August 28-Sept 1

Monday- Partner discussion over “Ithaka”

Tuesday- Weekly Journal handout. Discuss writing baselines. Examples of Response to Literature. Writing Rubrics.

Wednesday- EARLY RELEASE. Journal. Finish writing evaluations

Thursday- Daily Journal. Students will respond to a quote from “Ithaka.” The response will be a quiz grade. Guidelines reviewed and discussed. Rubric given to each student.

Friday-  Daily Journal. Students will respond to a quote from “Ithaka.” The response will be a quiz grade next week. Students are encouraged to write a rough draft.

August 21-25

Monday (Solar Eclipse Day)- Lyrical Poem analysis. Any student that completed the analysis will use the assignment as a journal pass this week.

Tuesday– Journal: Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Experience. Finalize Hero’s Journey Chart: Stages of Big Hero 6. See me, if absent.

Wednesday– Review Big Hero 6 chart and story. Ticket out the Door for a learning activity grade.

Thursday- The Onset of Adventure. Begin Activity 1.4 “Ithaca” Unpacking Learning Targets and Activity Preview. Read poem.

Friday- Finalize “Ithaca.” Students will receive their writing baselines back. Students will complete writing sources activity for a quiz grade. The writing activity is due Monday, August 28th.


August 14-18

Monday- Grade “Unpacking Embedded Assessments” Discuss the challenges of being a hero.

Tuesday- Quotes assigned to group. Preparation for presentations

Wednesday- Group presentations. Begin Activity 1.2 “Understanding the Hero’s Journey Archetype”

Thursday– Big Hero 6 stages 1 and 2 of Hero’s Journey

Friday- Hero’s journey stage 3. Finalize Activity 1.2 with a discussion over Pacing.

August 7-11

Monday- Baseline writing prompt and classroom library introduction

Tuesday- Review- effective writing techniques for response to literature pieces. Edit and revise baseline. HW-Final draft of baseline due tomorrow.

Wednesday- Turn in baseline after self-assessment. Textbook unit preview.

Thursday- Unpacking standards for unit one, “The Challenges of Heroism.” Turn in “Unpacking an Embedded Assessment” for a grade.

Friday- Mini-lesson over paraphrasing. Group activity exploring quotes about heroism. Activity also includes a class presentation component.

July 31-August 4

So Excited about the 2017-2018 school year!

Monday- Class information and getting to know you activity (AC-Zoom; OL-Airplanes)

Tuesday- Collaborative warm-up; Emergency drill procedures; Syllabus discussion and late work policy

Wednesday- Truth or Lie warm-up; Classroom hand-in procedures; Vocab “pre-test” and Writing baseline

Thursday- Finalize writing baseline; Textbooks; Brainfood

Friday- BYOD day; portfolio creation