Wednesday, March 14

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Tomorrow is the first day of the last marking period!! Doesn’t the 6th grade year go by quickly!?! I can’t believe we’re already in the homestretch!


2nd, 3rd, 5th Periods:

Please remember that the poem that is due on Friday. This will be the first summative grade for the new marking period, so it’s important for students to make a strong start. Please put forth your personal best on this project. I will be available tomorrow morning for my usual help session if you would like to come in and get feedback on your rough draft.

Also, students need to complete Tab 4, #18 – Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples. It is a speech that needs to be annotated, along with 5 questions that need to be answered thoughtfully and completely. Students had the entire class period yesterday to work on this assignment – it really should already be finished – but if it’s not, students need to complete the assignment tonight for homework.

Binders were checked on Monday. Students who were not ready for the check have until the end of the week to submit their binder for late credit (10 points off the grade earned). Keeping an organized and complete binder is a daily class work expectation that will continue through the end of the school year. Students will have a fresh start on Monday – we’ll be starting a new unit and cleaning out Tab 4. Please help your child get on board with organization – it’s such an important part of middle school success!

Monday, March 12

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Wednesday is the last day of the marking period. Final report cards for the 3rd nine weeks will be sent home with students on Wednesday, March 21.

Wednesday, March 14 is an Early Release Day. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.


2nd, 3rd, 5th Periods:

Because of the early release schedule on Wednesday, I have changed the due date for the Poem Project that was assigned on Friday. Originally, the poem was going to be due on Wednesday, but I have moved that due date to Friday, March 16. This will be the first project grade for the new marking period. Please put time and effort into this project so that you can have a strong start to the 4th nine weeks! I am attaching the assignment sheet to this email. You received this sheet in class on Friday. The primary source documents referred to in the assignment details are documents from the textbook; we analyzed these in class together (Tab 4, #17). Also, we are currently watching a movie in class called The Rabbit Proof Fence – it is a powerful film and should serve as inspiration for students’ poems.


1st and 4th Periods:

Tonight for homework students need to finish the Australia History Packet they received in class today. Students had time in class to begin this task.

Binders will be checked for organization and completeness this week. Please prepare for the check.


Tuesday, March 7

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1st and 4th Periods

We are moving on to our mini-unit about Australia. Tonight for homework students need to label the map of Australia with the selected features from our new standard, SS6G11, and they need to research 2-3 interesting facts about each feature. Students should be ready to share the facts in class tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 6

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2nd, 3rd, 5th


Tonight for homework students need to complete the Australia History packet. They had time to start this task today after the Australia Geography Quiz. The packet gives important background information about the Aborigine culture and European Colonization of Australia; this information will be very necessary for students to have as we move into our next standard – about the impact of colonization on Aborigines.

Monday, March 5

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2nd, 3rd, 5th Period

There will be a quiz tomorrow in Social Studies. The quiz will cover the Australia Geography standards, SS6G11 and 12. The standards are in Tab 2 and the Australia map is in Tab 3.

Also, students need to finish the Location, Climate and Natural Resources activity (Tab 4, #15). The front and the back of the handout need to be completed. Students have had two full class periods to work on this assignment. Completing the assignment should help you prepare for the quiz (SS6G12).


1st and 4th

I changed the plan a bit today…I decided to give students time to revise their outlines based on my feedback on their Document F Summary Statement which they got back today in class.

Please ensure that your DBQ outline is complete so that you are prepared to write the final essay in class tomorrow.

Monday, February 26

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1st and 4th Period:

Please ensure that you have completed Documents A-C (assigned over Winter Break) and Document D (received at the end of class today – homework tonight). For each document, you need to complete the following steps:

· What do you see? Draw a box around everything you see.

· Write the question – The European Union: Do the Benefits of Membership Outweigh the Costs? – on the top of the box.

· Mark the document: source(s); note(s), caption(s) with a star or an arrow.

· Examine the source(s)

· Consider the notes and captions

· Close read of document

· Answer the Document Analysis Questions

· Complete the entire Document Analysis Sheet (Chart) on the back of each document.

§ For each document, find one fact for “Costs” and one fact for “Benefits” – complete the Say, Mean, Matter for each.

Thursday, February 15

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2nd, 3rd, 5th:

The Economics Unit Test (SS6E7&8) is tomorrow. Please remember to study.

1st, 2nd:

Tonight for homework students need to read the Background Essay for our latest DBQ, The European Union: Do the Benefits of Membership Outweigh the Costs? The BGE needs to be annotated with students’ comments and questions, and the questions/definitions on the back need to be completed.

Monday, February 12

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2nd, 3rd, 5th Periods

Tonight for homework students need to read and annotate the article, EU History, and answer the 3 questions at the bottom of the page. This assignment is Tab 4, #13.

The next unit test will be this Friday!! The test will cover our two recent economic standards, SS6E7 and 8. The standards can be found in Tab 2, and class notes and handouts are in Tab 4, items 8-13. Please study and review in advance for this assessment.


1st and 4th

The “I am…a Trade Barrier” poem assignment is due Thursday. Students need to create a poem from the perspective of one of the 3 economic trade barriers we’ve discussed in class. Students were given a rough draft template today in class, but they are welcome to add to the structure/creativity of the poem, and they may do additional research about the trade barrier to add content information to the poem. Poems need to be a nice balance of creativity and facts. The final draft should be nicely displayed (typed or neatly hand-written in ink) with some colorful visuals added on the page. Students will be reading the poem in front of the class, and the presentation (confidence, eye-contact, articulation) will be part of the final grade. The final draft is due on Thursday.

Friday, February 9

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Progress reports were sent home yesterday.

There is a homework assignment in Social Studies this weekend. Students need to complete the Brainpop – Olympics Primary Source Activity. This is a great source analysis that ties in the Olympics with our recent study of the rise of Nazism in Europe and African American History Month. Please ensure that you are ready to discuss the questions in class on Monday.