Monday- Students finished reading, “The Odyssey.” Please login to the online textbook to review text; the link is to the right of this screen.  Also, remember to use online textbook link to create an account. Class codes were given in class toady, so please see me if you were absent. In addition, this link will be the link to login to the textbook throughout the year.

Tuesday- Class review and discussion over, “The Odyssey.” In-class Departure completion check today.

Wednesday- Open Book Quiz over “The Odyssey.” Students will also begin drafting the Initiation section of their narrative final exam. The draft is homework, if not completed in class.

Thursday- Students will begin reading an excerpt from A Wrinkle In Time. 

Friday- In-class completion check for the Initiation section of your narrative. You will also finalize A Wrinkle In Time if needed. You will have a majority of class to begin drafting the Return section of your narrative final exam. This is the last section of the narrative. After today, you should have a completed rough draft ready to revise the week we come back from break.