Save Some Time! Move and Customize Your Assessments from Last Year!

Save time in CTLS Assess by copying and moving prior year’s tests!  Follow the directions linked below to locate an assessment from a prior year.  This is the time to make any revisions or corrections to the assessment before you publish for the 2018-2019 school year!  

Click HERE for directions.  Reach out to your TTIS if you have questions or need support.

New Font Choices for Printing

The latest CTLS enhancement gives you yet another choice!  Now, users can select a font when creating assessments for printing in Microsoft Word.  Times New Roman and Calibri are the available fonts.  Regardless of the font selected, users may still make additional font and spacing changes after your assessment is generated in Microsoft Word.  Try printing your CTLS Assessments with the most legible font for your students today!

Additional Search Filters in Assessment Builder

When adding items to an assessment in CTLS Assess, you now have the ability to filter the items by question type!

Once you have selected the source of your items, you will then see the option to filter by DOK, Creator, Item Type, or Text.  Filtering by Item Type makes it easy to locate Constructed Response items that are already available in CTLS Assess.

Constructed Response Assessments – 2 NEW Enhancements!

Scoring constructed response questions in CTLS Assess has just gotten a little easier with 2 new enhancements!

Now, teachers can close an assessment in Rubric View from the class roster.  Remember, scores will not post to Synergy until the assessment is closed.  When you have entered and saved your rubric scores individually, click on the class, and you should see a list of all students and their scores for confirmation.  Remember, you can change the way your class is listed by clicking Class Schedule, Period, or Teacher.Click Save score (s) and then you can click on Close Test for This Class

If you close an assessment before entering in all of the student rubric scores, or need to make a correction to a score, you can now REOPEN an assessment with constructed response questions.  In the Results Widget, click on the score icon.  From the list of Options, select Reopen Test for ALL Classes.  

Your assessment will now appear at the top of your Digital Assessments list.  Click on the score icon and choose Rubric Score Entry.


Creating Customized Assessments Using Embedded Touchstone Questions

Creating a customized assessment is quick and easy. You can put Touchstone questions from related standards together, use the additional questions, or even add your own questions.

To do this, access the Touchstone Blueprints in the Resources widget to determine which Touchstone questions you would like to embed in your assessment. Then, navigate to the Assessment Builder widget to begin creating your assessment.  Enter the question IDs for the Touchstone questions and any other questions you would like to use on this assessment. Review and Publish your assessment as you normally would do.

Find just how flexible CTLS Assess can be for formative assessment by creating a custom assessment today!  Contact your TTIS for support.

Remember, Touchstone questions can only be used 1 time by a teacher (District Created Touchstone or embedded within a teacher created assessment).

Save Time by Copying your Tests from a Previous Year in CTLS Assess!

Did you create assessments during a previous school year? Well, no need to reinvent the wheel! Save time by copying those tests over into the new school year. Follow the directions linked below to locate an assessment from a prior year and create a copy and/or move the assessment to the current school year and subject.

CTLS ASSESS-CopyAssessmentsFromPriorYear