November 6-10

November 7,2017 is a teacher work day

November 9,2017 is Multi-Cultural Night

Campbell Middle School is having a canned food drive to help families in need for Thanksgiving.  Please send in a canned food or two to help.

October 23-27


WEDNESDAY: Spirit Wear Day

THURSDAY: Whacky Sock Day

FRIDAY: Wear Red day

October 2-6

Welcome Back everyone!!! I hope you had a wonderful break.  This week students will learn about Predator/Prey relationships and different habitats around the world. In Reading, we will continue to use the Readina-z program as well as New2you.  In Math students will continue to work on their goals and objectives.

September 18-22

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and we are all ready to have a productive week before the Fall Break.  Fall Break will be next week September 25-29.  Don’t forget students should be studying their spelling words each night and reading for 30 minutes.  This week students will be learning about the importance of recycling and they will be learning about transition words and how to use them in a story.

September 4-8

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day and are ready to get back to work.  This week in science class we will be studying about producers, consumsers, and decomposers.  On Friday the class will be planting radish and pea plants.  In math the students are learning how to tell time. In language arts we are learning about action verbs.

August 21-28

This week students got to enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity.  They got to observe a Lunar Eclipse. They collected data and recorded the data on an observation sheet.   Also, they learned about living and non-living things.  Students are working on spelling every week and have spelling test every Friday.  In Individuals & Society the students are learning about the States in the United States.  In Math they are learning about money skills.  In reading, students are working on reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Solar Eclipse Monday

Today was a very important day in history.  Students got to go outside and observe the Eclipse.  They collected data every five minutes and recorded their observations.

August 14-18

The students are adjusting well to the daily schedule and the school wide expectations.  They are enjoying their new “Academies” classes and we are off to a great school year.  This week students will continue learning about solids,liquids and gases. We will read and use the “Mark the Text Strategy” to help us complete reading comprehension exercises.  In Math this week students will be working on subtraction.  In Language Arts we will be focusing on  Nouns again and in Individuals & Society the students are working on their Super Heroe passports.

August 7-11

This week students are learning about solids, liquids and gases in Science class.  We are learning about the 7 continents in Individuals and Society.  Students are learning about Nouns in Language Arts. In math we are working on  addition.  In reading we are reading books from readinga-z and completing variuos graphic organizers.