Setting Local School Priority Standards in Enhanced CTLS Assess

Local School Administrators now have the ability to set Priority Standards for each grade level. How will setting Priority Standards benefit CCC’s? An icon will be seen throughout Enhanced CTLS Assess to indicate a standard has been prioritized by local school administrators. When building a question, teachers will be able to easily view from the list of standards, which standards have been prioritized. Analyzing data has been made easier for Priority Standards because the text of the standard is blue. Below are instructions for local School Administrators on how to set Priority Standards.

Directions for Setting School’s Priority Standards for Administrators

Exciting NEW Updates!

As of Monday, October 7th, some amazing new updates have rolled into the Enhanced CTLS Assess platform based on teacher and leader feedback. Updates include new widgets, new items types, enhanced publishing and more! Scroll through the Adobe Spark below to find information on these incredible enhancements.

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.

eCTLS Assess Updates 3.4


Review Mode in Enhanced CTLS Assess

A new feature in Enhanced CTLS is Review Mode. When creating an assessment in Enhanced CTLS, you can activate Review Mode. When Review Mode is turned on, you can view the assessment in the CTLS Assess Student Portal. You can take the assessment as if you were a student online to ensure accuracy. In Review Mode, you can also print an assessment and answer key. Attached you will find a video explaining Review Mode and also a link to a document that can be found in the Help Section of Enhanced CTLS.

Click here to access the Review Mode User Guide.


Introducing Student Groups in Enhanced CTLS Assess!

Student Groups is great option for teachers who serve students at the same time/class period, but may be on different rosters (classes) such as EIP, Spec. Ed., AC, etc.  Users can create groups of students they have access to via scheduling, give the group a name, select students to be included in this group.  This creation of groups allows the teacher to select a group to administer an assessment to instead of selecting multiple classes (rosters or course numbers).

These student groups can be selected in lieu of classes (rosters) on the proctor page.  They can also be used when filtering data after administration.

To access PDF directions for student groups, please click HERE.

For a brief video on creating student groups, access the Help menu in the Enhanced CTLS Assess platform by clicking on your name–>Help and select the video menu.

Publishing Tests – CTLS Assess Legacy to Enhanced

Do you have tests from 2018-2019, that you’d like to use in Enhanced CTLS Assess?  With a few clicks, you can access, review and publish your tests so they appear and are ready for you to administer.  This is a great opportunity to revise and publish assessments that you would like to have access to in the future. Please feel free to reach out to your TTIS with any questions.

The directions linked below, will walk you through this process.  Please feel free to reach out to your TTIS with any questions.


New School Year-New Laptops: Time to Sync Your iRespond Remotes!

As you begin the 2019-2020 school year, you will also begin preparing for formative assessments using iRespond.  This year you will need to sync your iRespond remotes to your new laptop. Click HERE to access the directions on how to sync your remotes to a new list, or view the video HERE.

It is also a great time to check your remotes as you may find that some remotes need new batteries. Batteries will be provided through Field Services.  A work order will need to be placed to get batteries unless your local school has been provided batteries by the field technician.

If you would like some tips on storing remotes for quicker access, HERE is the link to our blogpost that shared ideas and pictures from Cobb teachers and how they manage their iRespond remotes.

If you need an iRespond refresher or any support with your iRespond kit, please contact your local school TTIS.

Enhanced CTLS Assess-Widgets and Reports


Have you ever wished you could get an “at a glance” look at certain types of data without having to navigate through full reports? Now, with easy to customize widgets, you can determine what snapshots of data you would like to see on your dashboard when logging into Enhanced CTLS Assess.

Simply click the plus sign under the navigation menu on your dashboard page, title your custom widget page, and then click “add widgets” to select the ones you want.


One of the most widely celebrated enhancements to CTLS Assess is the variety and ease of navigation of reports! You now have the ability to view reports at the school, teacher, and student level, and most reports are “nested”. This means you can easily drill in for more specific results without having to click in and out of pages to see more or different data.

Click HERE to access the new Reports Guide which gives an overview of various reports that teachers can access.

Enhanced CTLS Assess-Freshly Paved Roads

For the past several years, you’ve been learning to “drive” your instruction using CTLS Assess and iRespond. We’ve been monitoring the traffic cams (AKA-your feedback!) and have gathered ideas in order to bring you an enhanced version of CTLS Assess! Newly paved roads will get you to your data more easily, bridges to allow you to bring in your already-created assessments as PDFs, and so much more!

Some of our CCSD teachers have been test driving the new model, and we wanted to highlight a few of their favorite enhancements for you.

  • Ability to upload full assessments into CTLS Assess as an external PDF.
  • Robust Item Bank, including new technology-enhanced questions (such as “drag and drop”)
  • Ability to compare more than one assessment side by side when viewing data.
  • Customizable dashboard including widgets which provide snapshots of data at a glance.

Be on the lookout for communication from your local admin and your school’s driving instructor (AKA-TTIS) regarding opportunities for support and training as you begin to navigate these improved roads!

Note: Optimal viewing for this video is Google Chrome.

Having trouble viewing in your current browser? Try Google Chrome or click HERE to view the Enhanced CTLS Assess promo video!







Using Data to Prepare for End-of-Course Testing

Accessing data in CTLS Assess allows you to plan your instruction accordingly.  There is one report, Standards Analysis Report located in the Search Widget that you might find helpful in the next few months as you prepare for EOC Testing.   The Standards Analysis Report will allow you to view school year data broken down by standards for a chosen course.  Even further, you can view school year data for individual students as well.


Once you are logged into CTLS Assess, Click on the course you would like to view.






You will now be able to view data from all the assessments in CTLS given this year






Click on the + to drill down even further by viewing individual student performance.







You can now use the Standards Analysis report to see each student and whether or not a standard has been mastered.

Using the data from Standards Analysis report allows you to quickly determine which standards you might need to spend time on when reviewing for an End of Course assessment.