NEW Accessibility Tools Available in Student Testing Portal

New testing tools are now available for students to use while completing online assessments. In addition to the read aloud testing tool, a line reader and color contrast option have now been added to Enhanced CTLS Assess for student use. These new tools are designed so that all users can gain access to the content with the needed support.

Line Reader

The line reader tool allows students to highlight a single line of text (or more) to help the student focus while reading. This type of tool is a common accommodation provided to students by teachers and can now be enabled for students from the proctor page after the test has been enabled.

Once enabled from the Testing tools tab, students will see it appear on their toolbar and can click on the icon to turn it on. Notice that the right bottom corner of the line reader has a caret. Students can click and drag the line reader so that it encompasses more lines of text. Students can disable the line reader at any time by clicking on the red line reader icon.

Color Contrast

The color contrast tool allows students to adjust the color of the background and text to better view the information. Students can choose from different color combinations that alter the background color and font color. Once enabled from the Testing tools tab, students will see it appear on their toolbar. When the student hovers over the Color Contrast icon, a drop-down appears that allows them to select the desired color combination.

Students can disable the line reader at any time by hovering over the icon and then selecting the default of Black on White.

Click HERE for a brief video highlighting these two new options in the Enhanced CTLS Assess Student Portal.



Moving Unused Questions to Enhanced CTLS

You may have created questions in Legacy CTLS Assess that you have not added to an assessment. These unused questions will not appear in Enhanced CTLS Assess until they are added to an assessment and published in Legacy CTLS Assess. Below are the instructions that will walk you through creating one generic assessment, adding all the questions you have created, and then publishing this assessment. Once the steps are completed, you will see the questions in Enhanced CTLS for future use.

Click HERE for Instructions for moving unused questions to E CTLS Assess.

Test Locking Update

When enabled for an assessment, Test Locking will lock students out of an assessment if they leave the testing window for 15 seconds. For example, if a student opens a new tab in the internet browser, or another program, they will receive a warning message and possibly be locked out.

Students will receive a 15 second warning before being locked out of an assessment. Students will see a countdown appear on their screen. Students should click Continue on the warning pop-up to return to the assessment.

After the 15 seconds, if students have not returned to the assessment, they will be locked out. The teacher will have Continue the assessment from the teacher dashboard.

Enhanced CTLS allows teachers to set locking preferences for certain assessments under the Settings tab. You can activate or deactivate test locking on local-school created assessments.

New Options for Assessment Administration Window

You now are able to set the administration window of an assessment (the window of time the assessment is available to proctor) to either be “Open”, “Closed”, or to set a “Custom Date Range”. An assessment marked “Open” will remain available to proctor at any time, unless the proctor changes the setting. An assessment marked “Closed” will remain unavailable until otherwise selected. Any assessment with a custom date range will be open and available for proctoring anytime within the selected window.  If the administration window has passed, the proctor can change the date setting so the assessment again becomes available to the proctor for administration.

School Administrator User Roles – Creating and Sharing Assessments

Users with a School Admin role in Enhanced CTLS Assess have two options when targeting an assessment they have created for use by teachers.

Option 1 – The user can create the assessment as themselves. When it is time to target the assessment (under the Publish tab), select the grade level, content area and school you wish to send the test to. Be sure to leave the course dropdown blank.Option 2 – The user can impersonate a CCC lead teacher (or another appropriate teacher) and create the assessment under their user profile. Once the assessment is created, saved, and locked, click on the publish tab and then click the “Share Assessment” button. This will put the assessment in a shared test bank, where each teacher who needs the test can then find it and publish it to their own students (including the teacher you impersonated).

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.

Sharing Assessments With Your CCC and Other Schools

The wait to be able to share assessments across schools is over! You can now create an assessment and share it so that other teachers in your building, or in other schools, can use the assessment with their own students.

To locate shared assessments, click on Assessments–>Search.  On the left, select Shared and click Search.  Click HERE for detailed step- by-step instructions for publishing and sharing assessments.


Exciting NEW Updates!

As of Monday, October 7th, some amazing new updates have rolled into the Enhanced CTLS Assess platform based on teacher and leader feedback. Updates include new widgets, new items types, enhanced publishing and more! Scroll through the Adobe Spark below to find information on these incredible enhancements.

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.

eCTLS Assess Updates 3.4