Class Data

Here is the class data!  Happy calculating.  6th period!!!  There is an error in your data for naturally curly hair it should say 22 in the yes column!  Sorry! 

Welcome Back!

Welcome back from break!  It is my hope, that you had a great time over the holiday season. We jumped right back into the swing of things when students returned back to school January 4th.  We are beginning a brand new unit and students explored the concepts during their Genetics pre-assessment.  You can find all things genetics under the assignments and resources tab.

In the genetics unit, students will learn about the passing of traits from parents to offspring. More information on how to help your student be successful during this unit can be found in Resources.  You can download the parent letter that contains tons of “cliff notes” for you. Enjoy!

Friday made for some serious fun in Rm 1.070, we were finally able to dissect the frogs.  This was delayed due to the snow days in December.


Due to early release day and the snow day, our test will be ***Monday December 18th, 2017!**** We will dissect the frogs when we return from Winter Break!

East Cobb Middle Medical School

What fun we have been having in 7th grade life science!  Last week we started our human body unit!  Your student has entered into East Cobb Middle’s Medical School.  Each student took their “MCAT” (which was their pre-test) and were placed into 1 of 4 groups.  Each group will rotate every two days to a new body system, taught by one of the four teachers.  At the end of the rotations, students will take a board exam to become doctors and officially receive their patient task cards!  We will end the unit with their post test *Friday December 15th* and our frog dissection Monday December 18th.  


Cell Processes Quiz and Test Update!

We have been learning all about what the cell needs to make energy and divide.  Students will take a Vocabulary Quiz, Wednesday November 9th!!  Each student made flashcards with the vocabulary words and definitions.  Please review with your student to ensure their success.  You can find the terms and definitions under the resources tab.

Posts test will be Thursday November 16th!  Please make sure your student studies their IAN!  There are “cliff notes” for parents under the resources tab.  Labeled “Parent letter for cells”

Welcome back…….


I hope you had a fun and relaxing Fall Break!  It is now time to tackle the next 7 weeks with tenacity!  We will be studying CELLS!!  This will be such a fun unit.  Please check the blog for videos and pictures of the things done in class!!!

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