Cell Processes Quiz and Test Update!

We have been learning all about what the cell needs to make energy and divide.  Students will take a Vocabulary Quiz, Wednesday November 9th!!  Each student made flashcards with the vocabulary words and definitions.  Please review with your student to ensure their success.  You can find the terms and definitions under the resources tab.

Posts test will be Thursday November 16th!  Please make sure your student studies their IAN!  There are “cliff notes” for parents under the resources tab.  Labeled “Parent letter for cells”

Welcome back…….


I hope you had a fun and relaxing Fall Break!  It is now time to tackle the next 7 weeks with tenacity!  We will be studying CELLS!!  This will be such a fun unit.  Please check the blog for videos and pictures of the things done in class!!!


Hello Parents and students!  It has been a very eventful time in our country and state.  ECMS along with CCSD are taking donations for those impacted by the storms.  We are asking for bottled water, non-perishable food items and toiletries.  We will continue these efforts until the end of the week!  Thank you!!!!

IOWA Testing Update! 

With Irma arriving in metro Atlanta and forcing schools closures, IOWA testing will resume on Thursday, September 13th.

Classification Post-test Update!

Our post-test will be given on Thursday September 21st!  Please continue to prepare and do your best!


Classification of Candy!  Our super scientist learned how important it was to classify things.  They were given a bag of candy and asked to classify them as a group.  The results were interesting!  Learning is always fun in Rm 1070

What have we been up to?

We gave gotten off to a great start in room 1.070.  We have been studying and sharpening our scientific processing skills.  We have learned how to work as a team, keep up with our interactive notebooks and how to design an experiment.   We have been hard at work becoming super scientist!

Are you CERtain?  We are learning how to state a claim, give evidence to backup our claim and a reason.


Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School year.  We will have exciting and fun times in room 1.070.  Take a seat, and enjoy a ride on our learning train.  I will be launching a brand new blog soon, but for now enjoy the info that can be found here!

Under assignments, you will find what your student will be learning for the week.  If there is homework, it will be listed under the specific day and if possible it will be attached.

Hello 7th grade………

Dr.S snorklingWelcome to Dr. Shelander’s blog for the 2016-2017 school year.  We are going to have an amazing year.  This school year we will learn about the fabulous world of Life Science!  Hang on to your seats as this will be an exciting school year.  Check the blog on a regular basis for assignments and view all the fun shenanigans taking place in Room 1070!