Thursday, Dec 14th

Writing – Finalizing Holiday Plays.  Backgrounds, script, puppets, characters before Tuesday’s performance.

SS/ Reading – Today we discussed the mass immigration of European Immigrants through Ellis Island.  We will be reading Immigrant Kids in class.  The children got a glimpse of the terrible conditions of NYC tenements during the early part of the 20th century.

Math – Continued multiplication of fractions by fractions.


Have a great night!!

Tuesday, December 12th

Our Holiday Party will be this Monday, December 18th in the lunchroom.  Thank you to the parents who have donated items so far for the party 🙂 !!!


SS – Today we discussed Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller and the impact of BIG BUSINESS on America’s economy.  Ask your child about the $10 Business Challenge I gave them today.

Math –  Discussed multiplication of fractions and fractions.  This is not an easy concept to be able to model, but we got off to a good start.  Getting the product takes about 2 seconds, but modeling the problem can be a difficult process.

Reading/Writing – Each group worked on their Holiday Plays.  They are responsible tonight to put together the settings of their puppet show.

Science-  Students discussed the differences between parallel circuits and series circuits.

Have a great night !!

Thursday, December 7th

Math – Reviewed modeling and figuring equations with multiplication of  whole numbers and fractions. We will have a small quiz on this standard tomorrow.

Writing –  Worked on Holiday Plays and editing their work.

Reading – We took another Georgia Milestone type reading comprehension quiz today in the computer lab.

SS – Discussed the age of big business in SS.  We will continue to see how new inventions ballooned the American Economy.

Heathwise was a big success !!  Kids handled themselves very well and will have questions for you.

Have a great night !!

Tuesday, December 5th

Math –  I introduced multiplication with fractions and whole numbers today.  We also reviewed the fraction to decimal conversions of /2 , /3 /, /4, and /5 and turning numbers into simplest form.

Writing – Finished the production of the  Silver Package stories today, and they started typing their final drafts.

Monday , December 4th

Math – We continued our discussions on regrouping with Mixed Numbers.  Tomorrow we will dive into multiplication of fractions.  This can be a very difficult skill to explain and model.

SS –  How many Native Americans went through struggles during westward expansion.

Writing – Ask your child about the Silver Package story and see if they can explain the story to you.  THEY HAVE DONE AN OUTSTANDING JOB with this assignment.

SCI – We discussed the differences between chemical and physical properties.


Friday, December 1st

Writing – We started writing some descriptive paragraphs pertaining to a scene.  Looking forward to overall product when we are complete!!

Computer Technology – Ms. Snyder is starting her Friday keyboarding classes.  It will be a HUGE help because the Georgia Milestones ( April) will be completely done on the computer.

Math – Students took a test on adding and subtracting with mixed numbers.  They also completed a constructed response dealing with subtraction with mixed numbers while regrouping.

Reading – Students took a Georgia Milestone prep test today in the computer lab.


Have a great weekend !!!   Go DAWGS and Go BADGERS!!!

Thursday, November 30th

After School Program Sign Up Sheet went home today !!!

If you have not turned in your child’s HEALTHWISE permission form , PLEASE send it in with your child tomorrow.

Math – We continued working on adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  Today, we discussed borrowing from the whole number to complete the equation.  We also made word problems based on the history we are covering in class.  Tomorrow there will be a test that covers adding and subtracting with mixed numbers.

Writing – The students are continuing to work on their Holiday Plays.  I am looking for the students to be as creative as possible using figurative language and sensory details within their scripts.

Reading/SS – Continued reading the Chisholm Trail and the impact of barb wire to the cattle industry and how the demand for beef allowed for cattle ranchers to make a good living.  We also discussed how the railroads helped the distribution of cattle to places with large populations.

Science – We watched a Bill Nye video on Atoms and Molecules.  Discussed the differences between atoms and molecules and how the periodic table makes all matter.




Wednesday, November 29th

Picture magnets went home today!!

Today was a very productive and busy day.  We worked on adding and subtracting with  mixed numbers in math.  The students are progressing nicely in adding and subtracting with unlike denominators.  We continued talking about Westward Expansion and the Chisholm Trail.  The students worked on word problems that stories went with Westward Expansion and mixed numbers.  In science we continued to talk about atoms and molecules.  The students have started their Holiday Plays in class, and our working on putting together a script with their team.

Have a great day!!!

Monday, November 26th

WELCOME BACK!!!!    The kids had a great first day back.  We reviewed many things today.  Math vocabulary , adding and subtracting with unlike denominators, and modeling those same equations.  We also discussed a Holiday Giving Project.  Your child can explain what he or she would like to give to those that are unfortunate.  They also worked on their own scripts for a Holiday Play they will be doing in the classroom.

Have a great evening!!

Thursday, November 16th

The Luncheon is from 11:25-11:55 tomorrow!!!!


The kids who went today did an AMAZING JOB with their Expert Projects.  We had all A’s and B’s for the kids that went today… with some extremely good and well planned projects!!!   Very impressed !!!  I will post some pictures today in Class Dojo.

No assigned homework tonight.  Progress Updates went home today.