March 21, 2016

Blocks 1, 4, 5: Today in class we reviewed comparing/contrasting articles about the same event as presented by two different authors. We discussed a journal entry and an excerpt from a nonfiction book, then you worked on excerpts from an autobiography and a biography. If you did not finish in class, this is homework.

HW 1, 4, 5: Finish comparing/contrasting autobiography excerpt and biography excerpt. Book report due 3/30

Blocks 2, 3: Today in class we discussed the idea of and rules for a Socratic seminar. You chose a question to research and answer on your own for the discussion. Tomorrow you will have time to work on your question and then meet with anyone else who got the same question to discuss. We will have our Socratic seminar on Wednesday. After you received your question, you were able to read chapters 16-17 to finish part 3 of our book.

HW 2, 3: Socratic seminar Wednesday