January 8 through 12

Monday- No School due to weather

Tuesday- Milestone Field Test Section 1

Wednesday– Milestone Field Test Section 2. (AC- block 3 read Fahrenheit 451)

Thursday- Milestone Field Test section 2.  (AC- block 3 worked on finalizing F451)

Friday- Class Spelling Bee *See me for an optional practice word list.

Homework- Journal Sheet completed and turned in by Wednesday, January 17th

Have a great weekend

Spelling Bee Class winners- Block 6 spellers- reminder to see me in homeroom on Tuesday, so we can finish the round. The rest of you, be prepared to compete next week.

January 4 and 5

Monday-Wednesday Student Holiday. No School

Thursday- Welcome Back! Happy 2018!

All classes: Expository Writing Notes/Review. Journal Sheet handed out to all classes

Friday- Touchstone Testing in all Classes

December 18-20


AC- F451: Part Two Test

Ol- The Giver Test

Tuesday (Early Release)

AC- Dover Beach analysis

Ol- Finalize The Giver

Wednesday (Early Release)

AC and OL: Portfolio Creation for 3rd and 4th Nineweeks

Thursday and Friday

Winter Break




December 11-15

All classes will begin preparing for their last test of the 9 weeks.

Each class will test on Monday, December 18th. We will spend this week preparing for the assessment.


“Snow Day”


AC- Part Two Reading comprehension questions. Reading goal- classes get to page 88.

OL- Grade Vocabulary handout. Vocab quiz on Thursday. Reading goal- class finish reading to chapter 16.


AC- Class discussion and reading goal to page 96

Ol- Reading goal-finish chapter 20. If time allows, class time to study for vocabulary quiz Thursday.


AC- Finish reading Part Two. Go over all comprehension questions for Part Two.

Ol- Vocabulary Quiz. Finish, The Giver.


AC- Review for Test Monday over Part Two F451

Ol- Review for Test Monday over chapters 14-23 *remember some chapters are only a few pages.


Dec. 4-8


Thursday Chapters 7-13 Test

Friday Vocab Check- Quiz on Monday, December 11


Test Tuesday over F451 Part One

Part One Vocab Quiz Thursday


Nov. 27-Dec. 1

AC- Fahrenheit 451

*Part One Test Tuesday, December 5th; Part One Vocab quiz Thursday, December 7th

*Level of questions discussion page 123 in Springboard textbook.

*Read 45-65. Answer guiding questions and journal. Turn in for a grade.

*Complete Part One graphic organizer for review (BETA/ABSENT students will receive a copy upon return) due Friday, Dec. 1 for a completion grade *class time on Friday will be given.

Review for test on Tuesday

OL- The Giver

*Level of questions discussion page 123 in Springboard textbook.

*Read chapter 7. Complete Journal, “Why did Jonas get skipped?,” revise and turn in for grade.

*Read Chapters 8-10; complete comprehension questions; vocabulary sheet given.



Nov 13-17

Monday- (AC) Review pages 15-28 in text. Block 5 take comp check. Vocabulary List for Part One handed out. Vocabulary list due Wednesday. (OL) Chapters 1-5 comp check. Science Fiction Article due on Friday. Test over The Giver chapters 1-6 on Thursday.

Tuesday- (AC) Go over comp check. Read pages 28-35. Add a question to the class parking lot. (OL) Go over comp check. Read chapter 6. Begin review questions

Wednesday- (AC) Read pages 35-45 as a class. Discuss when needed. Comp check over 29-45 (OL) Review over chapters 1-6. Test tomorrow.

Thursday- (AC) Discuss comp check. Remediation/Extension assignment based on comp check results. (OL) Test over The Giver. Science Fiction article due tomorrow.

Friday- (AC)Read pages 45-65 as a class. Tweet a question and Post in class.  (OL) Class discussion over Science Fiction Article and Writing review lesson.


November 6-10

Monday– (AC) Fahrenheit 451 discussion cards warm-up. Students read the Introduction of the novel.(OL) First memories with books/reading. Discussion about reading and memories

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- (AC) Journal: What is the author’s purpose of the Introduction? Begin reading in-class novel. (OL) Begin reading The Giver. Class discussion over events and rules.

Thursday– ALLATOONA/HARRISON visit. All classes read in-class novel. Class goals (AC-pg 20; OL- end of chapter 3)

Friday- (AC) Read to page 28 on your own. Then, take chapters 1-5 comp check. (OL)  Read chapters 4 and 5 on your own. Comprehension check on Monday.


October 30-Nov 3

Monday- Discuss Utopias and Dystopias. Begin reading “Harrison Bergeron” Open book quiz Friday.

Tuesday- Finalize “Harrison Bergeron” Answer text-dependent question to be discussed tomorrow for a warm-up

Wednesday- Discuss text-dependent question. Partner review of text

Thursday- PSAT. Blocks 4 and 5 only. Review of “Harrison Bergeron” Review online text, if needed.

Friday- Open book quiz over “Harrison Bergeron.” If time allows, begin reading in-class novel

October 23-27

Monday- Verb assessment. Journal sheet. Intro to group mini-project, “Creating Your Utopia”

Tuesday- Brainstorm group mini-project ideas with your group

Wednesday- Finalize mini-project decisions. Prepare for final presentation. Get folder from teacher.

Thursday- Mini-project should be completed by the end of class.

Friday- Utopia evaluations. Group rotations.