Incite Analytics – Performance Distribution For Assessment Standards

Incites Analytics now gives users the option to view the performance distribution in the standards view. This report displays the percent of students whose average score falls into a selected range of scores.   To access this report, select Performance Distribution under the Report By drop-down menu on the Incite Analytics tab. Use the Performance Scale Slide to choose the score range you want to view. The scores are highlighted in a gradient blue color which gets darker as the percentage of students who fall within the score range increases (See the score chart below). If there is a zero percent for the score range, that cell will be colored gray. Note: The Beginning, Developing, Proficient, and Distinguished Performance Scale to the left of the screen are disabled.

Printing Enhanced CTLS Assess Reports – Best Practices

A best practice when printing reports is to print with the “Fit” or “Fit to Page” option selected. This is because the web pages are designed to be oversized for optimal viewing on the computer screen, but when printed this results in portions of the report being cut off. Choosing the suggested settings will ensure your reports will print as desired.

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.

Bulk Printing Availble for Student Reports

Teachers can now print Student Reports by classes using the Bulk Print option in Enhanced CTLS. When you click on the icon, select the Assessment and then the class(es), or rosters of students to print a batch of student level reports.  This is an easy way to generate a PDF student level report for all students who took that test or filter by classes and print just those specific classes (rosters).

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.