Thursday, May 17th

No assigned homework for today.


Monday, May 14th

SS – Decades Day Project/ Business Project


Thursday, May 10th

SS – State Project PRESENTATION – Classroom only –   FLOATS DUE ON MONDAY

Decades Day –  Presentation –  May 17th



Wednesday, May 9th

Reading –  WW Ch 10 if not completed

SS – State Project – Model and Pictures    – Presentation May 11th      Float Exhibition – May 14th

Decades Day –  Presentation –  May 17th

Business Project – May 15th



Tuesday , May 8th

Reading – Picture of McNab’s Home


SS – State Project – Model and Pictures    – Presentation May 11th      Float Exhibition – May 14th

Decades Day –  Presentation –  May 17th

Business Project – May 15th


Monday, May 7th

SS – State Project – Model and Pictures    – Presentation May 11th      Float Exhibition – May 14th

Decades Day –  Presentation –  May 17th

Business Project – May 15th


Friday, May 4th

SS- State Project and Decades Day


Thursday, May 3rd

Math – WS reducing fractions if you need to complete.

SS –  State Project and Decades Day


Wednesday, May 2nd

Reading – Wordly Wise Test / Short story using 10 of the words.

SS – Decades Day/ State Project


Tuesday, May 1st

Math – 5 multiplication with mixed numbers problems and 10 mixed number addition problems if needed.

SS – Decades Day Project


Monday, April 30th

Reading – Wordly Wise – Ch 9

Math – Reducing Fractions

SS –  Decades Day and State Project


Friday, April 27th

SS – State and Decade Projects


Tuesday, April 24th

Math – Reducing fraction WS

SS –  State and Decade Projects


Monday, April 23rd

Math – 10 board problems

SS – State and Decade Projects


Friday, April 20th



Thursday, April 19th

Math – Division and Multiplication problems with decimals.  3 prime factorization problems – 50,36,18

SS – Work on research for Decade Day – 80’s and State Project


Wednesday, April 18th

Math – Multiplication with Mixed Numbers

SS – State Research


Tuesday, April 17th

No assigned homework for tonight !!


Monday, April 16th

SS – Look over general content.  Vocabulary words, people, places, important events, amendments, landmark cities….etc….  LAST DAY OF  EOG TESTING!!!


Friday, April 13th

SS – Look over general content book.  EOG test – Tuesday – 

Sci – Look over general content in book.  EOG test – MONDAY –  Go through vocabulary, YOUTUBE Videos, read sections, practice tests, and try to study with a friend.  



Thursday, April 12th

Math – Practice any area you feel you need practice.

SS – Look over general content book.  EOG test – Tuesday

Sci – Look over general content in book.  EOG test – MONDAY


Wednesday, April 11th

Math – WS review for EOG



Monday, April 9th

MILESTONES TOMORROW!!!   Sleep early , eat well, and get ready for excellence!!!    If you would like to bring in a snack for the class, please bring it in with your child tomorrow.

BRING # 2 PENCILS for tomorrow.

SS –  pg 406-411    Talking Points

Math – Review problems that you think you need to review.

SS/SCI –  Read areas of the book to review concepts and vocabulary.


Friday, March 30th

Study for Math, Reading, SS, SCI, and ELA for the Milestones.

Thursday, March 29th

Reading –  Cover for Wrinkle in Time –  Must have main ideas, characters, and subtle figurative language within the artwork.



Wednesday, March 28th

Science – pg 342-347 – Learned and Inherited Behaviors

Talking points – instinct, learned behavior, environment influences


Tuesday, March 27th

Math – Georgia Milestone Prep WS

Science – pgs 328-333 – Genes


Monday, March 26th

Math – 5 division problems

SS –  Cold War


Wednesday, March 21st

Math – 3-5 division problems.


Tuesday, March 20th

Math – Explanation problem # 2

SS –  WW 2 Power Point Presentation – due if not already completed



Monday, March 19th

Math – EOG practice sheet

Reading/Writing –  EOG practice sheet – Constructed Response –  Why would buying an early metal detector have been disappointing? Refer to the text in your answer.



Friday, March 16th

Math – STUDY anything and review problems and vocabulary words.

SS – Work on WW 2 term project


Thursday, March 15th

Reading/Science – Reading Response Question

Group Final Exam – Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ,  Westing Game , The Mixed Up Files


Wednesday, March 14th

Math – Multiplication Worksheet

Reading – Group Final Exam – Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ,  Westing Game , The Mixed Up Files


Tuesday, March 13th

Reading –  Group Final Exam –  Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ,  Westing Game , The Mixed Up Files

Math –  Order of Operations Review Sheet  22-30

Science – 296-299 Talking Points if not finished


Monday, March 12th

Reading/SS – Talking Points on WW 2 – Internment camps, mobilizing resources

Math – 6 problems with adding and subtracting with unlike denominators.


Friday, March 9th

Reading – On Level Reading Books

Writing/SS –  3 stamps and 3 envelopes for letters to universities across America.



Thursday, March 8th

Math – Line Plot Quiz



Wednesday, March 7th

SS – pg 260-263  WW 2

Math – Finish Line Plot Problems


Tuesday, March 6th

Science – pg 284-289

Math – Line Plot Problem


Monday, March 5th

Math –  6 review problems


Friday, March 2nd


Math – Vocabulary and 10 review problems.


Thursday, March 1st

No assigned homework due tomorrow.  HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,  we talked today about the expectations for Monday’s Biography Project.   4 more nights before it is due.  



Wednesday, Feb 28th

Reading – Biography Projects – Due Monday

Math – Volume WS and 6 Review Computation Problems

SS/Math –  Stock profit or loss sheet.


Tuesday, Feb 27th

Reading – Biography Projects – Due Monday, March 5th

Math – 6 Composite Figure Volume and 6 Review Computation Problems

SS – Read pg 336-340 Great Depression – Discussion Points


Monday, Feb 26th

Reading – BIOGRAPHY PROJECTS – DUE Monday, March 5th

Math –  6 review problems

Sci – Pg 272-275 – Classification



Friday, Feb 16th


Math –  Daily review work –  20 minutes or more per day

SS/SCI –  Read and review any topics we have covered so far this year.  YOUTUBE is a great resource on any topics.


Thursday, Feb 15th

Reading –  Wordly Wise – Chapter 6 quiz

Science – Animal and Plant Cell FUNCTION QUIZ




Wednesday, Feb 14th

SS/Math –   Based on a $1,000 investment

Stock             Stock Price             # of stocks             Money Spent                 Money Left

TA                     $3.67

FROM             $76.09

LUV                 $108.88




Tuesday, Feb 13th

SS- pg 328-333 if not completed.   Discussion Points

Key Terms –  assembly line, mass production, broadcast, aviation, prohibition (18th Amendment)

Henry Ford, Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh, Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes, Wright Brothers,


Monday, Feb 12th

Writing – Comma sheet

Math –  EOG -Review skill sheet

Reading –  Wordly Wise is due on Friday.  ReadWorks –  League of Nations


Friday, Feb 9th

SS –  Stock Market Research Sheet


Thursday, Feb 8th

SCI – Plant and Animal Cells with their functions.

Writing – Your favorite outdoor activity – Main Body Paragraphs if not  completed


Wednesday, Feb 7th

SS –  pgs 296-317  Review for test.  WW1 , Alaska, Hawaii, Spanish-American War

Math – Volume Quiz


Tuesday, Feb 6th

Sci –  Read Works – Microbes

SS –  Read Works – WW 1 Trench Warfare.

Reading –  Wordly Wise Ch 6 due next Friday.  Most of the students have read at least 1/2 of their BIOGRAPHY BOOKS.  – Project due March 5th



Monday, Feb 5th

Reading- Wordly Wise Ch 5 test… ONE EXTRA NIGHT


Math – Volume WS


Friday, Feb 2nd

Reading – Wordly Wise Ch 5 test on Monday.

Writing – 3 Main Body Paragraphs

SS –  Summary of first month of BUSINESS PLAN and EXPENSE CHART



Thursday, Feb 1st

Math – Test on Geometry and Measurement terms

SS/Reading – Read Works –  Questions 1-6

Writing – Super Bowl winner –  3 reasons why



Wednesday, Jan 31st

Math – Geo PPT

Writing – Groups 1 and 3 –  School uniforms?

SS – pg 304-307 Main Ideas


Tuesday, Jan 30th

Math – pg 956 and 957

Reading – Wordly Wise – Chapter 4 Test

Wrinkle in Time – Read Chapter 6 by Friday


Wednesday, Jan 24th

Math – Study vocabulary terms

Science -Read Works –  Cells

Writing – Opinion Paragraph – 1 Main Paragraph –  Should CCSD have students make up the snow days?


Tuesday, Jan 23rd

Math – Vocabulary terms

SS/Writing –  Essay on 19th Amendment


Monday, Jan 22nd

Reading –  Wordly Wise Quiz tomorrow

Wrinkle in Time –  Read through Ch 5 by Friday

Math –  Geometry and Measurement Vocabulary Terms (  They should have brought home their math vocabulary packets from class)

Writing –  18th Amendment Essay


Tuesday, Jan 16th

Reading – Wrinkle in Time –  Read through Ch 4 by Friday

Wordly Wise – Chapter 3 – Work is due on Friday and test on Friday.  Will have 20 mins in class to work on it on Wednesday and Thursday.  However, if we do not have school on Wednesday…you will have a lot of work to get done on Thursday.

Science – pgs 240-246 notepage

Writing –  Finish Hero Essays


Friday, Jan 12th

Reading/SS –  Read Works on Martin Luther King Jr.

Read Ch 2 and 3 in A Wrinkle in Time – if not already completed.

Writing – Work on Hero Essays



Thursday, Jan 11th

Reading – Wordly Wise 14-21 if not completed and vocabulary quiz

Writing – Hero Essay – Due Monday


Tuesday, Jan 9th

Writing – Hero Essay –  Due Jan 17th

SS – Immigrant Kids – At Home – 5 observations if not completed

Math – WS – Division – fractions and whole numbers



Friday, Jan 5th

Reading –  Wrinkle in Time Chapter 1

SS –  Family Heritage


Thursday, Jan 4th


Math – WS  1-8

Writing – Summary of your Winter Break

3 Goals for the upcoming year.   1. Behavior based    2. Working with others   3. Out of School



Monday, Dec 18th

Writing – Holiday PLAYS are tomorrow!!  STUDY your parts 🙂

Science – Test on Wednesday


Friday, Dec 15th

Writing – Holiday Play

Math – Vocabulary


Thursday, Dec 14th

Math – 10 problems on your own.   3 modeling fraction by fraction, 5 changing Mixed Number to improper fraction, and 2 Whole # by fraction

Science – Test next Wednesday

Writing – Work on Holiday Play


Wednesday, Dec 13th

Math – WS  Multiplication of Fractions and Fractions

Writing –  Script for Holiday Play

Science – pg 178-183 notepage


Tuesday, Dec 12th

Math -WS – Multiplication Fractions of Fractions

Writing – 20 minutes of script and setting pictures fo Holiday Play

SS – Ideas for business



Thursday , Dec 7th

SS – Test on Westward Expansion –  pg 222-245 in SS book

Landmark Quiz 2

Math – Quiz on Multiplication of Whole Numbers and Fractions



Wednesday, Dec 6th

Math – Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Fractions

Writing – Writing 20 minutes of their Holiday Play


Tuesday, Dec 5th

Math  –  WS and fraction and decimal equivalents


Monday, Dec 4th

Math –  3 Problems from the board.

SS – Read pgs 246-251 and Note pg



Friday, Dec 1st

Math – Vocabulary

Reading – AR BOOK or any book of interest


Big 12 – Noon    FOX           SEC  –   4     CBS         Big 10 – 8 pm   FOX        ACC –  8 pm   ABC


Thursday , Nov 30th

Math – Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers Test

SS – 12 landmark places geography quiz

pg 238-241 if you have not already finished

Sci – pg 130-137 note page if you have not already finished


Wednesday –

Math – Mixed Number WS and 1 word problem.

Reading- pg 18-29 in Chisholm Trail



Tuesday –

Math- Mixed Number WS

SS – Map Study of Landmarks

Reading – Chisholm Trail  3-17 – Main Ideas


Monday, Nov 26th

Math – 6 board problems and modeling

English – 3 things you did over Thanksgiving Day break


Thursday, Nov 16th

No assigned homework tonight.

Expert Projects


Tuesday, Nov 14th

Math – Complete 2 problem quiz from today if not already completed

SS – STATE GEOGRAPHY FINAL!!!!!!  120 points

Reading/Writing- Practice Expert Project Presentations


Monday, Nov 13th

Math – WS -adding and subtracting with unlike denominators

Writing – Editing sentences





Friday, Nov 10th

No assigned homework over the weekend… but….

Read/Writing – Expert Projects due next Thursday and Friday

Math-  Vocabulary and Fluency practice ( Getting way better !!!!)


Thursday, Nov 9th

SS – Paper – How were the former slaves at a disadvantage after the Civil War?

Geography Qz – West of the Mississippi River

Reading/Writing – Vocabulary quiz tomorrow


Wednesday, Nov 8th

SS – Paper –  How were the former slaves at a disadvantage after the Civil War?

Sci- pg 158-163 Notepage

Reading/Writing – Vocabulary due on Friday – if not completed


Monday, Nov 6th

Math – GCF and LCM worksheet

Reading/Writing  –  Vocabulary due on Friday.


Friday, Nov 3rd

Nothing is due on Monday….but…..

English/Writing –  Expert Project

SS –  Look over Reconstruction

Math – Vocabulary

SCI – Chemical and Physical Changes



Wednesday, Nov 1st

Reading – Esperanza Rising Epilogue – DUE FRIDAY    Presentation Friday

English –  Vocabulary Words –  quiz on Friday



Tuesday , Oct 31st


However, ……. things due later this week.

Reading/English –  Esperanza Final Epilogue and Presentation.  – FRIDAY –

English – Vocabulary words and quiz on Friday.

noun, common noun, proper noun, possessive noun,  action verb, linking verb, helping verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, contraction, preposition, 


Monday, Oct 30th

Science -pg 144-150 if not completed from class

SS – pg 196-201 if not completed from class


Friday, Oct 27th

Math – STUDY VOCAB and Multiplication Facts

Reading – Experanza Rising Final Assessment – DUE NOV 3rd

Writing – Expert Project – DUE NOV 10th

SS –  Initial Heritage Conversation –


Thursday, Oct 26th

Math – Test on subtraction, addition, and multiplication of decimals and common fractions with denominators of 10 and 100.

Reading – Work on Final Assessment with Esperanza Rising – DUE NOV 3rd



Wednesday, Oct 25th

Math – Worksheet with multiplication of decimals

Reading / Writing – FINAL EXAM Esperanza Rising

Finish work not completed in the Stem Lab


Tuesday, Oct 24th

Reading – Chapter – GRAPES –  3 Main Ideas

Math – Modeling Multiplication problems with decimals –  6 problems.



Monday, Oct 23rd

Reading – Picture for Esperanza Rising

Sci-  pg 130-137 notepg if not already complete.


Friday, Oct 20th

Math – Math Vocabulary, Individual Multiplication Facts

English – Expert Project Book and Presentation



Thursday, Oct 19th

Both assignments on ONE NOTE !!!!!!!!

ELA – What did you learn from Ms. Baker?

Math – WS


Wednesday, Oct 18th

Math – WS

Reading – Ch 14 Asparagus


Tuesday, Oct 17th

Math – WS – Adding and subtracting with decimals.

Writing – Work on EXPERT PROJECT


Monday, Oct 16th

Math – Multiplication and division sheet if not completed from class

Reading –  Avocado chapter if not already completed.


Friday, Oct 13th


Expert Project, AR BOOK, Multiplication Fluency, Math Vocabulary


Thursday, Oct 12th

Math – WS Multiplication with Decimals

Reading – Esperanza Rising – Read Chapter –  Avocados

Science – If not already completed with PPT with Man Made Changes to Landforms –  Due tomorrow

English – Expert Project Outline if not completed from today.



Wednesday, Oct 11th

Math – Pg 383  1-9

Reading – How has Esperanza changed since the beginning of the book?  Use 3 examples form the text to support your answer.

Writing –  EXPERT PROJECT – Pick a topic


Tuesday, Oct 10th

Math – Worksheet

Reading – Potatoes Chapter –  3 Main Ideas


Monday, Oct 9th

Math – Multiplication WS



Thursday, Oct 5th

No assigned homework for tomorrow.



Wednesday, Oct 4th

Math – Complete 10 division problems if not completed from class

Reading – Chapter 10 in Esperanza Rising –  3 possible chapter titles



Tuesday, Oct 3rd

SS – pg 177-181

Math – 5 division problems  ( 3 digit by 2 digit) –  Partial Quotient and Traditional Algorithm


Monday, Oct 2nd

Reading – Ch 9 121-133

Math – 3 division problems



Thursday, Sept 21st

SS –  Pre Civil War Test

Pre Civil War Power Pt – Due Tomorrow



Wednesday, Sept 20th

Math –   Partial quotients

a.  567/8           b.   309/ 6          c.  969/5           d.   762/9        e.  598/6         f.   239/4        g.  439/3

SS –  Wax Museum – Due Oct 3rd

Study for Pre Civil War Tes

Pre Civil War Power Point – Due Friday


Tuesday, September 19th

NO HOMEWORK DUE TOMORROW… However….. many things to start or finish up.

AR points due October 2nd

Wax Museum Paper due October 2nd

Wax Museum Oral Report due October 3rd

Civil War Power Point ( Partner in class project –  Microsoft 360 ) due on Friday


Monday, September 18th

SS –  Wax Museum Research !!!


Friday, September 15th

SS – WAX MUSEUM RESEARCH!!!!!!!    Quiz on your character on Monday


Thursday, September 14th

Math – Rounding decimals worksheet / Quiz tomorrow on rounding decimals

SS –  WAX MUSEUM RESEARCH    /      Geo Quiz on states west of the Mississippi River


Wednesday, September 13th

Math – Rounding worksheet

Reading – Esperanza’s Rising up to date

SS – Wax Museum research


Friday, September 8th

Math – Multiplication

Reading – Chapter 6 in Esperanza Rising

Question on Esperanza Rising


Thursday, September 7th

Math –  Test on 3 digit and 2 digit multiplication

Reading- pg 85-99 in EA and 3 main ideas



Wednesday, September 6th

Math –  pg 305  2-16

Writing – Your trip to the Emergency Room – Opening paragraph and outline


Tuesday, September 5th

Math – 2 multiplication problems to be able to teach tomorrow

Reading – #9 in Esperanza’s Rising

SS –  pg 158-159 –  creative ideas for each paragraph


Friday, September 1st

Math – Multiplication Facts/Vocabulary

Reading- AR BOOK

Science – pg 92-97 notepage if not already completed


Thursday , August 31st

SS –  Geography Quiz

Science – Quiz on Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition



Wednesday, August 30th

Math – WS   3 digit by 2 digit

Reading – Picture of Esperanza’s Ranch… if not completed and 50-58   TT,TS,TM,TW

Science – What is Pangea?   Notepg  90-91 if not completed


Tuesday, August 29th

Math – WS – Multiplication 2 digit by 2 digit

Reading – DUE THURSDAY –  Picture of Esperanza’s Ranch Scene

Read pgs 50-58 and have two connections – TEXT to TEXT, TEXT to SELF, TEXT to World,                     or Text to Movie

Writing – Opening Paragraph –  Your favorite birthday experience – yours or a friend’s



Monday, August 28th

Math – WS – Multiplication 2 and 3 digit by 2 digit

Reading – Esperanza Rising #4 and #5


Friday, August 25th

Work on multiplication facts and vocabulary during the weekend.

AR book



Thursday, August 24th

Math – Qz on comparing numbers and decimals

English – Subject/Predicate Qz

SS – Geography Qz

Reading – Assignment 3 if not finished.


Wednesday, August 23rd

Math- pg 53-54

Reading – Esperanza Rising  Read   CH 2 –  3 Main Ideas  ( DUE ON FRIDAY)


Tuesday, August 22nd


Reading – pg 8-22  and 3 MI in Esperanza Rising

Folder Cover for Esperanza Rising

English – Subject/Predicate WS


Monday, August 21st

No assigned homework –  ECLIPSE DAY


Friday, August 18th

Math – Vocabulary and Multiplication Facts

English – 5 sentences

SS – Study US Map –  Look at links for a cool game


Thursday, August 17th

Math –  Quest – 50 points

SS – Geography Quiz 1

Writing – 10 sentences


Wednesday, August 16th

Math – 5 board problems / Multiplication Cards

Writing-  3 sentences with at least 8 words in the predicate.

SS –  Study US states


Tuesday, August 15th

Math –  Math Fact CARDS/  pg 15-16 in Math Book… NO WORD FORM just EXPANDED FORM

SS –  Note pg on 148-151



Monday, August 14th

Math – pg 12-13 …. DO NOT DO WRITTEN FORM

Reading –  Wordly Wise if NOT completed from class

Science – NP  pg 78 and 79


Friday, August 11st


Writing –  Make any changes you need to the Underground Railroad question.

SS-  Study states east of the Mississippi.


Thursday, August 10th

Math –  Quiz on Order of Operations and Place Value

Reading – Question –  How would conductors on the Underground Railroad help slaves?


Wednesday, August 9th

Math – Order of Operations worksheet

English –  Write 7 sentences with at least 10 words per sentence.


Tuesday, August 8th

Math –  Base 10 and exponent WS

SS- pg 140-143     3 Main Ideas


Monday, August 7th

SS-  Amendment presentation is due tomorrow.

Math –  Order of Operations WS

Reading –  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -CH2…..  3 Main Ideas


Friday, August 4th

SS – Work on Amendment that was assigned in class

Math – Look over vocabulary and multiplication flash cards EVERY WEEKEND!!!!

Sci-  If not completed with the Scientific Method, please complete over the weekend for Monday.  PLENTY of TIME IN CLASS TO FINISH


Thursday, August 3rd

SS- Work on Amendment that was assigned in the class.

Math – Worksheet on Exponents


Wednesday , August 2nd

SS- pg 102-103 – BILL OF RIGHTS

Self assessment on US states

Sci – 1 question for the Scientific Method


Tuesday, August 1st

Sci –  Read pgs 44-49 and answer this question.  Why do we use the Scientific Method?

Reading – Finish Back to School Pg



July 31st


Silent Reading Book to Class


Colors of the Flag




July 25th

Bring in pictures from the summer with you to Open House !!!