September 13

Calculators Needed in HR

An Important Message for ALL Students:

In addition to your two (2) number two pencils (mechanical pencils are not allowed) and fiction book for the week of CogAT & ITBS testing, you will need an “approved” calculator for the math test. Please refer to your math teacher’s blog for the correct type of calculator!

BRING your calculator to your homeroom teacher ASAP!
Important: Make sure your NAME is labeled clearly on your calculator!

September 12

Math Project- Due Monday, 9/17.

Hi all,

Even during testing week we have exciting learning opportunities in Math. Today we learned about math properties (as posted in our class notes). We are working on a project tomorrow and Friday (due date Monday, 9/17). You are asked to create a poster reflecting the properties with pictures and/ or symbols. We will dive into the task tomorrow, just bring a set of markers, colored pencils, or crayons. The project details will be reviewed in class. The project will count as a test grade; it is important to do your best!

9.12.18 Class Notes-24uy1bo

Rubric for Math Project:

Rubric for Math Project 9.12.18-2lqgkxz

September 6

Class Notes 9.7.18- Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Test Review-

Code- 038296

Learning Target: I will learn how to compute expressions that contain rational numbers.

  1. Warm Up- Word Problems (warm up 9.6.18-1mt101h )
  2.  Check for Understanding-  Review HW problems from 9.5.18.
  3. Class Notes- Modelling multiplication with fractions Textbook p. 128-129.
  4. Independent Practice- Compute problems on p. 131 # 4-9

Class Notes

9.6.18 class notes multiplying fractions-199ueky

9.7.18 class notes dividing decimals-1i3v0cg

Homework- complete p. 131 # 4-9

We have a unit 1 final test on Monday. If you are still having trouble with fractions,  these videos might help:


September 5

Continuation of Problem Solving with Rational Numbers.

Homework Helper-

9.5.18 homework helper-1ehwr1b

Class Notes-

9.5.18 class notes-2e6v8de

Today in class we continued problem solving with rational numbers. When working with word problems, we identified key words to determine the correct operation.

Learning target: I will learn how to compute expressions that contain rational numbers.


  1. Warm Up #4 (purple sheet) – collected for a grade today
  2. Class Notes- modelling additiona and subtraction of fractions p. 118-119  #’s  4 & 11 as well as the example at the top of p.118
  3. Homework/ Independent Practice- p. 118 #1-4

Our final unit 1 test is Monday, 9/ 10. Please review class notes to prepare for the test.

September 4

Computing Rational Numbers

Hi everyone,

Today we learned to compute expressions that contain rational numbers.

  1. Warm Up #3 (purple sheet), numbers 1,4,6 only.
  2. Class Notes- Modelling addition and subtraction of fractions p.116 (textbook)
  3. Homework- p.119 # 1,2,3,6 (only)

We have one more assessment to wrap up Unit 1. Most likely this test will be given on Monday, 9/10. The test will include computing all four operations with decimals and fractions.

Take a few minutes to look through your textbook. Digital access details will be posted later this week.

class notes for today:

9.4.18 Class demonstration-1sdzqf6

Lastly, progress reports are available digitally. Please refer to the following information provided by the McClure MS Synergy Administrator:

Parents- 1st nine weeks progress reports have been posted in ParentVue.  If you are having trouble accessing ParentVue, please email Mr. Gandolfo for assistance ([email protected]).  If you need to set up your ParentVue account you will need to come to the front office during regular school hours to sign a release form.

August 28

Quiz on Friday

8.28.18 class notes-qjjpcm

Attached are class notes for review.

Learning Target: We are learning how percents, fractions, and decimals are related.

In class we are converting fractions into decimals and decimals into percents. (Don’t forget to use the tool- PINK POWER TRIANGLE.) We will have a quiz on Friday. Prepare for the quiz by joining QUIZIZZ. The access code for the quiz is 716167. Practice as often as you like to prepare for the quiz.

You can link to the quiz here-