Teacher Feedback on Constructed Response Items – Available February 3rd

Teachers now have the option to provide feedback to students when scoring constructed response items on the rubric in Matrix view. This new feature gives teachers the ability to provide timely feedback that students can easily access in the Enhanced CTLS Assess student portal (CTLS Assessment icon on CCSD devices).

Once the assessment that needs scoring is located, the teacher can access the Add/View Feedback button from the Matrix view and easily provide feedback for each constructed response item.

Click here for directions on providing feedback and how students access the feedback.

Contact your local school TTIS for support.

Touchstone Assessments and Blueprints 2018-2019

Now that the 2018-2019 school year is underway, it is important that teachers take a moment to locate and review the Touchstone assessments and Blueprints in CTLS Assess.  The assessments and blueprints were revised over the summer by teams of teachers alongside the Assessment and Personalized Learning department.

After accessing CTLS Assess, locate the Resources widget and drill down into the correct folders for your level, subject/course, etc.  There you will find the current assessments and blueprints as PDF documents for you to review changes and additions as well as to print as needed.

You will notice the addition of constructed response items on some Touchstone assessments. For assistance with entering constructed response scores, click HERE for directions or contact your local school TTIS for support.

If you need additional support with CTLS Assess or iRespond, please contact your local school TTIS.  If you have questions specific to the Touchstone assessments or blueprints, have your local school CTLS Assess contact reach out to the Assessment Supervisor for your local school.