May 2, 2016

Blocks 1, 4, 5: Today after your warm-up, you worked with your groups to read the next chapter in your novels. Then you discussed the Question of the Day which was about visualizing a scene. You discussed the types of words the author used and any other elements that helped you visualize the scene in your minds. Then each of you was to draw your chosen scene, color it, and caption it telling what the scene was and why you chose it. If you did not finish your scene, you will have time in class tomorrow to finish.

HW 1, 4, 5: vocabulary test is next Wednesday, May 11. PLEASE use the quizlets I created for you to help you study. The quizlet links can be found on the tab labeled Class Information Blocks 1, 4, 5 at the top of this blog.

Blocks 2, 3: Today in class block 2 was in the theater for the performing arts presentation. Block 3 had laptops to work with magazine groups. Tomorrow we will begin discussing debate topics for the book.

HW 2, 3: None