EGGcellent Egg Drop

The egg drop held on Monday was EGGcellent!  The egg drop kicked off our STEM campaign.  We had many creative designs and ideas.  Students at Frey are very fortunate to be able to go to the STEM lab on a frequent basis and learn from our STEM teacher.  Please take time to donate to Frey’s STEM-tastic campaign.


Join us today in our STEM-tastic Campaign by helping to raise funds for continued resources in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction at Frey.  YOU are the Frey Foundation, and your students need your support! Visit the Foundation link on our website to learn more, and please share the link below with any businesses and/or individuals that might wish to give a tax-free donation on behalf of your student and their teacher!

Donate Online

What do you value?

Third graders have been answering the following question in guidance: What do you value?  As a basis for our lesson we use the website to gain a deeper understanding of different values.  For our activity students create thier own values billboard that represents their personal value.

Listed below is a sample that one of our third grade teachers created:


  *** If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything***




A Big Thank You

Frey Counselors would like to say thanks to Mrs. Lisa Ellerbee for her socical media presentation. Children and their parents learned valuable tools to help stay safe while using social media.

If you were unable to attend the presentation you can go to Mrs. Ellerbee’s facebook page:

January 16, 2018 After School Activities

Due to inclement weather, CCSD is cancelling ALL after school and evening activities except for ASP.  However, although ASP will remain open, parents are strongly encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible.  In addition, we will be monitoring the weather situation and hope to make a decision regarding tomorrow by 10 pm this evening.  Please stay tuned.

January Guidance

As we kick off 2018, Frey counselors want to make sure that students have a positive outlook.  All grade levels will learn what it means to have a growth mindset:

Growth Mindset Definiton:( Robert Stenberg) People with a growth mindset see their qualities as things that can be developed through their dedication and effort. Sure they’re happy if they’re brainy or talented, but that’s just the starting point. They understand that no one has ever accomplished great things—not Mozart, Darwin, or Michael Jordan—without years of passionate practice and learning.



Social Media and Children

Did you know that you have to be 13 years old to be on instagram?

Do you know what snapchat is?

Do you know how to check youe child’s online history?

Please join the Frey Counselor’s on January 23, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. in the Frey Cafeteria.  We will have  dynamic  presentation by Lisa Ellerbee, AT&T,Senior Program/Development Mgr, Dynamic Traffic Management AT&T Mobility Business Solutions, who will enlighten you on social media and our children.

Fifth grade students are going to participate in this workshop. Fifth Grade parents are strongly encouraged to attend as well.  Students and parents will learn through this interactive workshop how to use social media in a safe manner.

Frey Giving Tree

Please take a moment to pick an ornament off of the Frey Giving Tree to help a Frey family in need.  Gifts are due back December 8th.

Please make sure that gifts are wrapped and the tag placed on the gift.

Thank you so much for supporting our Frey Families!

November 2017

The month of November is here and flying by quickly.  Listed below are the Thanksgiving feasts dates:

November 14: 2nd and 5th grades
November 15: 1st and 3rd grades
November 16: K and 4th grades

As you enjoy the feast with your little ones, please help our Frey families in need, by taking an ornament off of the tree  in the lobby.  You can purchase the gift over the Thanksgiving break and return in December.

Thank you in advance for your support

Classroom Guidance: Classroom guidance this month focuses on bullying, teasing and controlling your temper.

“The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.” -Bobby Kennedy

A Big Thank You!!

Our Career/Red Ribbon Week is off to a great start!  Frey students are learning about different careers they could have if they AIM HIGH and are drug free.  Students have been exposed to the following careers so far:

Alia Hoyt – Writer

Cobb County Police Department – Officer Goforth and Officer R.C. Cole

Rhandi and Eric Gallegos – Civil engineering and Construction Manager

Cobb County Fire Department – Engine 24

Osmin and Rabi Gonzalez – Quickaction Drywall

Aurelie Doucette – Penske Logistics

Alicia Hunt – Pulmonary Nurse

Kevin Hill – Cobb County Parks and Recreation