Friday, March 31, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: today in class we read chapters 21-22 in our novel. You received several graded assignments back today also.

HW 1, 3, 5: Enjoy your spring break!

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class we finished our book and watched a video interview of Watanabe as well as a video of Louis reading a letter forgiving Watanabe for the torture.

HW 2, 4: Enjoy your spring break!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class you had time to finish your chapter 20 comprehension questions and start chapter 21. We will finish chapter 21 in class tomorrow.

HW 1, 3, 5: None

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you took your vocabulary test and then read chapters 37-38. We will be finishing our book tomorrow.

HW 2, 4: None

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class you read chapter 20 and worked on comprehension questions for the chapter.

HW 1, 3, 5: None

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you read chapters 34-36. We discussed PTSD and some of the signs Louie showed.

HW: vocabulary test tomorrow

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class you continued your group discussions and we read chapter 19 in our novel.

HW 1, 3, 5: None

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class we did a think-pair-share to discuss chapters 27-30 and then you read chapters 31-33. Remember to study the words you defined two weeks ago for Thursday’s quiz. The quiz is over the part 4 words and I’ve attached the power point for you to study.

HW 2, 4: Vocabulary test Thursday.UNBROKEN vocabulary parts 1.2.4


Monday, March 27, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class you had a chance to make corrections to your vocabulary tests from Friday. You will receive partial credit for your corrections. Then you worked with your table group to discuss the questions for part 2, come to a consensus and find text evidence. We will finish these tomorrow before we read the next chapter.

HW 1, 3, 5: If you did not turn in your visualization, it is now LATE. Please turn it in tomorrow.

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you read chapters 27-30 and then updated your chapter summary “tweets”.

HW 2, 4: None

Friday, March 24, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class you should have turned in your warm ups for the week. Your scores for these are already in Synergy; there was definitely a problem this week with your understanding of cause-effect, so we will be working more on this reading comprehension skill! Today you also took the vocabulary test over the second set of terms from our novel. You had seven words to learn for today’s test, and to say I am disappointed in your scores today would be an understatement. You will be allowed to make test corrections on Monday in class to add a few points back to your scores.

HW 1, 3, 5: None

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you read chapters 25-26 in our book. You also had additional time to finish the discussion questions for chapters 22-24 if you needed it. Everyone should have updated their anchor assignments (chapter summary “tweets” and evidence of Louie’s character from this section of the book).

HW 2, 4: None

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class after your warm up, you worked on a scene that you visualized from the chapters we’ve read. Your visualization must: be neat, be in color, accurately portray the scene from the book, have a 3-5 sentence paragraph describing the scene and telling WHY you thought that scene was important to the story. These will be due at the end of class tomorrow and you will have time after the vocabulary test to finish them.

HW 1, 3, 5: Vocabulary part 2 test tomorrow

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you read chapters 22-24 in our book and then worked on discussion questions WITH TEXTUAL EVIDENCE for these chapters. I have included the questions here for those of you who asked:

How does the Bird’s treatment of Louie begin to affect him?

How does the title of the book really come into play during this time? Why?

Put yourself in Louie’s place. How would you handle the daily abuse? What plans would you use to protect yourself?

HW 2, 4: None if you finished your discussion questions

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class, after the warm ups, we read chapter 18 and then discussed the symbolism/meaning of the song Katniss sang to Rue. We also discussed the symbolism of the meadow. Good job discussing today!

HW 1, 3, 5: Keep reading your biography/Vocabulary test Friday


Blocks 2, 4: Today in class we talked about Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier who continued obeying his orders/fighting for 30 years after WW2. We talked about the obedience and strict discipline of Japanese soldiers and how that should be kept in mind as we read about the POW camps and how POWS were treated.

HW 2, 4: None

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class after your warm up, we continued reading chapters 16-17 in our novel. Remember…you have a vocabulary test on Friday over the part 2 vocabulary words. You received the seven words on a graphic organizer early last week. As a reminder, here are the words: bravado, prestigious, despondent, befuddle, rendezvous, noxious, copse

HW 1, 3, 5: Continue reading your biography/Vocabulary test on Friday

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class we discussed the Geneva Conventions about the humane treatment of prisoners of war and then continued reading chapters 19-20 in our book. Tomorrow you will finish through chapter 21 and update all anchor assignments. You also received your directions and rubric for the group magazine performance task. We will have a group planning meeting on Thursday so that you can start deciding what to include in your group magazine.

HW 2, 4: None

Monday, March 20, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class we started a new warm up and then went to the media center. You checked out a biography to read for your final book report book of the year. You also received a graphic organizer to use for any notes you take as you read the biography.

HW 1, 3, 5: Begin reading your biography

Blocks 2, 4: Today in class you were told your groups for the magazine performance task and had time to examine some sample magazines from prior years. We also went to the media center for you to check out a pleasure reading book.

HW 2, 4: None