Monday, February 26th

I posted a copy of the SILENT AUCTION and RAFFLE TICKETS on Class Dojo last Friday.  Today I sent home the raffle tickets, BBQ Dinner Menu, and Silent Auction information sheet.

Math – We reviewed some basic concepts from geometry and discussed what we will be doing each night to review some of the concepts from the year.

Science – We started our unit on Classification.  Ask your child about the activity we did with shoes today.  They did a good job seeing how human beings have organized and classified objects to better understand and access information.

Reading –  Read the rest of Chapter 5 in A Wrinkle in Time.  Discussed negative energy and the students had some thoughts about how human beings deal with negative energy.

Writing –  Worked in pairs to correct sentences and to proofread errors.

Have a nice night!!!

Friday, February 16th

A message from the school counselors –

We are very excited about hosting our annual Career Fair here at Kincaid Elementary on Friday, April 27th.  In order to make our Career Day a successful event, we need volunteers who would like to present their careers to students.  Volunteers will have a table set up at the fair and discuss things such as the educational requirements/training and character traits that are required in their field along with what a typical day in their career is like.  Volunteers will arrive by about 7:30am, and presentations will last from 8:00am-11:30am.

If you are interested in teaching students about your career, please contact Lori Kotarba or Meredith Weitnauer (School Counselors) via phone at 770-578-7238 or via email at [email protected].

We look forward to having a wonderful and educational Career Day!

STEM DAY EGG DROP!!   We had two eggs that survived the fall.  If you would like to try this experiment at home, your child should know how to create an egg carrier.

Many papers went home today.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD works over the break on their math and Biography Projects.  Most of the students are done with their book.


PLEASE send pictures to me over the break of places your family goes 🙂

Have a safe and wonderful week!!

Wednesday, February 14th

5th grade Field Trip Permission Forms!!!!!

Kincaid In House Field Trip Permission Form.  I have posted a copy of it on Class Dojo.


Math – The kids did a great job of working with Mr. Long’s class on teaching them how to do a Performance Task and a Constructed Response.  They have become much better at looking into the right vocabulary and equation to solve problems.

SS/ Writing – Students had to construct a class summary on the Roaring Twenties.  They had some ups and downs… but overall detail was of good quality.  We also discussed how to figure out how many stocks you can buy for a $1,000.

VALENTINE’s –  The kids had a good time giving their friends treats.  🙂

Have a great evening!!


Tuesday, February 13th

VALENTINE’S –  If you decide to give someone in the class a Valentine’s card or candy, make sure you have enough for everyone in the classroom.  

5th grade Field Trip Permission Forms!!!!!

Kincaid In House Field Trip Permission Form.  I have posted a copy of it on Class Dojo.



Math –  Finished our Battleship Coordinate Plane Challenge.  Savage 6 won with an 11-7 record.  Ask your child how to play this game.   

Writing – Partner writing with reading passages and citing from the text.

Reading-  Literacy – On Level Reading Groups –  Finishing up on main ideas throughout each chapter.

SS –  Continued reading and discussing on The Roaring Twenties.


Have a great evening!!


Monday, February 12th

5th grade Field Trip Permission Forms!!!!!

Kincaid In House Field Trip Permission Form.  I have posted a copy of it on Class Dojo.


Math – Discussed coordinate planes and how to mark them on Quadrant 1 of the grid.  Played a couple of games of Battleship against other groups.

Writing – I went through the daily proofreading skills we will be working on until the end of the year.  We have struggled as a class in this area.  I hoping to review some concepts to make this a strength rather than a weakness by the time they reach middle school.

Reading –  Wrinkle in Time was very, very deep.  The discussion revolved around tesseracts.  Ask your child what they are and if they think it is a possibility.

SS –  Beginning of the Roaring Twenties.  We also went through the stock information gathered over the weekend.

Have a great day!!


Friday, February

5th grade Field Trip Permission Forms!!!!!

Kincaid In House Field Trip Permission Form was sent home today.  I have posted a copy of it on Class Dojo.


Math –  We worked with another class and taught them how to find the volume of rectangular prisms and cubes.  Students have done a great job all year with mentoring and helping others.  One of this class’ talents!!!  We also began our look at coordinate planes with a game of battleship.

SS – We discussed the Stock Market and how investing is the one of the most important steps in pure financial freedom.  We discussed –  corporations, stocks,  ticker symbol, NYSE, Nasdaq, profit, loss, dividend, shares, and industry.  We looked back at initial investments in corporations like Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

Sci – Science Lab today –  LIFE SCIENCE –  

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!


Thursday, February 8th

5th grade Field Trip Permission Forms!!!!!

Kincaid In House Field Trip Permission Form was sent home today.  I will post a copy of it on Class Dojo.  

Math –  Volume quiz today on rectangular prisms and cubes.  Most of the class did well on this.  Not labeling was a problem for the ones who didn’t do well.

SS –  WW 1 test today.

Science – Discussed and labeled the different parts and functions of plant and animal cells.  Great discussion.

Reading –  Literacy Groups went well today with Author’s Theater.  The three books – The Westing Game, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler- were all on point with their reading and responsibilities.  Ask your child to summarize the book they are reading.  All three are excellent pieces of adventure and drama.  Wordly Wise Ch 6 is due next Friday.  Most of the students have used their time wisely in class and have completed this assignment…. they can go onto the website on our LINKS ICON for tons of practice on the words.


Have a great evening !!!

Tuesday, February 6th

Permission forms for 5th grade field trip !!!

Zaxby’s night!!!!!

Simpson/Dodgen students had an insightful trip today.  PLEASE ask your child how their trip went. If your child did not go (Daniell students), they should have many details from the explanations given in class.   DRESS CODE, ISS/ OSS, RECESS, ORCHESTRA, CHORUS, BAND… are just a few topics discussed in GREAT detail today.  

Monday, February 5th

Simpson/Dodgen Field Trips tomorrow!!

 If you haven’t brought in your permission forms for the 5th Grade Trip ( BLUE PAPER), PLEASE DO SO ASAP!!

A special thanks to Mrs. McMahan for bringing in cupcakes and balloons for the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win.  

Math – The kids figured out volume problems based on LxWxH formula for rectangular prisms and cubes

Reading/SCI–  Went over Chapter 4 in Wrinkle in Time.  Many high level, critical and creative discussions within this chapter.  Are we alone?  Is there life on other places in the universe?  Can we bend time?  Can we change matter?

SS –  Discussed the nightmare of trench warfare during WW1.   Also discussed the benefits of staying neutral for the United States.

Writing – Groups wrote 3 main body paragraphs on the following topic.  Should the Georgia Milestone be a gateway test ?

Have a great night!!!

Friday, February 2nd

Don’t forget to send in the blue permission form for the 5th grade field trip.  


Math –  We took a test on all of the geometry and measurement terms we have been studying.

Reading –  I went over a BIOGRAPHY PROJECT today in class.  Most of the students checked out a book on a famous person in history, and they will have a multi-faceted report due on Monday, March 5th.

SS –  We continued our discussions on NATIONALISM, MILITARISM, ALLIANCES, and IMPERIALISM during the early part of the 20th century.  The kids worked on their posters that symbolizes and describes each word.

Writing – The students wrote the main body paragraphs on their predictions of Super Bowl 52.  The majority of students think that the Patriots have a better shot of winning than the Eagles.

Science –  Mrs. Nastasi went through mircroorganisms today in Science Lab.  They discussed the many organisms that are floating around in fresh water lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams…. and the dangers of drinking such water.


Have a safe weekend!!!    GO PATRIOTS –  PREDICTION    PATS 24   EAGLES  20