Wednesday, October 11

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2nd, 3rd, 5th Periods:

There will be a BINDER HELP SESSION tomorrow morning at 8:15. If your child has struggled with organization in Social Studies, please try to bring him or her in early for some extra help. Students should wait in the cafeteria – I will bring them all down to my classroom at 8:15.

The Physical Features of Europe Travel “Poster” (not really a poster – more like a flyer) is due on Friday. Students had time in the Media Center yesterday to do research about their chosen feature. Please ensure that your ready to submit this project on time.

1st and 4th:

We started the Geography of Europe Unit in class today. Students labeled a physical and a political map of Europe with the selected features from the first geography standard. There will be a map quiz Friday. The maps should be in Tab 3 (Class Atlas) in the Social Studies Binder. Students’ copy of the standard should be Tab 2.



Tomorrow is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30. 

Monday, October 9

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1st and 4th Periods

The Time-Poverty Portfolio is due on Wednesday. Students have had several days of class time to work with their group on this project. Please  ensure that you are ready to submit the project on Wednesday. All of the assignment details and the grading rubric are on a yellow sheet of paper that students received last week. Groups have been collaborating well together and I am excited to see their creative ideas for solving real-world problems. This project will be the first Test/Project grade (40%) for the 2nd marking period. Late work will be accepted through Friday with 10 points off the grade earned for each day submitted late.

2nd, 3rd and 5th Period:

Students spent time in class today writing short-term personal goals for Social Studies and cleaning out their binder.  Keeping the binder organized is a major key to success in my class – if students cannot find their assignments and handouts, then it is difficult to reach their goals. There is a new Demerit Card in Tab 1 and a new Table of Contents in Tab 4. If you need help with the binder, please attend my Help Session this Thursday at 8:15.

I assigned a Europe Travel Poster Project in class today. All students received an assignment sheet/rubric for the project. Tomorrow we will meet in the Media Center so that all students will have an opportunity to do research about their chosen physical feature in Europe. The project is due on Friday, October 13. This will be the first Test/Project grade (40%) for the new marking period.


Thursday is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Wednesday, October 4

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2nd, 3rd, 5th Periods:

On Tuesday we started our next Social Studies unit – Geography of Europe. Our first standard is SS6G7: Locate the selected features of Europe (Tab #2). Today in class students spent time studying maps and labeling their own maps with the selected features. On Friday there will be a quiz. Please study in advance. Students should have their maps in Tab 3 – Class Atlas.

A helpful site for practice games is This is free and is a fun way for students to review, but please don’t get bogged down trying to memorize all of the countries of countries of Europe. There are only 7 countries and 9 physical features in the standard; those are the ones that you must be able to locate.

1st and 4th Period:

On Monday I assigned an Article of the Week. Students need to read and annotate the article and write a 250 word reflection about the information in the article. There is a reflection prompt provided at the bottom of the article, but students do not have to use that prompt; their response can be about anything related to the topic, as long as it is organized – more of an essay than a journal entry/free write. If you chooses to type the response, then it must be double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman with a 1 inch margin. If you write the reflection by hand, then it must be in blue or black ink on the front side only of lined notebook paper. The annotated article and the reflection is due on Friday.
Yesterday we started a Time-Poverty Portfolio project. The Portfolio is due on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11. This is a group project and students will have several days of class time to work on it with their group members. However, students will probably need to spend additional time at home working on the project in order to meet the deadline.

Please keep in mind that Friday is the last day of the first marking period.

October 12 is an Early Release Day and Conference Week is October 16-20. Students will be dismissed at 1:30 on all of those days. Report cards will be distributed to parents during parent/teacher conferences.


Wednesday, September 13

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Tonight for homework students need to complete Document C (Tab 4, #11).

They need to…
• complete the analysis steps that we have practiced in class.

• answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

• cite one fact (What does it SAY?), make one inference (What does it MEAN?), and explain why it is important (Why does it MATTER?) on the chart on the back of the page. I modeled this in class today with Document A, students practiced with Document B, and tonight for homework they need to practice on their own with Document C.


Friday, September 8

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Our DBQ continues…For homework this weekend, students need to read, annotate, and answer the analysis questions for Document B. You do not have to complete the analysis chart on the back. On Monday we will discuss Documents A and B, so ensure that you are ready to participate.

Today in class binders were checked for organization and completeness. Several students chose not to have theirs checked today, but opted to have me check it on Monday for late credit. Monday will be the last chance for binders to be checked for this grade. Binder checks are graded as class work – keeping the binder up to date and organized is a daily class expectation. Many students showed great Tapp PRIDE with their binders today – their effort and determination to stay organized is wonderful to see!

Wednesday, September 6

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Tonight for homework students need to read and annotate the Background Essay – What Types of Citizen Does a Democracy Need? (Tab 4, #8). Also, there are 3 questions on the back of the essay that students need to answer in complete sentences and 5 words that they need to define.


Progress reports were sent home today.

Friday, September 1

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If you did not turn in the Make-a-Map Project, there is one last opportunity for students to turn in their work on Tuesday, September 5, for LATE credit.  A zero for a project will be very difficult to recover from; late credit will be better than no credit. That being said, I will not give credit for less-than-quality work. Students must put in effort and turn in work that demonstrates their personal best.

I have attached the directions sheet to this email.

This is not a re-do opportunity, I am only accepting work from students who did not turn it in the first go-around, or students who were told they HAVE to re-do the assignment to earn credit.

Wednesday, August 30

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Tonight for homework students need to finish the worksheet, “What If..?” In class we read about prerequisites of democracy and tonight for homework students need to reflect about how our democracy would be weakened without the prerequisites. The “What If…?” handout on which to write their responses is in the Social Studies binder: Tab 4, #6.
Due to the Early Release schedule, 5th period did not meet today – 5th period did not receive this assignment. All other classes received this assignment, and it must be finished tonight for homework.


On Friday students will take a test in Social Studies. The test will cover the basics of Geography and our current Government standard (SS6CG1). Please remember to review and study in advance for this assessment. Study points include:

• Cardinal directions/intermediate directions, prime meridian, equator
• Types of maps – physical and political
• Continents and oceans
• Forms of Government – Democracy and Autocracy
• Types of Democracy – Presidential and Parliamentary


Tuesday, August 29

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The first test in Social Studies will be this Friday, September 1. The test will cover the following topics:

basic map skills (cardinal and intermediate directions, prime meridian, equator, hemispheres, etc.)
types of maps (political and physical)
continents and oceans
forms of government – democracy and autocracy
2 predominate forms of democracy – presidential and parliamentary

Students have notes and handouts in Tab 2, 3, and 4. Please prepare in advance for this important summative assessment.

Tomorrow is an early-release day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.

Monday, August 28

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2nd, 3rd, 5th Period:

Tonight for homework students need to complete the Presidential v. Parliamentary Democracy worksheet. On the sheet there are 2 short paragraphs for students to read and then a basic activity to Assess Your Understanding. At the bottom of the page there is a Compare and Contrast task; it asks students to research the two systems and identify advantages and disadvantages of each. Students can write their findings on the back of the handout. If you do not have internet access at home, please remember that the Media Center is open during homeroom for research.

Please remember that Wednesday is an Early Release Day – the school day will end at 1:30 on Wednesday.