September 13-14, 2018

To make the connection of what students have learned about bacteria cells, animal cells, plant cells, and osmosis; students will be watching Osmosis Jones (He’s ONE cell of a guy! Literally! lol)

Homework: None, you’ve worked hard this week with testing, enjoy your weekend! Come back on Monday ready to work hard and finish out this 9 weeks strong! šŸ™‚

September 5, 2018

Students learned about the Levels of Cellular Organization.

Homework: Finish flipbook, it’sĀ due tomorrow Thursday September 6th

***If you were absent,Ā please view the powerpoint below and complete the notes sheet and the flipbook. You can make your flipbook using plain printer paper.

Levels of Cellular Organization Pwpt w/ Flipbook Instructions

Levels of Organization Notes Sheet

August 30, 2018

Students reviewed for the test today! Using a quizlet, Legends of Learning, study guide, interactive textbook, smart board and all of the activities and notes in their Unit 1 folder. Every student received a fully completed study guide today.

Homework: Prepare for your test on tomorrow, you’ll do well, I know you will! šŸ™‚