iRespond Session Properties Update

Recently, the iRespond session properties were all reset to unchecked for all teachers for ease of use.

If you need clarification on what each session property does, please access the links for the web app and the remote user guides below.  Note: When giving district assessments such as SGMs, make sure to refer to those specific directions to guide your session property selections.





Scoring Constructed Response is as Easy as 1…2…3!

One of the particularly beneficial aspects of assessing with CTLS Assess is the ability to include Constructed Response items! Students have the opportunity to see and practice test items that mirror what they will see on required testing, and teachers have the opportunity to compile meaningful data gathered from a variety of item types.

As more and more teacher-created and Touchstone assessments are including CR items, you may find yourself needing a refresher on how to score those items within CTLS Assess.

Keep in mind that you can input student scores two different ways.

  1. By individual student (which comes in handy when students have taken the assessment using the iRespond Web App, and you need to see the students’ responses on the screen).
  2. By the class roster (which is useful when you’ve already scored students’ responses on paper, and simply need to input the points awarded).

In order to input student scores, you will navigate to the Results widget, click on the score icon, and select “Rubric Score Entry”.

For detailed instructions on how to score Constructed Response items, or how to attach a rubric when creating an assessment containing a CR item, click the links below.

 Defining a rubric in Assessment Builder PDF|Video

Scoring CR items PDF|Video

Standard-Answer Analysis Grid Report

With one of the newest CTLS Assess enhancements, you now have another report option to choose from! The Standard-Answer Analysis will allow you to see, at a glance, each student’s results for all the questions on a given assessment, along with the standard being assessed by each question. 

To access the report, click on the Student Reports tab, then click on the dropdown menu and select “Standard-Answer Analysis (Excel)”. You will then generate the report the same way you have in the past.

Detailed directions for using the Results widget can be found HERE.


Multi-Select questions are now supported in CTLS Assess!

You can now create multi-select questions in CTLS Assess. Creating multi-select questions is a great way to prepare students for the Georgia Milestone. The grading for the multi-select questions mimics the grading for the multi-select questions you would find on the Georgia Milestone set by the GA DOE.

Items with 3 Correct Bubbles

  • 3 correct bubbles selected and ONLY 3 bubbles selected = 2 points
  • 3 correct bubbles selected and 1 incorrect bubble selected = 1 point
  • 2 correct bubbles selected and 1 incorrect bubble selected = 1 point
  • 2 correct bubbles and 0 incorrect bubbles selected = 1 point
  • Anything else receives no credit

Items with 2 Correct Bubbles

  • 2 correct bubbles selected and ONLY 2 bubbles selected = 2 points
  • 2 correct bubbles selected and 1 incorrect bubble selected = 1 point
  • 1 correct bubble selected and 1 incorrect bubble selected = 1 point
  • 1 correct bubble selected and 0 incorrect bubbles selected = 1 point
  • Anything else receives no credit

Go ahead and try out multi-select questions with your students!

Click HERE to access the Multi-Select Scoring and Analyzing Scores document.

Touchstone Assessments and Blueprints 2018-2019

Now that the 2018-2019 school year is underway, it is important that teachers take a moment to locate and review the Touchstone assessments and Blueprints in CTLS Assess.  The assessments and blueprints were revised over the summer by teams of teachers alongside the Assessment and Personalized Learning department.

After accessing CTLS Assess, locate the Resources widget and drill down into the correct folders for your level, subject/course, etc.  There you will find the current assessments and blueprints as PDF documents for you to review changes and additions as well as to print as needed.

You will notice the addition of constructed response items on some Touchstone assessments. For assistance with entering constructed response scores, click HERE for directions or contact your local school TTIS for support.

If you need additional support with CTLS Assess or iRespond, please contact your local school TTIS.  If you have questions specific to the Touchstone assessments or blueprints, have your local school CTLS Assess contact reach out to the Assessment Supervisor for your local school.







Starting a New School Year with iRespond

As you begin a new school year, you will also begin preparing for formative assessments using iRespond.  If you are using the same iRespond remote kit and teacher laptop as last year, you may not need to re-sync your remotes. However, it is highly recommended that you test your kit before you use your remotes with students for an assessment.  In some cases, a fresh remote list will be necessary.  Click HERE to access the directions on how to sync (collect) your remotes to a new list.

In addition, you may find that you have some remotes that need new batteries. Batteries will be provided through Field Services.  A work order will need to be placed to get batteries unless your local school has been provided batteries by the field technician.

As always, if you need an iRespond refresher or any support with your iRespond kit, please contact your local school TTIS.


Save Some Time! Move and Customize Your Assessments from Last Year!

Save time in CTLS Assess by copying and moving prior year’s tests!  Follow the directions linked below to locate an assessment from a prior year.  This is the time to make any revisions or corrections to the assessment before you publish for the 2018-2019 school year!  

Click HERE for directions.  Reach out to your TTIS if you have questions or need support.

New Font Choices for Printing

The latest CTLS enhancement gives you yet another choice!  Now, users can select a font when creating assessments for printing in Microsoft Word.  Times New Roman and Calibri are the available fonts.  Regardless of the font selected, users may still make additional font and spacing changes after your assessment is generated in Microsoft Word.  Try printing your CTLS Assessments with the most legible font for your students today!

Now Showing: All Constructed and Extended Response Scores in Questions Tab

CTLS has a great new enhancement that will make reviewing Constructed and Extended Response scores even easier!  When you are analyzing data using the Questions tab, you can still review Constructed Response (CR) and Extended Constructed Response (XCR) questions and see how students scored ranging from 0-5+.  Previously, when CR and XCR results were reviewed with the checkbox, teachers could only see X’s for student scores with no breakdown of individual scores higher than 5.  Now, when you click the checkbox to view individual student CR and XCR results, you can now see the exact number of points each student earned for the question!  This makes easy to see which students demonstrate proficiency and which students need additional support.


What Could You Find if Only You Searched?

Have you tried using the CTLS Assess Search Widget? It is one of the most powerful tools available, especially when reviewing student data to plan next instructional steps in PLCs! Click on any of your classes in the Search widget to view all assessment results in a subject area. You can view any assessment type (local school, district) from the View dropdown menu. Then, choose your subject from the dropdown menu. Finally, click the plus next to the assessment you want to review and see all student results in one place where it is easy to move between assessments!

You can also expand your class rosters and choose a student’s name to see individual data. Click the Performance tab, select Local School Test (or any test type) and then the Subject. This time, when you click the plus next to the assessment name, you’ll see a customized strengths and weaknesses report for each standard assessed for the selected student. Both of these resources can easily help you analyze student progress and also involve students and parents in the process!