April 25, 2018

Students learned about Geological Time today.

Homework: Finish your Speciation worksheet. You DO NOT have to color it.

***If you were absent, please view the power point below and fill out the notes sheet. Also complete the Speciation worksheet using the Speciation notes or power point from yesterday (power point is posted on yesterday’s blog).

The Geological Time Scale Pwpt

Geological Time Scale Notes

Speciation Worksheet

April 11, 2018

Students continued their intro of evolution today.

Homework: We are aware that the online textbook is down temporarily and we are trying to get that resolved, so if you need to finish your comic strip or sketch notes (visual notes) please come use a book during HR time.

***If you were absent today please view the powerpoint and complete the note sheet:

Evolution PowerPoint

Evolution Notes Sheet

April 9, 2018

Students began their unit on Evolution. They are doing Sketch Notes to introduce the topic.

Homework:  If you didn’t finish your test last week or you were absent then you will need to be here at 8:30am on tomorrow April 10th to finish up your test.