Copying Teacher-Created Questions is Now Available!

Have you seen a question in CTLS Assess from another teacher that you wanted to use in your class, but needed to make a few changes?   Well you can now copy that question and save it as your own.  Now that the question is yours, you can edit the question and answer choices.  You can only copy and edit questions from another teacher, you cannot copy and edit district-level questions, such as Touchstone questions or vendor questions.  Just look for the teacher-created icon!

To Copy a Teacher-Created question, right click on the question you want to copy, then choose Copy Question.  Make changes to the question and answer choices, then click Save Question.

Search for Questions by Badge ID

A new search feature has been added to CTLS test setup process to allow searching for questions based on your CTLS User ID (badge number). In other words, you can search for questions that you have personally created. This can provide a quick mechanism to retrieve items that you have created in the Item Builder program that you want to immediately turn around and add to a test.

clicke hereCTLS-Test Setup Questions Search by Author

Teacher setup search shadow

Deleting Questions in Item Builder

When there are questions that have been created in Item Builder, previously they could not be deleted if the questions were tied to any test.  Now, if a question has been tied to a test that is NOT published, it CAN be deleted.  When deleting questions, it will now look at active CCSD tests when determining if a question is eligible for deletion. The question will be removed and not usable or viewable in Item Builder or Test Builder.


Copyright/Local School Flag in Item Builder

When creating questions in Item Builder, the copyright flag has now been expanded to include not only the indication of a copyrighted item, but will also serve as a blocking mechanism for local school questions. This flag will continue to function as before, but for school-level questions, the flag will now act as a method to keep other schools from using (or seeing) an item. This will allow local school items to be restricted to the school that purchased them, as well as stopping other schools from using their questions if they don’t want to share them. Just click on the checkbox prior to saving. The blocking takes effect in both the Item Builder and Test Builder.


Question ID Number Search

Previously when searching for teacher created items in Item Builder, school-level items were not viewable when searching by question ID number.  Teachers could only search and view district-level items.  The search by question ID has now been adjusted to allow searching for school-level items.  Any question can now be searched for.  Teachers still CAN NOT search for questions that are blocked.  Some examples may be SLO questions or questions created at local schools that have the copyright/local school flag marked when a question was created.