Wednesday, May 16

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The school year is coming to a close, but we’re still busy in Social Studies! The Latin America Unit Test is on Friday. Please remember to review class notes and handouts (Tab 4) and the Latin America maps (Tab 3) as you prepares for this important summative assessment.

There is also an assignment due on Friday. Yesterday students received the 4 Square Activity for last element of the Latin America history standard, SS6H1. The directions for the 4 Square are on a half sheet of green paper and the required reading is Tab 4, #18. Students had time to work on this assignment in class today.

The End of Grade (SLO) test for Social Studies will be on Monday.

Monday, May 14

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A fun time was had by all at the Tapp Olympics today. Students will be coming home sweaty and tired, but please remember that the extra credit opportunity in Social Studies; the Cuban Revolution RAFT Project is due tomorrow. The assignment sheet is on the back of Tab 4, #15. Late work will not be accepted.



There is assignment due in Social Studies on Wednesday, May 16th. On Friday I assigned the Finding an Artifact activity. Students need to find an artifact about the U.S.’s current relationship with Cuba. The artifact can be a political cartoon, a newspaper or magazine article, an editorial, etc.). Each student has a write-up/reflection form that needs to completed for his or her artifact; responses should be thoughtful and thorough. Spelling, grammar, and legibility will be part of the final grade. It’s preferable, but not mandatory, for students to print a copy of the artifact to attach to the write-up/reflection. Again, this assignment is due on Wednesday.


Thursday, May 10

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All Classes:

There is an extra credit opportunity in Social Studies; it is totally optional and will only count if it helps a student’s grade. The assignment sheet is on the back of Tab 4, #15. All of the details were explained in class today. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, the assignment is due on Tuesday, May 15. Late work will not be accepted.

Tuesday, May 8

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Please remember to study for the quiz in Social Studies tomorrow. The quiz will assess the Latin America standards we have covered so far: SS6G1,2,3 and SS6H1a,b,c. The standards are in Tab 2, the Latin America Map is in Tab 3, and handouts and notes are in Tab 4.

Monday, May 7

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the Cuban Revolution Guided Reading (Tab 4, #16).

Also, there will be a quiz in Social Studies on Wednesday. The quiz will assess what we’ve covered in the Latin America Unit so far (geography and history). Please remember to review the Latin America Maps (Tab 3) and handouts and notes (Tab 4).

Thursday, May 3

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the Latin America Culture Investigation (Tab 4, #14). There is a front and a back to the assignment. Answers for the questions on the front need to be supported with evidence from the maps. Color versions of the maps were projected in class today; students had time to utilize the color versions and begin the activity.

Wednesday, May 2

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the “Learning from Primary Resources” worksheet (Tab 4, #13). There are two primary sources that are part of the assignment; we read the first one in class together and students had time to start answering the questions for that source. Tonight for homework students need to read Primary Source #2, ANNOTATE THE TEXT (with thoughts, questions, connections – anything to show evidence of thinking while reading) and answer the questions for that document. The sources are printed on a sheet of blue copy paper (also Tab 4, #13). Students should be prepared to discuss their answers in class tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26

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Tonight for homework students need to complete the viewing guide/reflection for “The Lorax.” We watched the animated version of the famous Dr. Seuss book today in class – it ties in excellently with our current standard, SS6G2 Environmental Issues in Latin America. The front and the back need to be completed with thorough, thoughtful answers.

Social Studies binders were checked in class today. Please follow up with your child about this grade. If you were not ready for the check, you are able to submit the binder tomorrow for late credit.

Progress reports for the first half of the 4th marking period will be sent home with each student tomorrow.