Friday, October 21, 2016

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class you should have completed and turned in your warm-ups for the last two weeks. Then we discussed the menu of assignments for your Flush performance tasks. You were able to get directions/samples for some of the assignments that were a little more involved so that you could see exactly what needed to be done.

HW 1, 3, 5: None…remember we will be in the computer lab Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week to work on our performance task assignments.

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you discussed some of the themes from the novel we are reading with your table groups and then reported out to the whole class. We will be in the computer lab on Monday to finalize all the “Fakebook” pages and then share them with each other. Here is the link for “Fakebook” if you still need it. PLEASE be sure to write down the link it assigns to your page; otherwise we will not be able to find it again!

Block 4…Those of you who took home a copy of the Paper Wad Game to torment your families…I feel like I should apologize to them! Be kind to your families when you play this game!

HW 2, 4: None