Frey Giving Tree

Please take a moment to pick an ornament off of the Frey Giving Tree to help a Frey family in need.  Gifts are due back December 8th.

Please make sure that gifts are wrapped and the tag placed on the gift.

Thank you so much for supporting our Frey Families!

November 2017

The month of November is here and flying by quickly.  Listed below are the Thanksgiving feasts dates:

November 14: 2nd and 5th grades
November 15: 1st and 3rd grades
November 16: K and 4th grades

As you enjoy the feast with your little ones, please help our Frey families in need, by taking an ornament off of the tree  in the lobby.  You can purchase the gift over the Thanksgiving break and return in December.

Thank you in advance for your support

Classroom Guidance: Classroom guidance this month focuses on bullying, teasing and controlling your temper.

“The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.” -Bobby Kennedy

A Big Thank You!!

Our Career/Red Ribbon Week is off to a great start!  Frey students are learning about different careers they could have if they AIM HIGH and are drug free.  Students have been exposed to the following careers so far:

Alia Hoyt – Writer

Cobb County Police Department – Officer Goforth and Officer R.C. Cole

Rhandi and Eric Gallegos – Civil engineering and Construction Manager

Cobb County Fire Department – Engine 24

Osmin and Rabi Gonzalez – Quickaction Drywall

Aurelie Doucette – Penske Logistics

Alicia Hunt – Pulmonary Nurse

Kevin Hill – Cobb County Parks and Recreation

Transportation Information

School Hours & Important Transportation Info
7:15 AM – 2:15 PM

In order to maintain safe and effective operations for all Frey students, we must provide clear and consistent expectations for all parents as well. Thank you in advance for reading, learning, and adhering to the following guidelines:
1. Please understand and respect that there is no staff supervision before 7:15, and the front doors remain locked until this time each morning. Therefore, no students should be dropped off before 7:15, and all parents are expected either to remain in the carline or to park and personally walk your student to the front door.
2. Students are considered tardy at the 7:50 bell. This is when our instructional day begins and our morning announcements are broadcast in our classrooms. Therefore, students are considered tardy if they are not in their class when the bell rings.
3. For an early check-out or a transportation change other than your normal daily arrangements, parents are required to send in a note that morning with each of their students. Any temporary bus change must be on the district bus pass or the driver cannot accept it. Click link below to print.
4. Early dismissals are accepted up until 1:45 PM. If you arrive to check out your student AFTER 1:45 PM, please accept our apologies as we will not call into the classrooms. Students will be dismissed at the normal time using the transportation arrangements for that day.
5. Any transportation changes must be sent in the morning in written form to your student’s teacher (please include notes for each student). All last minute transportation changes that come up must also be completed by 1:45 PM to ensure that we have adequate time to communicate this with your student and the teacher. For safety reasons, no transportation changes will be communicated after 1:45.
6. All car riders must be picked up by 2:40 PM, or they will be placed in our After School Program (ASP). See our ASP page for more information.

Thank You,
Jason Cathey

A message from the principal

Hello Frey Parents,

I’d like to take an opportunity as we wrap up the first 9 weeks of school, to share some celebrations along with some useful logistical information.

Let me first say that in my fourth year as the principal here at Frey, this has been the best start to a school year yet!  Your students are each active members of a pretty amazing learning community.  Their teachers have been collaborating and planning together to make the previously outstanding instructional experiences even better.   The other administrators and I see this everyday as we observe in the classrooms, but more importantly, the district staff and other visitors to our building continually rave about the high levels of student engagement and outstanding atmosphere across our campus.  On top of all of this, the support from our two excellent parent organizations, PTSA and Foundation has been second to none.  Friday night it truly filled my heart to see such authentic community in action at our Fall Festival.  I know I speak for all of the staff and volunteers, when I say that the smiles on your children’s faces are worth every single second of preparation and hard work.  With all of this said, I am even more optimistic and hopeful for the great things up ahead for the Flames of Frey!


After sharing all that we have to celebrate and look forward to, I’d like to encourage each of you to take advantage of some great ways to stay informed with all things Frey.  The reason for sending this letter electronically is so that you could easily have active links to each of these resources on your computers or mobile devices.  Please visit and get connected to each of these outlets:


School Website:






I’ve also included an electronic attachment of our hours and transportation information for your reference.


Following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook will allow you to quickly see the great things that we celebrate as well as be informed of reminders and upcoming dates without having to go and check email or visit our website.  However, our website is always a one-stop shop where everything is literally one or two clicks away.  The calendar on our beautifully updated PTSA website is a great feature as well.  No matter what, it is our goal for you to stay as connected as possible to Frey Elementary. And always remember that it is you, our families who make it the best school in the nation.  We hope that you have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at your students’ upcoming conferences.



Jason Cathey


Frey Elementary School

You Matter To Me.


Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a great fall break! It is great to see all of the kiddos back. We have a couple of important dates happening in October.

October 6th – Fall Festival

October 12th – Early Release

October 16th – 20th Conference Week, Book Fair Red Ribbon/Career Week

In accordance with CCRPI:

The College and Career Ready Performance Index – CCRPI – is Georgia’s annual tool for measuring how well its schools, districts, and the state itself are preparing students for the next educational level. It provides a comprehensive roadmap to help educators, parents, and community members promote and improve college and career readiness for all students.

Frey Elementary Professional School counselors assist students by helping them explore different careers that are available.

For the 2017 – 2018 school year we have the following professionals signed up for career week: Construction workers, Policeman, Fireman, Financial Adviser, Cardiac Nurse, Center for puppetry arts, Cobb County parks and rec, Graphic designer, Augmented reality engineer, Builders of Falcons stadium, Vice President of Georgia Tech just to name a few!  Our goal is to give students a hands on experience as well as the opportunity to speak with professionals regarding their careers.  This will give Frey Elementary students a real world example of some of the careers that they can pursue.

We can not wait for students to come home and share their experiences with you!

Tips for Parent Teacher Conference:

Attend your parent-teacher conferences with a game plan, but above all, remember it’s a team sport. You and your student are definitely the players, and the teacher is the coach. Listen actively, and let him or her guide you. In the end, your willingness to be a team player will go a long way to fostering a great learning experience for everyone involved!


10 Questions to Get Your Parent-Teacher Game On:

  1. What would you say are my child’s strengths?
  2. What are the biggest opportunities for improvement?
  3. How is my child getting along socially with other children?
  4. What does my child’s class conduct tell you about how (s)he learns best?
  5. What examples can you show me of my child’s work?
  6. Are my child’s assignments completed on time and at an appropriate performance level?
  7. How can I track my child’s performance throughout the year?
  8. Do you have suggestions for things we can do at home to supplement classroom learning?  (recommend books, educational games, etc.)
  9. How can I help you in the classroom? (Being a classroom volunteer, even once a month, gives the teacher more time to focus on individual needs.)
  10. What am I not asking or noticing that I should be? ( parenting magazine/Carissa Rogers of and Jessica Young of VolunteerSpot.com_

Red Ribbon/Career Week

Dear parent(s)

Frey’s annual Career Week is October 16th – October 20th.  We are looking for parent(s) who would not mind sharing their career with Frey students. Please note that signing up does not guarantee that you will present to your child’s grade level.  Our theme is:

Look at what you can be if you AIM HIGH and are “Drug Free”

Date: October 16th – October 20th

Presentation: Please keep in mind that you will be speaking with young students ages 5 – 11.  Any type of visuals that you can use when talking will be beneficial. 

When speaking with classes, please make sure you talk about the bullet points listed below.

  • Education required
  • Personality needed(ie: work alone, a team player, or a leader)
  • Work hours (ie: during the day, weekends, or at night)
  • How did AIMING HIGH help you achieve your career goal?


Please respond to us by September 21, 2017 at the e-mail(s) listed below if you are interested in presenting.


Frey Elementary School Counselors

Chris Wilson: 770-975-6655 ext: 034/ [email protected]

Sydnie Jones: 770-975-6655 ext:028/[email protected]

August/September Classroom Guidance

Problems,  Problems, Problems…..

Frey Elementary students are learning about how to handle problems.

  • K-2 students are being taught how to handle problems when they arise.
  • 3-5 students are being taught, “How Big is Your Problem” and how to react to problems  when they arise.

Project Backpack:  If your family is in need of food over the weekends, please complete the form  that was sent home in student back packs.

Career Week is Coming

Career Week will be held October 16th – 20th.  In the upcoming weeks we will send home information about volunteering to present during this awesome week.  Students will learn about careers based on the standards that are accessed in each grade level.

Morning Car Line Tips!



Morning car line can be frustrating. Everyone has some place to be and the line never seems to move fast enough. Last year some of our fifth graders researched the problem and discovered some interesting facts:


  • Almost HALF of our students arrive at school through the morning car line.
    • It doesn’t seem right, but it’s true. Almost 400 students arrive every day in the car line within 35 minutes. Most of those students are single car riders.
  • On average, we process about 5 cars every 30 seconds
    • Some students are ready to jump out of the car. Some are still eating, some are still getting dressed, and some are still sleeping. By the numbers, that’s 10 cars every minute for 35 minutes.
  • The busiest time to arrive is between 7:40 and 7:47. 
    • Everybody is rushing to get in right before the bell rings. To be clear, students should be in their seats in their classroom when the bell rings at 7:50.
  • The slowest time is between 7:20 and 7:25.
    • Sometimes there are no cars in the car line during this time. Some parents are waiting in the car line before the doors open at 7:15. Arriving this early allows the kids a chance to get settled and get a jump on their day.


It’s not just an inconvenience; It’s a safety issue. People get desperate to get their child to class on time and unfortunately they sometimes engage in risky behavior.  No meeting or deadline is as important as the safety of your child.


So how do we make it better? We do our best to plan an efficient system. Unfortunately there are only a certain number of staff members available to help every morning. We depend on our parents to follow the rules. 


There are three non-negotiables for the morning car line:

  • Only drop off students at the front overhang. 
    • Do not drop off students at the end of the sidewalk or anywhere other than the overhang. Because:
      • Kids are clumsy. We love them all, but even at their best, they slip, trip, and fall. When they are rushed, excited, or tired, the problem is worse.
      • Children are impulsive. They do impulsive things. They wander off the sidewalk. They chase cars because they forget to give their mom a kiss.
  • If you choose to park at Durham or anywhere else, walk your children all the way to the overhang. 
    • Do not allow them to cross the street by themselves. There is no crossing guard at the intersection.
    • Do not watch them from a distance. If they need assistance, they need it right then. Seconds really do matter.
    • Stay in line. Do not try to go around or cut in front of others. Be patient.
    • Do not enter the bus port area. There is a sign at the entrance restricting access.


Here are a few tips to make the car line experience better:

  • Ride the Bus. Less driving for you. We know this doesn’t work for everyone, but if even if 10% of our car riders choose to ride the bus, the impact would be substantial.
  • Carpool. Take turns driving the neighborhood kids.
  • Arrive early. Plan to be at school at 7:15
  • Have your kids ready to exit the car. Fully dressed, shoes on, belly full, and wide awake.
  • Be patient. Everyone is doing their best.


Our students and their families matter to us. The morning routine sets the mood for the whole day. Let’s all work together to make every day the best it can be!



Sixth Grade Previews!

Our fifth graders are busy getting ready for their next big adventure: Middle School!

Frey feeds into three different middle schools. Each school will host a preview day to give our fifth graders an opportunity to tour the school. The student preview dates are below:

  • Durham – March 16, 9:30 – 11:30
  • McClure – May 1, 9:30-11:30
  • Awtrey – May 1, 9:30 – 11:30

Field trip permission forms will be sent out prior to each date. We will be providing bus transportation to McClure and Awtrey, and will be walking to Durham. These previews are for students only. Parent night information will be sent out at a later date.

Each student will be allowed to attend the preview for the school for which they are currently districted. If you are requesting a school choice transfer, requests must be finalized prior to the field trip. School choice applications will be available in February from the county website.

Students can only attend one preview day.

If a student is districted to a school other than those listed, they will be allowed to attend the Durham field trip.


Please let us know if you have any questions.