Locating Touchstone Blueprints in Enhanced CTLS Assess

Directions for locating the Touchstone Blueprints in Enhanced CTLS are linked below.  The Touchstone Blueprints include helpful information such as a summary of standards, Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (RBT) for each question.  You will also find a question ID for each item on the blueprint.  The question ID will assist you in building their own assessment using the Touchstone questions.   

Click HERE to access PDF directions.

Items Created With Equation Editor

Assessments that contain items that were created using the equation editor in Enhanced CTLS Assess, must be administered using the new Enhanced CTLS Assess student testing portal. When these assessments are opened in iRespond, no questions display and the teacher is unable to administer the test. The reason is that iRespond cannot read the HTML markup produced by the equation editor.  Teachers should consider these questions as Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) that must be used on assessments that will not be administered using iRespond remotes. Please administer assessments with these items using Enhanced CTLS Assess.  

NEW Accessibility Tools Available in Student Testing Portal

New testing tools are now available for students to use while completing online assessments. In addition to the read aloud testing tool, a line reader and color contrast option have now been added to Enhanced CTLS Assess for student use. These new tools are designed so that all users can gain access to the content with the needed support.

Line Reader

The line reader tool allows students to highlight a single line of text (or more) to help the student focus while reading. This type of tool is a common accommodation provided to students by teachers and can now be enabled for students from the proctor page after the test has been enabled.

Once enabled from the Testing tools tab, students will see it appear on their toolbar and can click on the icon to turn it on. Notice that the right bottom corner of the line reader has a caret. Students can click and drag the line reader so that it encompasses more lines of text. Students can disable the line reader at any time by clicking on the red line reader icon.

Color Contrast

The color contrast tool allows students to adjust the color of the background and text to better view the information. Students can choose from different color combinations that alter the background color and font color. Once enabled from the Testing tools tab, students will see it appear on their toolbar. When the student hovers over the Color Contrast icon, a drop-down appears that allows them to select the desired color combination.

Students can disable the line reader at any time by hovering over the icon and then selecting the default of Black on White.

Click HERE for a brief video highlighting these two new options in the Enhanced CTLS Assess Student Portal.



Enhanced CTLS Support

From the Assessment and Personalized Learning Department:
As we continue our transition to Enhanced CTLS Assess, it is our priority to effectively support any performance issues that arise. If a student experiences an issue that prevents successful completion of an assessment, such as test pausing, please contact the Customer Care Center during the support incident at 770-426-3330.

Incite Analytics – Performance Distribution For Assessment Standards

Incites Analytics now gives users the option to view the performance distribution in the standards view. This report displays the percent of students whose average score falls into a selected range of scores.   To access this report, select Performance Distribution under the Report By drop-down menu on the Incite Analytics tab. Use the Performance Scale Slide to choose the score range you want to view. The scores are highlighted in a gradient blue color which gets darker as the percentage of students who fall within the score range increases (See the score chart below). If there is a zero percent for the score range, that cell will be colored gray. Note: The Beginning, Developing, Proficient, and Distinguished Performance Scale to the left of the screen are disabled.

Moving Unused Questions to Enhanced CTLS

You may have created questions in Legacy CTLS Assess that you have not added to an assessment. These unused questions will not appear in Enhanced CTLS Assess until they are added to an assessment and published in Legacy CTLS Assess. Below are the instructions that will walk you through creating one generic assessment, adding all the questions you have created, and then publishing this assessment. Once the steps are completed, you will see the questions in Enhanced CTLS for future use.

Click HERE for Instructions for moving unused questions to E CTLS Assess.

Test Locking Update

When enabled for an assessment, Test Locking will lock students out of an assessment if they leave the testing window for 15 seconds. For example, if a student opens a new tab in the internet browser, or another program, they will receive a warning message and possibly be locked out.

Students will receive a 15 second warning before being locked out of an assessment. Students will see a countdown appear on their screen. Students should click Continue on the warning pop-up to return to the assessment.

After the 15 seconds, if students have not returned to the assessment, they will be locked out. The teacher will have Continue the assessment from the teacher dashboard.

Enhanced CTLS allows teachers to set locking preferences for certain assessments under the Settings tab. You can activate or deactivate test locking on local-school created assessments.

Incite Analytics – Standards Analysis

Incite Analytics is a powerful reporting tool that allows users to easily select and compare multiple assessment and then apply filters to view the data from many different perspectives. However, a new update to Incite Analytics allows users to drill the data on selected assessments down to standards assessed.

Once you have selected the assessment(s) you would like to view data on in Incite Analytics, click on the View By drop-down menu. Select Standards. Your data for the selected assessments is now broken down by standards. Hover over on cell with the standard listed and you will get the full standard description.

You can continue to drill down the data to a student level and apply filters as you would if you were viewing the data by assessments.

Please contact your local TTIS if you have any questions about the different ways to analyze data in Enhanced CTLS Assess.

Data Grid View – Benefits of the Yellow Highlight

Monitoring your students’ progress during an Item Bank assessment just got easier with Enhanced CTLS Assess. While proctoring an item bank assessment, select the Data Grid view. The cell highlighted in yellow indicates the question the student is currently working on. As the students’ progress through the assessment, the yellow highlighted cell will move to the next question. Note: The example below is an assessment that has the questions randomized.

This feature allows teachers to actively monitor student pace, see who may need assistance, and view their accuracy while the assessment is in progress.