August 28, 2017

Did you survive today???? Students had fun with M & M’s today as they acted out different symbiotic relationships in order for their niche to survive!

Homework: Finish the Elaboration Questions on the very last page of your lab packet. They are due tomorrow August 29, 2017.

Note: I know that some of the groups have to finish the Round 1-4 questions with the cards. You can finish those at the beginning of class tomorrow. I’ll let you use the cards for those, but the Elaboration questions don’t need the cards, you should definitely do those tonight!

August 23, 2017

We continued our lesson from yesterday…

Homework: Finish your Environmental Organization Flipbook it’s due tomorrow August 24, 2017 along with your rubric. Please check your rubric when you finish so that you may gain all of your possible points.

***Your online textbook login is on the front of your syllabus in your IAN Binder.***