Tuesday, October 31st

Thanks to the Brown Family for bringing in cake for the class (Sophie’s BDAY)!!!

We worked on modeling dividing  with decimals.  Not an easy concept to conceptually understand, but the kids did a good job of listening and paying attention.  The next 5-6 weeks will not be easy in math, but I do think with the amount of vocabulary development and practice the students should be able to achieve success.   We continued working on their Esperanza Rising Final Project and Presentation.  The students are working together to perform their character with the correct settings in their presentation.

Have a safe and fun evening !!

Monday, October 30th

Today we discussed the upcoming 5th grade Heritage Project.  We discussed each section of the project and the expectations of each.  Have your child explain when each part is due and the day of the 5th Grade Heritage Celebration.

In Math, we went over placing decimals correctly in division.  In SS, we started Reconstruction and the impact of Sherman’s March to the Sea and the devastation it caused to southern cities.  The students worked on their Esperanza Rising Epilogues during writing.

Have a great night !

Friday, October 27th

PLEASE check your child’s ITBS results today.  We went over it today in class, and they should have some pretty good knowledge on how they did on how to read the scores.  Each student received a copy today to take home.

The students continued reading their On Level Reading books and reading together in a theater style. They also had time today to work on their Esperanza Rising Final Assessment papers.  They present next Friday – NOV 3rd.

I also talked briefly with the kids about the 5th Grade Heritage Day – NOV 16th.  I asked them to get a base idea about their own heritage and to ask you about their ancestry.  I will go over the expectations of this day and project on Monday.

Thursday, October 26th

Don’t forget that tomorrow is $2 dress up day!!!   Wear your costume and bring in $2 for the Foundation Fundraiser.  Also, tomorrow after school is the Halloween Dance.

Today we continued with Hands on Equations… and we solved many different word problems using equations.  The kids also helped their book buddies with a Reading Comprehension website.  They were fantastic, and I share some pictures using Class Dojo either tonight or tomorrow.  They also had great discussions with their On Level reading groups.  They partnered up and wrote summaries on their chapters.

Have a great evening

Wednesday, October 25th

We continued with modeling of decimals in multiplication.  The kids did a good job with me and our KSU student teacher – Mr. Webster- in their groups.  They also did a great job with their extended response question that dealt with adding and modeling fractions.   Esperanza Rising has come to an end.  It was the first time I have read this book with the class, and it was a success.  The kids learned a lot of valuable lessons from Esperanza’s life and the circumstances that shaped her to become the person at the end of the book.  They were put into groups to complete their FINAL EXAM for the book.  They need to create an epilogue with 5 of the main characters, and each of the characters will present their version of the future.  PLEASE ask your child about this assignment.  I will be giving them another hour in class and then it is due on Friday, Nov 3rd.

Have a great day !!

Tuesday, October 24th

Here is a friendly reminder from the Kincaid Foundation and PTA.

Foundation Friday

This Friday students may pay $2 and wear their Halloween costumes. Please make sure that any costume is school appropriate. We also ask that students not bring props (swords, bats, light sabers, etc.) because they get lost, and that they not wear masks or makeup that completely covers their face. Costume additions like wings are okay as they are part of the costume itself.



Halloween Dance This Friday!!

The Halloween Dance is already here! The dance will take place in the gym where there will be music and lots of tricks and treats! Bruster’s Ice Cream will be available for purchase ($4 cone/$3 cup) as well as popcorn and water ($1 each). There will also be face painting ($3) and glow sticks ($1 each) and glow in the dark grab bags ($5 each).


Please remember to register and pre-pay your child for the dance by Wednesday and they will receive a free glow wristband. If your child will be attending ASP on Friday you will need to fill out a permission form (click here) and will need to register and pre-pay for both ASP ($7) and the Halloween Dance ($7).


Support the Foundation and PTA while having a blast at this family FUNdraiser! Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend!


We began our modeling of multiplication with decimals/fractions today.  The kids did a really good job on the first day of this very difficult standard.  We will continue to practice “scaling” the rest of this week.  Esperanza Rising is coming to an end in reading.  We have one chapter left and the kids are becoming much better at distinguishing figurative language, plot, plot twist, and conflict in this story. I will explain their final exam assignment tomorrow.  In writing, we corrected multiple pieces of writing and the kids graded work based on Content and Conventions (Grammar).  These will be two components that will be assessed on the Georgia Milestone.

Have a great evening !!

Monday, October 23rd

Today we discussed modeling, subtracting, and adding decimals and fractional equivalents.  The kids did a good job with each of the three ways.  They played me in a very tense math basketball game and won a pass for no math homework.  In SS, we read and discussed how the telegraph, railroads, money, and population were major advantages for the Union.  We watched America The Story of Us and discussed how the Union had these clear advantages during the war.  The students picked teams and worked on an essay on the same topic during writing.

Make sure to look at the icon KINCAID KEYNOTES.

Have a great night.

Friday, October 20th


It’s here! It’s here!!  The Kincaid Fun Run is finally here!  We have over 200 registered runners and are very excited about this event!  It’s this Saturday, October 21.  Pick up your Fun Run shirts beginning at 7:15 a.m.  Don’t forget, Kincaid Rd will be closed for these runs so get there early! 


Run times:

4th & 5th grade – 8:00 a.m.

2nd & 3rd grade – 8:20 a.m.

K & 1st grade – 8:40 a.m.

3K – 9:15 a.m.


Parking this year is going to be easy.  Since we will be starting the runs up on Kincaid Rd, the only place you cannot park is in the front lot (bus area).  The K building lot, the side by the Target trailers and the upper lot will all be available for parking.  Also, the back playground will be open for parking,  just like Donuts with Dad and Mornings with Mom. 


Remember however, Kincaid Rd. will be closed during the runs.  So, ingress and egress will be limited.


We look forward to seeing everyone Saturday!!!


Thank you for a wonderful conference week !!!!   I really enjoyed speaking with everyone this week.  PLEASE use the weekends for reading fictional books or nonfiction – SCI and SS, working on math fluency, and  working on math vocabulary.   It looks like a beautiful weekend to be outside and I hope all of you enjoy it!!   I will hopefully enjoy the Michigan vs. Penn State game…. and much football and relaxation.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Thursday, Oct 19

CONGRATS to Sophia Brown, Abby McMahan, and Xavier Hopkins for running for Student Council.  

CONGRATS to JANICE KIM for being our class rep for this year.  



Handout for Halloween Dance was sent home today!!!  i also sent a picture on Class Dojo.

The kids worked on a brand new program for them called One Note.  PLEASE ask them what they learned today and how it works.  🙂  There is a big MATH VOCABULARY TEST tomorrow.  It is worth 100 points and the students should know most or all of these words.  Enjoy the sun today.

Have a great night !!

Monday, Oct 16th

Conference Week!!!!    Early Dismissal Week !!!

FUN RUN is this Saturday, October 21st.

We continued to work on our Expert Project books in the computer lab.  I have instructed the students to be as detailed as possible when describing their content.  In Math, we continued to work on our multiplication with decimals and division.  The kids have multiplication facts that they have written down after our 1-1 conference this week.  PLEASE STUDY those facts only with your child at home.

I look forward to talking to you about your fantastic children this week.

Have a great day!!!