Thursday, November 8

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2nd, 3rd, 4th Periods Only:

Tonight for homework students need to complete the 2 question back of Tab 4, #5. The comparison chart on the front should be complete – students used maps in class over the past few days to gather facts about the 3 countries. Responses to the questions for homework should include evidence from the chart on the front. Students must use the RACES strategy when writing their answers. A guide for the RACES strategy is in Tab 1 – we use this strategy for constructed responses for the warm-up question in class every day – students should be VERY familiar with this structure for writing paragraphs.

Wednesday, November 7

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A binder check is coming up soon in Social Studies. Keeping an updated and organized binder is a daily expectation in Social Studies. Please check your binder organization. I will be available tomorrow morning for help with binders.

There will be a Fall Party/Dance tomorrow after school. Tickets ($5.00) will be sold tomorrow morning at the Tiger Pole. Students who purchase a ticket are allowed to dress down tomorrow.

Monday, October 29

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2nd, 3rd, and 4th Period ONLY:

Tonight for homework students need to complete the Europe Geography Packet – Tab 4, #3. All students had time to work on this in class today.

Also, there will be a Europe Geography Quiz tomorrow. Finishing the packet (mentioned above) will be beneficial in preparing for the quiz. Last week students labeled a physical and a political map with the selected features from the standard – the maps should be in Tab 3 (Class Atlas); the standard SS6G7 is in Tab 2 on bright orange paper. Please study all of these items as you get ready for the quiz.


Tuesday, October 23

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1st and 5th Period ONLY – AC “At the Table” Reflection Questions:

  1. Are you satisfied with the final budget decision? Why or Why not?
  2. How did it feel being asked to leave, and how did it feel to watch other decide on something you cared about without your input?
  3. How did it feel cutting a program that would have benefitted students?
  4. Why is it important to have a seat at the table?
  5. Do students currently have a seat at the table for the decisions that are made about things that impact them? Explain.
  6. What do students need to do in order to be at the table?

Monday, October 22

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1st and 5th Periods ONLY:

For homework this week, students need to creatively respond to one of three quotes presented in class today about The Power of Young People. Students can respond in any number of ways: poetry, drawing, political cartoon, narrative, collage…any way in which they are creatively motivated. The assignment is due on Friday. Please channel your creative juices into an original response about youth voice in the democratic process.

Monday, October 8

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There will be a unit test in Social Studies tomorrow ( 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods only. Wednesday for 1st and 5th period)  – Forms of Government and Factors of Economic Growth. Please remember to study class notes and handouts in Tab 4 to prepare for this last summative assessment of first marking period.

Tomorrow is Picture Day. All students received a Picture Day order form last week. Every student will be photographed for the yearbook. All students may dress up for their picture, but jeans will not be permitted. If you not want to dress up, then you should plan to wear the regular Tapp uniform.

Thursday is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.


Wednesday, October 4

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Binders will be checked soon. Please check your binder organization and completion. Keeping the binder up to date and organized is a daily class work expectation.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods:

There will be a unit test on Tuesday, October 9. The test will cover 2 standards: Forms of Government and Factors of Economic Growth (the standards are in Tab 2). Students have handouts and notes (Tab 4) that they can begin reviewing in preparation for this important summative assessment, which will be the last summative of the marking period. New information will be introduced through this week, and then I will plan a review activity for Monday. Please study in advance, so that he or she is ready for success on Tuesday.


Monday, September 10

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There will be a quiz tomorrow in Social Studies. The quiz will cover the first Social Studies standard – SS6CG1 – Forms of Government. Students have two sheets of Cornell Notes that cover the information for the quiz. The notes are in Tab 4, #3 and #4. The Standard is in Tab 2.

As you prepare for the quiz, please remember to summarize the Cornell Notes for class today (Tab 4, #4). This is a homework assignment and may be checked tomorrow in class. Tips for summarizing notes are on a handout in Tab 1 (Steps for Writing a Cornell Notes Summary).

Wednesday, August 29

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Tonight for homework students need to find or create a visual that represents one of the 6th Grade Social Studies Enduring Understandings. Each child was assigned one Understanding; you need to print a picture or draw a picture that represents that Understanding and then write a paragraph (*using RACES) in which you explain how the visual represents that Understanding. The Enduring Understandings are on a bright orange piece of paper in Tab 2. The visual and the paragraph will be collected tomorrow.

*RACES is a writing strategy to guide students when writing constructed responses. The strategy is being implemented across 6th grade academic content areas.
R – Restate the question
A – Answer the question
C – Cite specific evidence from the text
S – Sum it up

Monday, August 27

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the Enduring Understandings chart. We started discussing the 6th Grade Social Studies Enduring Understandings in class today and we discussed ways the Understandings relate to an article about chocolate that we read in class last week. I was really impressed with students’ critical thinking and ability to make interesting connections. The 6th Grade Enduring Understandings; the chart students need to work on is on BRIGHT ORANGE paper in Tab 2, along with the article from which they need to cite evidence. Students may not fill every box, but they should come up with at least 4 or 5 new connections (in addition to what we did in class). This is a rigorous learning activity, but students were really rising to the occasion today. Their Tapp PRIDE was on full display – lots of Effort and Determination!!!

Also, there will be a Binder Check this week. Binders will be checked for organization and completion. Keeping an organized binder is a daily class expectation. Please check your Social Studies organization; if you are already struggling to keep track of the materials, please let me know so that we can make a plan to get you on track.

Please remember that Wednesday is a Cobb County Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Open House is Thursday night.