Attn: Elementary ELA & Reading Teachers

From the Assessment and Personalized Learning Department

Elementary Teachers ELA & Reading Teachers, Please take note of the update below.

All ELA Touchstone assessments will appear in E CTLS Assess and iRespond for teachers scheduled to teach ELA only.  Elementary ELA teachers will be able to locate the test in their E CTLS Assess test manager or on their iRespond dashboard and will be able to proctor it to ELA classes only.

All Early Literacy Cycle Assessments will appear in E CTLS Assess and iRespond for teachers schedule to teach Reading only.  Elementary Reading teachers that are part of the Literacy Framework and administer the cycle assessments will have access to proctor these tests to their reading classes only.

Note: This update will take affect starting tomorrow, November 14th.

NEW INFORMATION (11/18/19) – Any Elementary teachers that are scheduled to teach reading only and need access to the ELA Touchstones can submit a work order via Help Desk Assistant on your computer, or contact Customer Care by calling 770-426-3330.  You MUST include your full Reading Course numbers in the work order so they know where to send the tests.  Contact your TTIS for assistance with this.