October 15-19

Schedule change due to Conference Week

October 8-12 (last week) warm-up sheet oct 8-12 Weekly Warm-Up-15irbi0

October 15-19 (this week) warm-up sheet oct 15-19 Weekly Warm Up-tdwx01

Monday and TuesdayDay One Daily Warm-Up. Students also worked on their Utopian Society project. Each student is responsible for his or her own task, but can get the help of their group members as often as needed. .

Wednesday and Thursday– Day Two Daily Warm-Up. Groups will also prepare for their final presentations.

Friday- Day Three Warm-Up. Review of skills. Utopian Society presentations.

October 1-5

Hope everyone had a great break! Narrative Essay due Thursday

Monday- Graphic Organizer due by the end of class. Computer Lab. Students began typing their narratives using Office 365 and Microsoft Word. Follow the directions below to work on your paper at home:

  • Go to the Durham Website
  • Click on Media Center
  • In the blue box, click on Office 365
  • Scroll down, click on the link for the screen-cast, and learn how to get to 365

Tuesday- Computer Lab. Type narrative. Add dialogue to paper. Homework– continue working on narrative final draft.

Wednesday– Last day for computer lab. Use writer’s checklist to make sure you have what you need. Homework Last night to work on Narrative Final Draft.** Please note that students have worked three days in class on their narratives, and they are doing well. I have talked with students today about limits. The narrative is intended to be min. 2 pages to max 6 pages. So many students have gone over this- it’s OK. I love writing too:) ALL students– time yourself for an hour max tonight. Finish up what you have left from the organizer. If it means cutting out a few non-essential steps of the journey, then do so. You can still have a great story without ALL 10 steps. In addition, try cutting back on some dialogue too- I only need a few examples to see what you can do. Remember, we will print in class tomorrow, or you can print at home tonight. I can’t wait to start reading them. See you tomorrow.

Thursday– Print and turn in Narrative Essay for Summative Test Grade. Begin taking Unit 1 Touchstones,

Friday- Finalize Unit 1 Touchstones.


September 17-21

Monday- Finalize and Review “The Odyssey” Re-read story in textbook or online text, if needed.

Tuesday- Open-book Learning Activity over “The Odyssey” and journal

Wednesday– Hero’s Journey -The Return- “Trolls” the movie ending. Fill out The Return on Hero’s Journey Chart.

Thursday- Narrative Essay Directions and Graphic Organizer handed out to students. Final in-class essay due October 4th.  Blocks 3, 4, and 5 turned in journals (Dunbar, Cave, and Odyssey choice)

Friday– Blocks 1 and 2  turned in journals (Dunbar, Cave, and Odyssey choice).  Students worked on completing the “Hero’s Journey Graphic Organizer.” Students had the entire class to work on planning their story. Attached are resources for the assignment. Narrative Writing Directions-1uka3yr     Heros Journey Archetype Chart-20uttda      Computer Lab Directions Typing Narrative-2fy9l4i There is no expectation of work over break. This is an in-class assignment. Some students really wanted to begin typing their story in Office 365 over break- that is fine with me- again that is optional. We will have 3 computer lab days upon return. Have a great break. NO official HW.

September 10-14

Monday- Review “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” Open book learning activity tomorrow for a grade. Access the ONLINE TEXTBOOK DIRECTIONS – Springboard online Directions-1lz8o9v 

Tuesday- Open-Book Learning Activity over “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh.” Once assessment is complete, students will start on an in-class journal predicting The Odyssey.

Wednesday- Background information about The Odyssey. Begin reading an excerpt of The Odyssey in our Springboard text. Open-Note Learning activity for a grade will be next Tuesday, September 18th. 

Thursday– Finish reading and annotating The Odyssey. 

Friday-  Film study and review of The Hero’s Journey Initiation.

September 4-7

COLOR BATTLE is FRIDAY! This is going to be EPIC!

Monday- Labor Day- No school.

Tuesday- Discuss group quotes on page 5 in Springboard text.

WednesdayFigurative Language Recovery due today (block 6 recovery due Thursday) Unpack Embedded Assessment 1 (page 4 and 59) Circle verbs. underline nouns. Transfer to wagon wheel (see me for a copy, if absent). Best visual gets candy!

Thursday- Block 6 grade recovery due today. Classes will begin reading, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” in our Springboard text. Directions for accessing Springboard Digital-through Clever- will be handed out today.

Friday- Classes will continue reading and analyzing, “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”

August 27-31

Monday– Classes graded and turned in, “The Cremation of Sam McGee.” We also took the post check. So many of you did a GREAT job! Want a chance to earn 5 bonus points tomorrow? Complete the review game by going through each slide. First read the slide, write down an answer, and then push enter. The answer will appear before the slide changes to the next example. Have your parents sign your review game sheet..and yep you get the points.Figurative Language Review Game1-1w5p7mo

Tuesday– Figurative Language Test and silent reading

Wednesday- EARLY RELEASE and our first Narrative journal prompt-yay!

Thursday and Friday- Introduction to Hero’s Journey. Please bring your textbooks to class

August 20-24

Monday- Media Center stations. Classes met in the Media Center to learn Media Center expectations for the year.

Tuesday- Grammar Summative handed back. Grade recovery given to those who scored below a 75% Recovery is due Friday. Students took Figurative Language pre-check. Students were also given “Figurative Language Notes and Study Guide” handout. Test next Tuesday, August 28th over Figurative Language.

Wednesday– Students finalized their “Figurative Language Notes and Study Guide” Guided practice in the notes packet was completed and discussed. Reminder test Tuesday.

Thursday- “The Cremation of Sam McGee” figurative language study. This is due Monday.

Friday- 15 min. in-class time to work on “Sam McGee” the rest can be completed at home. Today’s Activity- Figurative Language Carousel. Students rotated around the room to practice their figurative language writing skills.


August 13-17

Test Friday over the four sentence types, clauses, and phrases

Monday– Finalize sentence types notes and practice.

Tuesday– Review of skill. Students will take the post test (This will count as a learning activity grade, not a test.)

Wednesday– Individualized review of skill. Each student will get extra practice to enhance their overall knowledge of skill.

Thursday– Test review and practice

Friday– Summative test over sentence types, clauses, and phrases

August 6-10

Monday- Classroom Scavenger Hunt discussion, class rules and expectations, and SYLLABUS handed out. Your Syllabus is due back Wednesday, signed:) 

Tuesday- Grammar notes handout- Review of the 8 parts of speech. Comic Strip Learning Activity due Friday.

Wednesday- Syllabus due today. Warm-up: work on Comic in class. Grammar Unit Pretest. Begin Clauses and Phrases Notes.

Thursday-  Warm-up: work on Comic in class. Clauses and sentence structure notes.

Friday- Turn in Comic for a Learning Activity grade. Finalize sentence structure notes. If time allows, complete Grammar Unit Post-test for a learning activity grade.

August 1-3

What a GREAT day!

Today students learned about their schedule, classes and teachers. Students were placed in one of the following Classroom Learning Stations: Portfolio Creation, Book Banner Creation, Student Portfolio, Reading Nook or Scavenger Hunt. They will rotate through the station this week. All station should be completed by Friday.

Next week, students will receive their syllabus and begin their first academic unit.

Parents, mark your calendars for Open House- Thursday, August 16th @6:30

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