iRespond Session Properties Update

Recently, the iRespond session properties were all reset to unchecked for all teachers for ease of use.

If you need clarification on what each session property does, please access the links for the web app and the remote user guides below.  Note: When giving district assessments such as SGMs, make sure to refer to those specific directions to guide your session property selections.





Starting a New School Year with iRespond

As you begin a new school year, you will also begin preparing for formative assessments using iRespond.  If you are using the same iRespond remote kit and teacher laptop as last year, you may not need to re-sync your remotes. However, it is highly recommended that you test your kit before you use your remotes with students for an assessment.  In some cases, a fresh remote list will be necessary.  Click HERE to access the directions on how to sync (collect) your remotes to a new list.

In addition, you may find that you have some remotes that need new batteries. Batteries will be provided through Field Services.  A work order will need to be placed to get batteries unless your local school has been provided batteries by the field technician.

As always, if you need an iRespond refresher or any support with your iRespond kit, please contact your local school TTIS.


iRespond Web App Session Properties to Limit Student Access to the Internet While Testing

Do you have concerns about students using internet resources to locate answers when running an iRespond Web App student-paced session?  Well these options might be for you!

When selecting session properties on the iRespond teacher dashboard, there are a few options to help with this issue.

Log user out if App is not visible: If selected, students will automatically be logged out of the test if they are viewing anything other than the test itself. Teachers receive a notification on the dashboard when this occurs. Note: Students are able to log back in unless Limit users to a single login is also selected.

Limit users to a single login: If selected, this will only allow students to login 1 time. If they lose connectivity or logout, they will not be able to log back in without teachers granting access by right clicking on the student name on the teacher dashboard to enable login.

Randomize Items: Select this feature if you would like items to be randomized for each student so they are each on a different question when testing.

7 Ways that iRespond has Gotten Even Better!

Teachers may notice several changes this year when using iRespond. The program went through a major update this summer and got some new enhancements based on past teacher feedback. The new features were designed to help create a smoother experience when giving formative assessments.


1. One less iRespond icon on Teacher Laptop

No more clicking on iRespond Part 2 when first setting up iRespond. There should only be three icons on a teacher computer. The icons should be: iRespond–This icon links to the software; iRespond Web App–This icon is a link to the student login page; iRespond Now–This icon links to a simplified version of iRespond instructor-paced sessions.

 shadow part 2
2. Login with Badge ID can be Upper case or Lower case
It is no longer necessary for your Badge ID to be upper case when logging in to iRespond. Teacher may now login with their badge ID as lower case and password being lower case.
login shadow
3. No More Overwriting Rosters
Teachers can now have a little less stress when trying to remember whether to “merge” or “overwrite” rosters when logging in. When a teacher logs in to iRespond, they will be directed automatically to the dashboard. They will not see a pop-up box anymore asking them about their rosters.
overwrite shadow
4. Session Progress Bar is consistent with Web app and Remote
The teacher view of the progress bar will now look the same whether giving an assessment by web app or using remotes. The green bar indicates percentage of correct responses and red bar indicates percentage of incorrect responses. The grey bar indicates the number (not percentage) of students who not answered the question because they have either not gotten to the question yet or have skipped the question.
session looks the same
5. Weighted Questions are Blue
 If a question has been modified to use weighted point values, it will appear in the session progress bar as a blue line.
6. New Summary Session Window
When the teacher has finished the testing session they will be prompted with a Summary Session Window before they close iRespond. The Session Window will alert the teacher if there are any students still online and if all students have answered and submitted all questions. This window will also give the teacher the option to immediately print the students’ test results without having to search through “Reports” in iRespond. However, remember that these scores may not necessarily reflect weighted scores in CTLS. Be sure to look in CTLS to disaggregate your data and view a variety of data reports.
7. Student Summary Session Window on Web App
Students are also getting a Summary Session Window when they finish an assessment and try to log out of the Web App. They are now informed whether they have answered all questions and if all responses were submitted. Students are given the option to go back and review any of their answers.
student view shadow

So, do you have the latest iRespond 7.1 software? Teacher laptops should have received the latest version at the beginning of the new school year. Follow the steps below to get 7.1 if your laptop still have the older version.

irespond shadow