 12:00 K ‚Äď 2
slfjsljfslfjsfljfslj12:30‚Äď 1:30¬† ¬†3 ‚Äď 5
December 19¬†¬†Early Release Day¬†‚Äď Students Dismissed at 12:30
December 20¬†¬†Early Release Day¬†‚ÄstStudents Dismissed at 12:30
December 23  12:30  Kincaid Chorus at The Battery Atlanta
December 21 ‚Äď January 3¬† Winter Holidays
January 4        Students return to school
January 5        Report Cards Go Home
January 9 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†7:15 ‚Äď 7:45¬† Student Banking
asndsaljdlsakjChick-fil-A Night
January 11 ¬† ¬† ¬† 7:15 ‚Äď 7:45 School Store
slkdfjlksdfjksdPapa Johns Night
January 15      MLK Holiday РNo School


Friday, December 15th

CONGRATS to Julian Smith for placing 2nd in this year’s Spelling Bee!!! ¬† He did such an amazing job … not easy spelling words in front of 500 people !!! ¬† Awesome job, Julian ūüôā

Monday is the Holiday Party ( 12:30-1:30) !!!   

Each student should practice their Holiday Plays this weekend!!!!!

Have a great day !!!