May 21-23, 2018


Students worked on post lab questions from Frog Dissection that didn’t do their homework as they should have over the weekend. Students also used this last full day to work on any missing assignments. Today is the absolute LAST day to take missing assignments. Please don’t bring any missing assignments to me on Tues or Wed. Thank you for understanding.

Homework: None

Tuesday & Wednesday

Students will review their knowledge of biomes using hamster scenarios…

Homework: None


May 14-16, 2018

Students will be doing preliminary lessons to prepare them for their frog dissections. They will practice coloring, labeling, and organ function activities via a Frog Sandwich and Frog Dissection Coloring Activity so they’ll be familiar with their actual frog when they receive it. On Wednesday we’ll discuss the procedure and the different tools used to dissect a frog.

Monday Homework: None

Tuesday Homework: None

Wednesday Homework: Finish Frog Sandwich and Frog Dissection Coloring Activity if you didn’t during the past two days in class. Both are due tomorrow Thursday May 17th.