August 13-17

Test Friday over the four sentence types, clauses, and phrases

Monday– Finalize sentence types notes and practice.

Tuesday– Review of skill. Students will take the post test (This will count as a learning activity grade, not a test.)

Wednesday– Individualized review of skill. Each student will get extra practice to enhance their overall knowledge of skill.

Thursday– Test review and practice

Friday– Summative test over sentence types, clauses, and phrases

August 6-10

Monday- Classroom Scavenger Hunt discussion, class rules and expectations, and SYLLABUS handed out. Your Syllabus is due back Wednesday, signed:) 

Tuesday- Grammar notes handout- Review of the 8 parts of speech. Comic Strip Learning Activity due Friday.

Wednesday- Syllabus due today. Warm-up: work on Comic in class. Grammar Unit Pretest. Begin Clauses and Phrases Notes.

Thursday-  Warm-up: work on Comic in class. Clauses and sentence structure notes.

Friday- Turn in Comic for a Learning Activity grade. Finalize sentence structure notes. If time allows, complete Grammar Unit Post-test for a learning activity grade.

August 1-3

What a GREAT day!

Today students learned about their schedule, classes and teachers. Students were placed in one of the following Classroom Learning Stations: Portfolio Creation, Book Banner Creation, Student Portfolio, Reading Nook or Scavenger Hunt. They will rotate through the station this week. All station should be completed by Friday.

Next week, students will receive their syllabus and begin their first academic unit.

Parents, mark your calendars for Open House- Thursday, August 16th @6:30

Summer 2018

Welcome to Mid-July…

Hard to believe our Summer Break is almost over! Take some time to READ a book and RELAX by the pool. Spending time with friends and family is always one of my favorite things to do.

I am looking forward to meeting all of my new students this year. I already have some exciting activities planned for the first week. In addition, we are in for a year of reading, writing, and creativity. Can’t wait!

See you ALL on August 1st.

~Mrs. Daniell