October 16, 2017

Students are working on Part 2 of their Biome Project in the computer labs putting together their Infographic.

Homework: If you did not finish your Biome Graphic Organizer on the original due date, here is your gazillionth chance to get this finished. I will be checking those tomorrow October 17th

October 6, 2017

Students worked on Cycling Information Articles & Coloring Sheets

Homework: Finish Cycling Webquest from yesterday…remember the links that you use are in the 10/5/17 Blog Post called “Cycling Webquest Links for Class on 10/5/17” this webquest is due on Monday October 9th

Cycling Webquest Links for Class on 10/5/17

Use Microsoft Edge Internet Browser for these links:


Carbon Cycle

Questions #1-6


Questions #7-14




Nitrogen Cycle


DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE SKIP THIS LINK BELOW AND GO TO THE NEXT LINK http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/onlcourse/chm110outlines/nitrogencycle.html

Questions #19-21

The link below REPLACES the link http://users.rcn.com/jkimball…etc etc etc, that one doesn’t work, please use the link below to answer questions.


Questions #22-23




Water Cycle

Questions #24-27


Question #28