Monday, September 10

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There will be a quiz tomorrow in Social Studies. The quiz will cover the first Social Studies standard – SS6CG1 – Forms of Government. Students have two sheets of Cornell Notes that cover the information for the quiz. The notes are in Tab 4, #3 and #4. The Standard is in Tab 2.

As you prepare for the quiz, please remember to summarize the Cornell Notes for class today (Tab 4, #4). This is a homework assignment and may be checked tomorrow in class. Tips for summarizing notes are on a handout in Tab 1 (Steps for Writing a Cornell Notes Summary).

Wednesday, August 29

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Tonight for homework students need to find or create a visual that represents one of the 6th Grade Social Studies Enduring Understandings. Each child was assigned one Understanding; you need to print a picture or draw a picture that represents that Understanding and then write a paragraph (*using RACES) in which you explain how the visual represents that Understanding. The Enduring Understandings are on a bright orange piece of paper in Tab 2. The visual and the paragraph will be collected tomorrow.

*RACES is a writing strategy to guide students when writing constructed responses. The strategy is being implemented across 6th grade academic content areas.
R – Restate the question
A – Answer the question
C – Cite specific evidence from the text
S – Sum it up

Monday, August 27

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the Enduring Understandings chart. We started discussing the 6th Grade Social Studies Enduring Understandings in class today and we discussed ways the Understandings relate to an article about chocolate that we read in class last week. I was really impressed with students’ critical thinking and ability to make interesting connections. The 6th Grade Enduring Understandings; the chart students need to work on is on BRIGHT ORANGE paper in Tab 2, along with the article from which they need to cite evidence. Students may not fill every box, but they should come up with at least 4 or 5 new connections (in addition to what we did in class). This is a rigorous learning activity, but students were really rising to the occasion today. Their Tapp PRIDE was on full display – lots of Effort and Determination!!!

Also, there will be a Binder Check this week. Binders will be checked for organization and completion. Keeping an organized binder is a daily class expectation. Please check your Social Studies organization; if you are already struggling to keep track of the materials, please let me know so that we can make a plan to get you on track.

Please remember that Wednesday is a Cobb County Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Open House is Thursday night.

Monday, August 20

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The Design Your Own Amusement Park Map Project is due on Wednesday.  Students had time in class today to work on the project, and I was impressed to see all of their creative ideas. The assignment sheet and rubric (both printed on orange paper in Tab 3) should be used as guides to ensure that all expectations for the assignment are met. I’m excited to see the final drafts.

Please check your Social Studies binder organization. Students need 5 dividers for Social Studies in a 3-ring binder There is a place for every paper in the binder, but if you do not have the required supplies, then it will be very difficult to keep track of all of the assignments and handouts.  We will be adding information to the binder every day.

PARENTS: This year Tapp is encouraging all families to sign up for ParentVUE access for their students. Please stop by the front office with your ID to complete the Cobb County ParetnVUE Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement form that needs to be submitted in order to receive you child’s Activation Key Letter. If you already have ParentVue for one child in your household, you do not need to set up additional accounts. Simply login to your existing account, and you will have access to each of your children in grades k-12 in the Cobb County School System.

Mark your for Open House on Thursday, August 30.

Wednesday, August 15

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There will be a Social Studies Quiz on Friday.

The quiz will be a review of basic map skills taught in elementary school: oceans and continents, cardinal directions, equator and prime meridian, types of maps (political and physical), hemispheres. Students should review the items in Tab 3 (Class Atlas) as they prepare for this important first quiz.

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies

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Week 1 of middle school is in the books! I have been so impressed with students’ effort and determination to show their personal best at Tapp. Here is a glimpse of what we’ve been doing in Social Studies since day one:

  • Introduction to Tapp PRIDE
  • Organizational Strategies – A Great Way to Show Tapp Pride
  • Class Expectations and Rules – Syllabus, “I Understand” Form – Parent signatures required
  • Get to Know You Activities – Human Bingo and Mrs. Chamberlain KWL
  • Student Growth Measure (SGM) Pretest

And that’s just the first week!

Tomorrow in class we will organize the Social Studies binder. The binder must be brought to class every day and will be checked periodically for organization (a class work grade). I have a very specific set-up for the binder which I believe helps students achieve more in class – essentially, if students can find and keep track of their work, they typically do better in school! 😉 Parents, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you ever have questions about how the binder is set up.

Supplies required for Social Studies:

  • A 3-ring binder – students can have a separate binder for Social Studies, or they can have the Social Studies section be part of a larger binder. Some students do well with an AM binder (1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods) and a PM Binder (4th and 5th periods)
  • 5 dividers – these five dividers will be used exclusively for Social Studies
  • notebook paper
  • pens and pencils
  • colored pencils

Parents, please check your child’s agenda EVERY DAY for the latest information about what we’re doing in class and what has been assigned for homework. Students are required to write in their agenda at the beginning of class every day.

Mark your calendars – Tapp Middle School Open House is Thursday, August 30. Please check the school website for more details.