May 20-22

Happy Last “Week” of school. Have a GREAT Summer everyone. 

Monday- Last day to turn in zeros. Please turn in any late work to the block drawer. All classes took the Quarter 4 Touchstone County Assessment.

Tuesday- Blocks 1,3 and 7 will finalize “Ransom of Red Chief” play

Wednesday- Yearbook and 8th grade walk! Blocks 2 and 6 will finalize “Ransom of Red Chief” play

May 6-10

Monday and Tuesday- Students will listen to/read two mentor texts. Turn in your Journal and Visual at the end of class on Tuesday.

Wednesday (Students to Orlando)- Share stories out loud. Begin “Charles” graphic organizer

Thursday-(CFA Hall of Fame field trip) – No assignment

Friday– Finalize “Charles” organizer and write “optional ending” journal


April 29- May 3

Milestone Testing Monday and Tuesday (SS and Science) AND “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Test on Friday

Monday/ Tuesday: Classes will turn in their preference sheet for the play this week. Students will also write a one page response to a scenario on page 330 of their Spring Board text. In addition, students will work together on page 332.

Wednesday- Finalize “AMSND” Comp questions and turn in for a grade by the end of class. Each class will also begin preparing for the in-class performance tomorrow.

Thursday- In-class performance of “AMSND” play. Reference Graphic Organizer MSND Organizer

Friday- Test over play and  Complete Journal

April 22-26

Math Milestones on Monday and Tuesday

Monday and Tuesday- Intro to the Renaissance Period and William Shakespeare. Comedy Vs. Tragedy article with graphic organizer. Turn in Graphic Organizer on Wednesday

Wednesday– Intro to Comedy continues with a first read of “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.” Character organizer to complete after first read.

Thursday- Second read “AMSND” with a purpose using guided questions. Bedtime story due tomorrow.

Friday– Turned in Bedtime Story Journal and “A MidSummer Nights Dream” organizer/notes for a grade. Class review “AMSND” play and begin guided questions. Test over “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” next Friday, May 3rd.


April 15-19

Monday and Tuesday Language Arts Milestone Testing

Monday and Tuesday- Begin Unit 4, “The Challenge with Comedy. ” Intro to “The King of Comedy.” How do literary devices add comedic elements to writing? Scholastic article and figurative language chart.

Wednesday and Thursday– Finalize “The King of Comedy” figurative language chart (grade), discuss, and turn in.

Friday- Springboard text, “Understanding the Complexity of Humor,” using pages 260-264. Answer and discuss questions 3-6 on page 264.

Math Milestones next week (Monday and Tuesday)

April 8-12

Verbals Test Thursday- Study Participle, Gerund and Infinitive Notes

Monday- Milestone Testing Review. Gerund Coloring Sheet- due Wednesday.

Tuesday- RI testing. Infinitive Notes. Infinitives PPT-1rcvstt

Wednesday- Milestone Review. Verbals Review. Be sure to check your answers to help you study. Verbal Review Sheet Answer Key-1i09a9u

Thursday- Verbals Test. Milestone Writing Rubrics

Friday- Milestone Review. Milestone Prep PPT k-2hp59kv

March 18-22

Test over Verbs (mood, tense, and voice) on Friday. Study your Harold Syntax notes and practice items.

Monday – Pretest. Part 1 Harold Syntax guide to grammar notes. If absent, see me for a copy of the notes.

Tuesday – Essays returned. Harold Syntax part 2 and 3 notes. Practice with notes. Review as a class.

Wednesday – Learning activity over verbs

Thursday- Practice sheet A and B Verbs Remediation A KEY-1v14548  Verbs Remediation B KEY-1opfg8p

Friday- Test over Verbs

March 4-8

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday— “Understanding Both Sides” brainstorm, share out and extended response. Turn in when complete

Thursday- Counterclaims handout and check for understanding (see me). Turn in when complete.

Friday- Private Eyes. Pages 145 and 146 in Springboard textbook. Complete reading purpose and questions 1-3. Share out, if time allows

February 25-March 1

Reading Extra Credit due Friday- Make sure you have a parent signature on the back:)

Monday- “Finish the Story” journal and handout “Slip or Trip”

Tuesday- “Slip or Trip” Evidence and Rules

Wednesday– “Slip or Trip” evaluation of evidence and stating a claim- “Is Queenie Lying or Telling the Truth?” (Learning Activity Grade)

Thursday- Graphic organizer, rubric and rough draft

Friday- Turn in Extra Credit. Final Draft “Slip or Trip” due at the end of class (Assessment Grade)

February 11-15

Monday- Computer Lab. Final day to type essay in class. Explanatory Essay due tomorrow.

Tuesday– Turn in Explanatory Essay (Summative Assessment Grade). Begin Ethos. Pathos. Logos notes

Wednesday– Finalize noes over Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. and begin rotation activity

Thursday- Finalize Ethos. Pathos. Logos rotation activity. Complete skills check (Learning Activity Grade). Begin writing “Letter to Fifi.”

Friday-  Finalize “Letter to Fifi” and share writing.

Have a GREAT WINTER BREAK. No Homework. Enjoy spending time with family and friends!

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