Extraordinary Gentlemen

September 14th 

Thank you so much to Neil, Jackson B., Johnny, Nick, Kealon, and Ryan for the homeless donations.

I will be on the back playground around 6 PM tonight playing some football.  Look forward to seeing all of you there tonight.

The schedule for Car Rider Fridays was given out today at our 2nd meeting.  If you need another copy please stop by the Math Lab.


Wednesday, Oct 3rd 

Wednesday, Oct 17th 

Friday, Nov 2nd

August 28th

Great first meeting today with the Extraordinary Gentlemen.  Please don’t forget to have your parents send me an email with their phone number and contact information.  Also, start thinking about ideas to help the school, community, state, or world.  Any IDEA is worth discussion !!!

Things to remember

  1.  Things to collect for the homeless –  WET WIPES, CANNED FOOD, HYGIENE THINGS
  2.  Think about the video we watched today and jot down some thoughts you had while watching.
  3. NEXT MEETING – Friday – September 14th