Raffle Winners

Today, we held the raffle on the morning news for students who brought in two or more canned goods. The winners parents have been notified.

Thanks so much for helping to make this such a successful food drive!



Thank you to everyone who participated in Frey’s canned food drive.  Through your generous donations we collected 5,102 cans.  The food will be dispersed to families in our community as well as the Center For Family Resources located in Cobb County.

Mrs. Shumpert’s class is our winning class.  The total number of cans they brought in was 871.

Once again, thank you to everyone for working together to support our community!

The Canned Food Drive is almost over!

Thanks for all of your support with the canned food drive! The drive ends tomorrow at 1:00. Any food brought in after that time will not count towards class totals.

The winner of the kickball game will be announced Monday on the news.

The raffle will be held Thursday November 21st  for the items donated from our All Star kickball team



Canned Food Drive Challenge

Any student who brings in or has brought in two canned goods will be entered to win a prize from one of the member ‘s of our All Star Kickball team.

Each student who brings in TWO canned goods  will be entered to win one of the following items:

  • A signed baseball from Tyler Stephenson, Cincinnati Reds
  • A signed bat from Tyler Stephenson, Cincinnati Reds
  • A signed baseball from Taylor Tramell, San Diego Padres
  • A signed bat from Taylor Tramell, San Diego Padres
  • A signed item from Joe Elmore MMA
  • A signed Soccer ball from Jordan, Atlanta Soccer