Starting a New School Year with iRespond

As you begin a new school year, you will also begin preparing for formative assessments using iRespond.  If you are using the same iRespond remote kit and teacher laptop as last year, you may not need to re-sync your remotes. However, it is highly recommended that you test your kit before you use your remotes with students for an assessment.  In some cases, a fresh remote list will be necessary.  Click HERE to access the directions on how to sync (collect) your remotes to a new list.

In addition, you may find that you have some remotes that need new batteries. Batteries will be provided through Field Services.  A work order will need to be placed to get batteries unless your local school has been provided batteries by the field technician.

As always, if you need an iRespond refresher or any support with your iRespond kit, please contact your local school TTIS.