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Fitnessgram 1/16/2018


The new semester is off to a great start. We have given out lockers, students are dressing out and getting active. We have already started our fitnessgram. For those that don’t know fitnessgram is a fitness assessment and reporting program for youth testing the five components of physical fitness which are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscular flexibility and body composition . We will take height and weight to use for BMI calculations for body composition, gauge cardiovascular endurance using the pacer test, muscular strength and endurance using push-up and curl-up (sit-up) tests, and flexibility using sit and reach. The first assignment was for students to show parents the syllabus for PE and bring back their agenda’s signed by parent or guardians. You can access the syllabus on the tab right on this blog.

Coach Triplett

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Soccer Unit (12/4/2017)


We are in week 2 of our long awaited, much anticipated soccer unit for the boys and Coach Sicka and the girls started Basketball. We got a lot done last week by separating into teams, reviewed rules in the classroom, learned dribbling and even started playing games. This week we will concentrate on passing, shooting, and try to play more games in preparation for the Campbell Cup Soccer Tournament and Basketball tournament for the girls. Boys, please remember to dress for the weather as we will try to play outside if it is not rainy or too cold. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to email me and I will get back to you promptly.

Thank You

Coach Triplett

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Week 16


We are in the last week of Basketball. This is tournament week and teems have been seeded and put into brackets. Student will have the opportunity to use the knowledge, skills, and disposition to play basketball in a modified half court setting. Students have learned dribbling, passing, shooting, as well as strategies such as on and off ball screening, and man to man defense. After thanksgiving break we will be going into the soccer unit. If weather permits we will go outside some days so bring proper gym clothes like joggers and possibly long sleeve shirts. If you have questions or concerns please send me an email.

Thank You

Coach Triplett

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Week 12


After starting our basketball season we had to take a break due to conferences. In the first week we got separated into teams and we went over history and rules of basketball. We went over violations and the signs referees use when the make the call. We also watched video of violations and students were able to make the call while using the proper sign. We now will continue with week 2 of our basketball season. Week 2 will concentrate on learning the skills of dribbling and passing from the triple threat position. Remember to bring your gym clothes daily as this is part of your grade.

Coach Triplett

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Week 10


We completed our football season last week and it was a success. Congratulations to our tournament winners. This week we start our basketball season. We will be focused on skills, knowledge, and disposition to play the game of basketball in a variety of settings. Please remember to bring gym clothes and shoes.

Coach Triplett

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Week 7


We have started our football and volleyball seasons. Everyone has been assigned a team and have learned specific duty responsibilities including referees, scorekeepers, warm-up leaders, and equipment managers. Every student will be responsible for  doing a sports report which is 4-6 sentences about what they learned during the season. I hope everyone made it through the storm with very minimal inconvenience.

Stay dry

Coach Triplett

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Week 5


We have completed the fitnessgram and the students were great. We will now begin our first season of the year. The girls are excited to start volleyball and the boys are more than happy to kick off our football season. For the boys please remember will be outside weather permitting so dress accordingly. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email.


Coach Triplett

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Week 4


This week we will continue our fitnessgram testing. To date we have completed height, weight, curl-ups, and pacer. Next is push-ups and back saver sit and reach. If time allows we will get started with our first season of the year, volleyball for the girls and football for the boys.

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Week 3



All lockers have now been issued and the height & weight portion of the fitnessgram have been completed.  This week please be prepared with proper clothing and shoes because you will complete the following fitness tests: curl-ups, push-ups, & a multistage aerobic capacity test (PACER).

Events : Please join us at Open House! 

6th Grade: August 15th- 6-8:30

7th & 8th Grade- August 17th- 6-8:30

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Welcome Back!


Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. We are excited to be back and to see all your smiling faces. Our first week we will be going over our syllabus, rules, expectations and procedures. In addition, we will be having team building activities to work on leadership skills and getting to know classmates/teammates. We look forward to having a great school year!

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