October 23-27

Monday- Verb assessment. Journal sheet. Intro to group mini-project, “Creating Your Utopia”

Tuesday- Brainstorm group mini-project ideas with your group

Wednesday- Finalize mini-project decisions. Prepare for final presentation. Get folder from teacher.

Thursday- Mini-project should be completed by the end of class.

Friday- Utopia evaluations. Group rotations.

October 16-20

Conference Week

Monday- Practice packets given out today. Verb mood practice with a partner

Tuesday- Verb tense practice with a partner

Wednesday- Grade practice sheets and make study cards

Thursday- Active and Passive voice practice

Friday- data check. Students were given a practice summative assessment. Use the results from your practice assessment to help you narrow down what to study over the weekend.

Oct. 9-13

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday– Touchstone Testing

Thursday– Grammar Pretest

Friday– Notes over verb tense, verb mood and voice. Please get a packet, if you were absent

October 2-6

Monday– Study Guide for Open Book Final given today. Dialogue Notes. Rubric Review.  Finish “The Return” of your narrative tonight for homework. Study Guide Unit One Final Unit Test-xbyx6n

Tuesday– Transitions in writing. Revise/Edit Rough Draft. Begin hand writing Final draft.

Wednesday– Finish writing final draft. Final Draft Due TomorrowFinal Narrative Information-272beyg

ThursdayTurn in final draft. Career Cruising. Open Book Final Over Unit One Tomorrow.

Friday– Unit One Open Book Final