Assessment Sharing Updated for Teachers – Available February 3rd

When teachers create and share an assessment, new sharing options are available to choose from. This will allow teachers to share with their local school and teacher group (if they have been added to one).

After creating, and locking the assessment, the teacher will click on the publish tab. The teacher should now see the Share Assessment button located on the right-side. Click Share Assessment and a pop-up screen will appear with new sharing options.

The user can select one or more options that are available to them. Options that are not available will be grayed out. Once the options are selected, click the Share button and the assessment will be shared with other users that were selected.

After the assessment is shared, users will be able to search for the assessment and filter by Shared from the drop-down menu search page.

For more information, please contact your local school TTIS.


Assessment Collaboration with Users at Other Schools – Available February 3rd

When authors are creating assessments, they can now add users from other schools. Previously, they could only add users from their own school. This will allow teachers to collaborate on an assessment (edit) and/or get a copy of the assessment to proctor with their own class(es).

To give users edit or copy rights, search for the assessment and click on the assessment settings tab. Navigate to the Permissions section and click Edit in the Users section.

Search for the teacher(s) you would like to give copy or edit rights to and click Save. Make sure to select Edit, which gives the user access to edit and copy your test, or Copy, which allows them to create a copy of your test with a unique test ID.

Note: Simultaneous editing (2 people in the test at the same time) will cause the last person’s work to save, but not the person who saved prior. It is important not to have more than 1 person editing the assessment at a time.

 For more information or support with this feature, contact your local school TTIS.

Sharing Assessments With Your CCC and Other Schools

The wait to be able to share assessments across schools is over! You can now create an assessment and share it so that other teachers in your building, or in other schools, can use the assessment with their own students.

To locate shared assessments, click on Assessments–>Search.  On the left, select Shared and click Search.  Click HERE for detailed step- by-step instructions for publishing and sharing assessments.


Sharing Assessments Across the District

It’s here!  Teachers now have the ability to share assessments with other schools!  Tests can be shared across the district with every school, or they can be shared to specific schools.   Please see the step-by-step directions below on how to share assessments and utilize assessments that have been shared at your local level.

clicke hereCTLS-SharingAssessmentsAcrossTheDistrictUsingTestManagement