Mission & Vision


The mission of Fair Oaks Elementary School’s counseling department is to ensure that every student has access to a comprehensive  counseling curriculum designed to address their developmental needs. This curriculum, which includes focuses on the academic, personal/social and career domains of our students, will be implemented by professional school counselors through classroom guidance lessons, small group and individual sessions so that all students can reach their fullest potential. In collaboration with the entire school community, L the school counseling program cultivates leadership qualities will be cultivated within our students to , building responsible, compassionate and proactive students individuals with who have a passion for lifelong learning.   


The vision of Fair Oaks Elementary School’s counseling department is for all students to be productive, confident leaders that are prepared to meet the challenges of a 21st century workforce by becoming proactive, responsible individuals who can prioritize, compromise, and listen compassionately to those around them. Our students will graduate high school and continue to be lifelong learners, making positive life decisions and reaching their full potential as happy, healthy, responsible members of their community.