December 7

Holiday Party Donation Request

2018-2019 7th Grade Holiday Party

Please help us make our 7th grade holiday event successful! We are planning a variety of events for the students to participate in: games in the gym and STEM lab, movies, and more!

We are asking for donations of food items so we can provide our students with a drink, sweet snack, & salty snack.

Please use the link below to sign up for items to donate in order to help us make this event a success. All donations should be given to Mr. B or Ms. Cera by December 19th.

Food donation link:

December 6

12.6.18- percent proportion

December 6, 2018
Learning Target: I will find the percent of a number.
How will I learn it? I will use the percent proportion to find the percent of a number.
How will I show I have learned it?
I Do- Model Percent Proportion p. 462-463 letters A-F
We Do- Shared Thinking p. 465 # 1-6
You Do- Independent Practice p. 465 # 9-12 and p. 467 #17-22

**** our thinking is “under construction” for this concept

Class Notes-
12.6.18 percent proportion-2ihcpy8