Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Blocks 1, 3, 5: Today in class we visited the BOGO book fair and you had the opportunity to purchase a book (actually 2…when you bought one, you got one FREE). If you did not bring money today and want to buy books, the book fair is open until Thursday. Then we returned to class and you worked with your partner on your chosen task assignments for today.

HW 1, 3, 5: You have a vocabulary test tomorrow over the 10 words from your novel. These are your words in case you can’t find them:

Also – quizlets!

Sasquatch vocabulary set 1


Sasquatch – 

p.2 volcanologist – person who studies volcanoes
p. 4 incubate – to develop; grow; take form
p. 5 archaeology – scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures
p. 6 strewn – scattered or sprinkled over
p. 7 incinerated – burned or reduced to ashes; cremated
p. 16 cryptozoologist -person who studies cryptids (animals that are thought to exist, but not yet proven to exist)
p. 19 contaminated – made impure or unsuitable by adding something bad or poisonous
p. 22 topographical – detailed mapping or charting of physical features of an area
p. 24 talus – a sloping mass of rocky fragments at the base of a cliff
p. 30 nocturnal – active at night

Loch –

p. 6 profound – far beneath the surface
p. 6 undulation -wavelike movement
p. 11 encampment – a camp
p. 11 raucous – harsh, loud, grating ADJECTIVE
p. 16 hideous – horrible or frightful to the senses
p. 17 grotesque – grossly ugly (like a gargoyle)
p. 26 mesmerized – fascinated
p. 27 simultaneous – happening at the same time
p. 27 tumult – violent, noisy commotion NOUN
p.31 devolves – goes down (like opposite of evolve or move forward)

Blocks 2, 4: Today after our visit to the book fair, you had time to continue reading our novel or work with your partner to begin planning your music video.

HW 2, 4: None