Bulk Printing Availble for Student Reports

Teachers can now print Student Reports by classes using the Bulk Print option in Enhanced CTLS. When you click on the icon, select the Assessment and then the class(es), or rosters of students to print a batch of student level reports.  This is an easy way to generate a PDF student level report for all students who took that test or filter by classes and print just those specific classes (rosters).

Please feel free to contact your local school TTIS for any additional training or support.

What Could You Find if Only You Searched?

Have you tried using the CTLS Assess Search Widget? It is one of the most powerful tools available, especially when reviewing student data to plan next instructional steps in PLCs! Click on any of your classes in the Search widget to view all assessment results in a subject area. You can view any assessment type (local school, district) from the View dropdown menu. Then, choose your subject from the dropdown menu. Finally, click the plus next to the assessment you want to review and see all student results in one place where it is easy to move between assessments!

You can also expand your class rosters and choose a student’s name to see individual data. Click the Performance tab, select Local School Test (or any test type) and then the Subject. This time, when you click the plus next to the assessment name, you’ll see a customized strengths and weaknesses report for each standard assessed for the selected student. Both of these resources can easily help you analyze student progress and also involve students and parents in the process!