March 1, 2016

The Book Fair is going on…be sure to visit! We have lots of great books!

Tomorrow is Read Across America Day…get ready to read, read, read 🙂

Blocks 1, 4, 5: Today in class you worked independently to revise/edit your rough draft. You should have followed the directions on the handout you received today to find any changes that needed to be made on your paper.

HW 1, 4, 5: None

Blocks 2, 3: Today in class you worked with groups of three to complete a carousel activity with pictures of Louie from our book. You were to discuss each picture and determine how it showed attributes we found about Louie in part one. We will discuss your thoughts tomorrow since we ran out of time today. Remember you have a vocabulary test tomorrow on the first set of words.

HW 2, 3: vocabulary test over first set of words tomorrow