Printing Enhanced CTLS Assess Reports – Best Practices

A best practice when printing reports is to print with the “Fit” or “Fit to Page” option selected. This is because the web pages are designed to be oversized for optimal viewing on the computer screen, but when printed this results in portions of the report being cut off. Choosing the suggested settings will ensure your reports will print as desired.

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.

New Font Choices for Printing

The latest CTLS enhancement gives you yet another choice!  Now, users can select a font when creating assessments for printing in Microsoft Word.  Times New Roman and Calibri are the available fonts.  Regardless of the font selected, users may still make additional font and spacing changes after your assessment is generated in Microsoft Word.  Try printing your CTLS Assessments with the most legible font for your students today!

Printing in Test Management

Recently you may have noticed some minor changes to the printing tab in Test Management.  Now you will find a checkbox to print the assessment including the questions, answers and standard alignment for each question.  To do this, click the checkbox and then click “Print Test Document”.  This is a great option as a final check of your assessment including answers and alignment prior to Publishing.

printing-tab For those who would just like the answer key to an assessment, there is now an option to print an Answer Key only.  To print an Answer Key only, click on “Answer Key” at the bottom right.  This will give you an answer key similar to the one below.

answerkeyIn addition, If you would like to work with the assessment without the tables and other formatting that is in place, you can also choose “Preview and Print Test” option to open the assessment in a new browser tab.  Copy and paste the assessment into a new MS Word document so you can edit and customize as needed.