February 11-15

Monday- Computer Lab. Final day to type essay in class. Explanatory Essay due tomorrow.

Tuesday– Turn in Explanatory Essay (Summative Assessment Grade). Begin Ethos. Pathos. Logos notes

Wednesday– Finalize noes over Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. and begin rotation activity

Thursday- Finalize Ethos. Pathos. Logos rotation activity. Complete skills check (Learning Activity Grade). Begin writing “Letter to Fifi.”

Friday-  Finalize “Letter to Fifi” and share writing.

Have a GREAT WINTER BREAK. No Homework. Enjoy spending time with family and friends!

February 4-8

Monday- Writing prompt-What Does “Finding the Light in the Darkness” mean? Use evidence to support your answer. Students were given guided instruction over their expository essay graphic organizer. Homework- Intro and paragraph #2 on graphic organizer.  Explanatory Essay Graphic Organizer-z82wdn

Tuesday– In-class work day to finish graphic organizer (paragraph #3 and #4) and begin rough draft. Homework– complete rough draft.

Wednesday– Graphic Organizer check and Writing revision checklist.

Thursday– Rough Draft/Revision check. Computer Lab to begin typing final draft. Save in 365 to access from home as well. Final Essay due Tuesday, February 12th

Friday- Computer Lab. Last in-class day to type final. Final Essay due Tuesday, February 12th

January 28-February 1

Monday- Test remediation over Literature Assessment #1 completed in class; extra credit opportunity due Thursday (The White Rose); Read “The Diary of Anne Frank” page 205 and 206. Complete numbers 1, 3 and 7 at the end of the excerpt

Tuesday- Snow Day

Wednesday– Journal Prompt, partner writing share, and finalize “Anne Frank” questions as a class

Thursday- TLQC team challenge, reading of “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,”  and TLQC remediation given to block 1. due Monday, February 4th

Friday- TLQC remediation given to remainder of classes- due Tuesday, February 5th for blocks 2-7, group TLQC paragraph, and unpacking embedded assessment #1

January 21-25

Monday- No School- MLK Day

Tuesday- Open Book Literature Assessment #1(Summative Assessment Grade) and “How has Moishe Changed After Returning to Sighet?” graphic organizer. All classes- organizer and rough draft due at start of class tomorrow. TLQC resource pages 87 and 85 in online text

Wednesday (ELA weekly tutoring at 8:15)- TLQC check and revisions. Final paragraph due today at end of class (Learning Activity Grade).

Thursday– Read and annotate, “The Franks go Into hiding” 1-18 questions as well

Friday– Virtual Tour of Anne’s Secret Annex


January 7-11

Happy New Year!  ** New link added above for Online Textbook Access**

Monday– Portfolio clean out, review of class procedures, and Introduction to Extra Credit Thematic Connection.

Tuesday- “The Challenge to Make a Difference” book list, video about others making a difference, and bubble letter assignment based on unit 3 theme.

Wednesday– Springboard Unit 3 “Collaborating to Preview Holocaust Narrative” activity page 178 Springboard.

Thursday- Bubble Letters due for a participation grade. Students will watch the documentary, “Paperclips.”

Friday– Finalize “Paperclips” and complete a journal in response to the film. Journal due on Monday.

Week of December 17-21

All students are encouraged to check StudentVue this week and inquire about grades as needed. There will be NO tests or quizzes in language arts this week.

Monday– Cobb County Touchstones Assesment

Tuesday-Friday- Students will complete their class novels, participate in class discussions and turn in their (AC Claire vs. Mildred) (OL running records sheets- jobs, emotions, and ceremonies) in-class assignment.

December 10-14

Monday- Students were given time to work on their compare and contrast essay. In addition, all classes read in their class novel. (AC) to page 75 (OL) chapter 11

Tuesday- DELAYED ARRIVAL All classes worked on their compare and contrast writing pieces. They are due tomorrow. ** Socrative skills recovery given out today. Due Friday. Writing Support (OL use quote slide only) Writing an Introductory Paragraph-1g89h1h

Wednesday- Turn in compare and contrast writing. Read in class novels

Thursday– Read in class novels (AC) finish Part 2 (OL) chapters 14 and 15

Friday- Socrative recovery due. (AC) Class discussion and graphic organizer over “The Sieve and the Sand” (OL) Discuss/review chapters 11-15

December 3rd- 7th

Reminders- Novel test on Tuesday and Socrative Skills test on Friday

Monday- New warm-up sheet. (AC) comp questions due tomorrow for Part One (OL) Questions due tomorrow for chapters 1-10 Giver 1-10 Answers Study Questions-1x92hxl

Tuesday- Students will select an individualized review sheet to help them study for Friday’s Skill Test. All students will take an Open Book Test over their class novel. Comprehension questions due. *We will begin unpacking EA1 for Unit Two.

Wednesday– Wildcat Tutoring @8:15 am. In class, students will grade their review sheet and continue reading in their class novels.

Thursday- Finalize all warm-up writing entries. Read in class novel.

FridayALL 4 WARM-UP Pages Due today. Socrative Skills Test.

November 26-30

Students absent prior to the break. See me in homeroom for makeup work as needed.

The Giver Guiding Questions-17quaw0  

Monday- Weekly warm-up sheet. The 3,2,1 of reading (AC) pages 16-28 due Wednesday. ac Monday, November 26th-pxi513  Annotations due tomorrow 1-5, 6-11, 12-15 (OL) chapters 6 and 7 due Wednesday.  Monday, November 26th-1pz4t3r

Tuesday– Warm-up. Work session for all classes. 3, 2, 1 notes due tomorrow.

Wednesday- Warm-up. Discuss and turn in 3,2,1 notes for all classes. (AC) 29- 45 comp questions. (Ol) Chapter 8 together as a class.

Thursday- Warm-up. (AC) work session for 29-45; begin 46-65 (OL) chapters 9 and 10.** The Giver open book test moved to Tuesday, December 4th due to needing another day to finish chapter 10.

Friday- Socrative 1.7 (AC) work session. Open book test Tuesday, December 4th BETA STUDENTS WILL have time to work on questions for 29-65 in class on Monday. Hope you all are having a great time. (OL) Finalize chapter 10, answer comprehension questions for chapters 1-10. We will go over the questions on Monday. REMINDER: Open Book Test moved to Tuesday, December 4th.


November 12-16

ELA Wildcat Tutoring every Wednesday at 8:15

Monday- Weekly warm-up (AC) pages 1-15 comp check. Start Allusion activity. (OL) read and annotate chapter 3.

Tuesday-Tuesday warm-up:  CEI writing and Hetty Green Revisions.

Wednesday- Career Cruising with Dr. Hunt. If time allows, Imelda Marcos article

Thursday- Finalize warm-up revisions (AC) finalize Allusion activity and read F451 (AC) Chapters 4 and 5 in The Giver.

Friday- Socrative for a participation grade. Continue reading in class novels


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