November 29, 2017

We completed a Cellular Respiration Lab today! It was super cool seeing how the carbon dioxide that we exhale changed the chemical’s color due to it’s acidity!

Homework: Finish lab questions.

***If you were absent, you cannot make up this lab. You will be exempt from this grade! So no worries, it won’t affect your grade.

Photosynthesis Webquest Links


Step 3 of your webquest will be completed on tomorrow. Please bring your headphones on tomorrow for this part of the webquest, if you make it to this point you may get on Cool Math or work on missing assignments until the bell. Place your paper on the round table in the middle of the room once finish with Step 1 & 2:

November 16-17, 2017


Students took their test today…

Homework: None

***If you were absent, please take your test tomorrow DURING class, I won’t be chasing you down to remind you. It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as your syllabus states to come to me DURING CLASS and let me know you need to take it.


Students followed Osmosis Jones, a white blood cell on a mission to save the city of Frank (a human body stricken by the arch nemesis virus the Red Death! *evil laugh*)

Homework: None

Enjoy your break!

November 15, 2017

Reviewed for test today and went over study guide…

Homework: Study for your test! I know you’ll do well…good luck!

Study Guide Answers

***Block 3 you received your answers in class today but I do not have an electronic version of your study guide answers so I hope you took advantage of copying them down during class as I gave them to you. BUT these answers above are the same as your guide just a different format so you can use this one as well!

Cell Kahoot

November 14, 2017

Students worked on study guides in preparation for their test on this Thursday.

Homework: Finish Study Guide with coloring and labeling sheet that goes with study guide.

***If you were absent, you can print off the correct study guide below and complete it, bring it in tomorrow to class. I’ll give you the other half (labeling diagram) on tomorrow, please ask me for it during class tomorrow.

Blocks 1, 2, 6, and 7 Study Guide

Block 3 Study Guide