March 17, 2016

13056863173_99d3cc6021_bHappy St. Patrick’s Day!

Blocks 1, 4, 5: Today in class after your warm up, we worked on a Think-Pair-Share assignment using the two articles we read earlier in the week. You created a graphic organizer to show similarities and differences between the two articles, then shared your ideas with a partner, your table group, and then the whole class.

HW 1, 4, 5: book report due 3/30

Blocks 2, 3: Today in class it was Survivor – Life Raft edition where you took a quiz from the 1940’s about survival on a life raft. Then we discussed the dangers Louis and the other two survivors faced while on the raft like sharks, lack of food/water, and inability to control where they were drifting. You saw a short shark video and we started reading chapters 13-14. We will finish chapter 14 tomorrow.

HW 2, 3: None