Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today after our warm up (review of main idea), you worked on computers to complete a water pollution webquest. Our novel that we are reading in class revolves around the efforts of one of the characters to stop water pollution. By reading the informational articles today, you should have found out some solutions to the water pollution problem, some causes and effects of water pollution, and some famous incidents of water pollution. We will finish/discuss the webquest tomorrow in class – remember, you should be formulating a response to the question “Why would the author of our novel base an entire book around this issue?”

HW 1, 3, 5: None

Blocks 2, 4: Today we were in the media center so that you could continue working with your groups on your public service announcements. Tomorrow will be the last day we work on these and we will start presenting in class on Thursday.

HW 2, 4: None