Thursday, April 2

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Today is Day 14 of Digital Learning. I am happy to see that so many students are keeping up with the daily assignments and completing the work in a timely manner. #TappPRIDE Students are showing determination and integrity working in a less than ideal situation.

I want to give you all a heads up about our daily lessons. Today we are starting a new unit: Latin America. In an effort to stay focused on these new standards, I will be closing out the Forms and the USA TestPrep Modules about Canada and Personal Finance tomorrow morning. Any work that you need to finish for Days 1 – 13 needs to be completed today. That includes the Canada Quiz that was the assignment for yesterday.

There is a Social Studies Virtual Help Session via Teams every day from 10:00-11:00. If you have questions about the content or would just like to check in, then join the session. I post the link on my blog every morning.


Wednesday, March 18

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I am changing my “Office Hours” for tomorrow (Thursday, March 19). Instead of 10:30 -12:00, I’ll be available to help students and address their concerns between 3:00 and 5:30.

I am so impressed with the effort and determination that students are putting into their school work during these challenging times. The USA TestPrep scores are really strong. Keep showing that Tapp PRIDE! #wegotthis

Monday, March 9

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the back of the Location, Climate and Natural Resources of Australia Organizer (Tab 4, #3). Students need to label the maps and write 2-3 sentences for each scenario; they had time in class today to get started on this activity. The front of the handout should already be completed. They used classroom resources on Thursday and Friday to do the front.

There will be a quiz tomorrow on SS6G11 and 12. These standards are in Tab 2, the Australia map is in Tab 3 and the Location, Climate and Natural Resources organizer is in Tab 4. Please remind your child to study for this assessment.

I am still in need of boxes of tissues to get students through cold and allergy season. I really appreciate all donations. Thank you to those who already contributed.

Wednesday is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Friday is the last day of the 3rd marking period. Report cards will be sent home with students on Friday, March 20.

Thursday, March 5

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On Tuesday we started our unit on Australia. Yesterday and today in class students labeled a map with the selected geographic features from the standard, and they also learned interesting facts about each feature.

Tonight for homework students need to complete the travel postings on the back of the Australia map (Tab 3). They are pretending they are on a 3 day excursion in Australia, and they have to write a blog post for each day of their tour. Postings should include details about the geographic features, but they should also be creative and fun. Students can really “flex” about their wonderful Australian vacation and highlight all the amazing things they are seeing and doing. I hope they have fun with this assignment!

I am in need of Kleenex for my classroom. Students go through tissues like crazy this time of year. Donations from the beginning of the year have been depleted. If you would like to donate a box or two, please send it in with your child or drop off your donation at the front office with my name on it. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 21

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We continued the novel study in Social Studies today; we’re more than half way through Breaking Stalin’s Nose, and students are completely engrossed in the story.

Last Thursday I assigned a project about the book that will be due on Monday, January 27. The assignment details are on a purple sheet of paper (Tab 4, #5). There are 2 parts to the project – a poem and a collage – great ways for students to creatively respond to the novel and show what they have learned about communism and the Soviet Union.

We will be finishing the book on Thursday, and students will have class time to work on the project on Friday.