November 14, 2018

Students learned about Gregor Mendel and Genetics today.

Homework: Make sure your vocab sheets/activity from last Friday is completed and turn in tomorrow before quiz, study for your quiz.

Genetics and Heredity Vocabulary PPT

Genetics Vocabulary Quizlet

***If you were absent please view the powerpoint below and get familiar with the material…ask me for your notes sheet on tomorrow so that you can use this powerpoint to complete your notes:

Mendelian Powerpoint

November 13, 2018

Students did “An Inventory of My Traits” Activity whereas they looked at their traits as well as their peers and collected data on the similarities and differences.

Homework: Most of you all finished your bar graph in class and turned in your sheets. If you happened to not finish, please finish Inventory of Traits at home. Your homework is to study for your vocab test that is on this Thursday. Please view the powerpoints of vocab words from yesterday and last Friday.

November 9, 2018

Students worked on a vocabulary activity today. They will have a vocabulary quiz on Thursday Nov 15th! Here is the powerpoint that matches the vocabulary activity for studying purposes:

Genetics and Heredity Vocabulary PPT

Homework: Finish Reproductive Strategy stations from yesterday. Please view the link below to see the pictures. You will have to scroll past all of the instructions. The pictures are at the end of the file. They are not numbered like they were in the classroom. Just place the ones that you are missing in an available spot. Due Monday Nov 12th 

Reproductive Strategies Pictures


November 5, 2018

Students are beginning Unit 3 Reproduction, Genetics, and Heredity. They started today by using a graphic organizer that outlines the many different types of asexual reproduction. They also looked internal and external fertilization.

Homework: Finish reproduction chart, due on Wednesday November 7th; also please bring your new Unit 3 Folder!

Forms of Reproduction Chart


November 1-2, 2018


Students worked on their  reading comprehension skills using reading passages and questions about the interactions of all the body systems. Organ Odyssey assignment whereas they go on a space journey to discover the functions of a particular organ. Students also reviewed for their quiz.


Human Body Systems Quizlet


Students took a quiz & worked on Organ Odyssey. Organ Odyssey takes students on a space journey to discover the functions of a particular organ using a poster as their finished product.

Homework: Finish Organ Odyssey space assignment, due on Monday November 5th