August 8-9, 2018

Students will complete a lab on “How to Use a Microscope.”

Wednesday Homework: None

Thursday Homework: Finish all pre-lab and post-lab questions from “How to Use a Microscope” lab sheet, it’s due Friday August 10th and study for TOMORROW’S quiz!

Also study for your Cell History/Microscope Quiz that’s on this Friday August 10th. All of your notes from this week, the classwork, and the information & links on the blog that I’ve posted this week on Monday & Tuesday can be utilized to study. You have many resources to study for this quiz and I encouraged you to start studying on Monday, not wait until Thursday night to cram. I know you’ll do well!

August 7, 2018

Students learned about the history & parts of a microscope as well as their functions.

There will be a quiz this Friday, August 10, 2018 on Cell History & Theory and Microscope parts and functions.

Homework: Finish Microscope worksheet, it’s due tomorrow August 8th

If you were absent please view power point so you’ll be familiar with the information when you ask me for your notes sheet on tomorrow:

Parts of the Microscope PwPt

Microscopes Worksheet

Microscope Parts Definitions/Functions


August 6, 2018

Students learned about Cell History and Theory today.

There will be a quiz this Friday, August 10, 2018 on this information along with Microscopes.

Homework: Finish The Wacky History of Cell Theory Video Sheet, due tomorrow August 7th

Wacky History of Cell Theory Video

Wacky History of the cell theory video worksheet

If you were absent today, please view this powerpoint so that when you ask me for your notes sheet tomorrow, you will be familiar with the information already:

The History & Theory of Cells Power Point

August 2, 2018

Students went over routines and rituals, syllabus, and expectations!

Homework: Parents and students please sign the syllabus, the syllabus signature sheet & classroom rules & procedures sheet.

**4th Block I’ll give you your syllabus signature sheet tomorrow, but still get your syllabus signed tonight!**

July 31, 2018

Welcome! Hello students! I hope you had an outstanding summer! It went by soooo quick but I hope you got some much needed rest & are ready to make this your best school year yet. I am excited about this school year and I cannot wait to meet you all!

-Mrs. C. Peterson