Monday, March 18

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Tonight for homework students need to complete Tab 4, #4 – Population Distribution of Canada Guided Reading.

There will be a Social Studies test on Wednesday. The test will cover the first two Canada Geography standards: SS6G4 and 5.
Your child should have his or her copy of the standards in Tab 2.
The Canada Map is in Tab 3
Handouts 2, 3, and 4 in Tab 4 are all about the 2 standards that will be covered on the test.

Please study. This will be the first summative assessment of the 4th marking period, which started today!

3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards will be sent home with students on Friday.

Monday, February 25

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I hope everyone had a nice Winter Break. We jumped right back into work today in Social Studies.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Periods Only

There is an assignment students need to finish for homework tonight. Please ask your child about the Poisonous Mushroom assignment; students need to finish the image analysis (on the back of the illustration) that we started in class today. Please talk to your child about the assignment – it’s an interesting example of propaganda that may lead to good conversation.

Friday, February 1

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Binder organization continues to be a class expectation and a key to success in Social Studies. The requirements for the binder are the same as they have been since the beginning of the year; students should be very familiar with binder expectations.

Students’ binders will soon be checked for a class work grade.


Monday, December 17

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1st and 5th Period Only:

Today in class we discussed rhetorical devices and how they interest spice to a speech. We watched a famous speech by President Obama, and students analyzed his use of rhetoric. Tonight for homework students need to revise their Soapbox Speech to add rhetorical devices. Devices you may consider adding include alliteration, hyperbole, repetition, imagery, etc. All students have a handout with several examples of rhetoric from famous speeches.

If you are keeping up the Soapbox Speech, then you should have:
written a rough draft following the Soapbox Speech Structure (provided – last week)
revised by adding logical and/or appeals (last week)
added a attention-grabbing opener and powerful closer (over the weekend)
revise by adding rhetorical devices (tonight)

Students will present their speeches in class after the Holiday Break in front of a panel of judges. At least 2 students from each AC Social Studies class will be chose to present their speech at the Cobb County Soapbox Challenge in February.


Tuesday, November 27

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1st and 5th Only:

Tonight for homework students need to complete their visual notes about acid rain in Germany (Tab 4, #7). I introduced this note taking strategy in class today, and students had time to begin reading the article and to start their notes. Each student was given a copy of the article, so your child should be prepared to finish this assignment at home. Many students responded well to this technique for note taking because it allows for more ownership and creativity.


2nd, 3rd, 4th Only:

Test tomorrow – See post from 11/26

Monday, November 26

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2nd, 3rd, 4th Periods Only:

There will be a test in Social Studies on Wednesday. The main focus of the test will be environmental issues in Europe (SS6G8), but a few additional questions will come from SS6G9 (Location, Climate, and Natural Resources of Germany, UK, and Russia) and SS6G7 (Selected Features of Europe). All the standards are in Tab 2. There are class notes and handouts in Tab 4 that students should review in preparation for the test. The maps of Europe are in Tab 3.
Please study for this summative assessment.

Friday, November 16

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Progress reports were sent home with each student today. There are 4 weeks until the end of the 2nd grading period.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Period Only:

There is an extra credit opportunity for students to take advantage of over Thanksgiving Break. It is completely optional and will be graded as a project. I will only add the credit if it helps your average. If you did well on the Europe Travel Poster Project from earlier in the marking period, then this project probably won’t have a big impact on your grade.

The project is due Monday, November 26. Late work will not be accepted.

The options for the extra credit are on Tab 4, #9 – Environmental Issues Packet. Students can choose one of the two writing prompts on the handout: they will either be making a brochure about acid rain in Germany or writing a transcript of an interview with a survivor of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. More specific details are on the handout and I discussed the assignment expectations with students in class today.

I am excited to give students this extra opportunity; if your grade could benefit from it, please give it your best effort!

Thursday, November 15

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Tonight for homework students need to finish the Environmental Issues Packet that they worked on in class. However, students DO NOT have to complete the writing prompt activities on the handout; the parts that ask students to make a brochure and write a transcript: those activities are not part of the homework assignment.