Class Information Blocks 1, 2, 3, 5

For our digital citizenship lesson May 10 in the media center. Please watch the video and answer the two questions BEFORE we go to the media center for the lesson.


  1. Which topic in the video seems to be the biggest problem within a kids’ digital life today? Why do you think that? Give at least one example.
  2. Based on the topics in the video, which topic do you struggle with personally? What are some options that could help you?






Cryptid Hunters Review





Cryptid Hunters Vocabulary Set 1 Practice! Use the link to connect to quizlet to practice the vocabulary words for Monday’s test.

Cryptid Hunters Vocabulary 1 Quizlet






Use the link below to take your quiz.

Plagiarism Quiz









MIDDLE SCHOOL SURVIVAL VOCABULARY ASSESSMENT #1 IS READY – Click on the link to access the assessment. ALL responses are due by December 15.

Middle School Survival Vocabulary Assessment #1








For Tuesday, November 14:

Office 365 Form

formal business letter template-1b2aa5s (for Voice your Opinion option)

Timeline for menu choices-1v7bnxg



Scat – Florida panther webquest

Florida panthers and other big cats

Deerskin trade 1500-1700

Helping People Coexist with Panthers

Save the Florida Panther

Reducing Panther Deaths on Roads

Tenuous Times for the Endangered Florida panther



Flush – Water pollution webquest