September 4-8

Monday– No school today. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!

Tuesday- Journal Sheet (Aug. 29- Sept. 4th) due for a grade. Students are given a new journal sheet (Sept. 5-11). They are to complete their Tuesday journal. Finalize “Ithaka” quiz and turn in for a grade. Narrative Hero’s Journey Proposal handout given. Proposal due tomorrow.

Wednesday- Turn in proposal. Complete Wednesday Journal. Graphic Organizer given for “Drummer Boy of Shiloh.” Begin reading an example of The Departure in the Heroes Journey Archetype.

Thursday and Friday– The Drummer Boy of Shiloh with graphic organizer. Class discussion and review. Open book Quiz on Monday.


August 28-Sept 1

Monday- Partner discussion over “Ithaka”

Tuesday- Weekly Journal handout. Discuss writing baselines. Examples of Response to Literature. Writing Rubrics.

Wednesday- EARLY RELEASE. Journal. Finish writing evaluations

Thursday- Daily Journal. Students will respond to a quote from “Ithaka.” The response will be a quiz grade. Guidelines reviewed and discussed. Rubric given to each student.

Friday-  Daily Journal. Students will respond to a quote from “Ithaka.” The response will be a quiz grade next week. Students are encouraged to write a rough draft.

August 21-25

Monday (Solar Eclipse Day)- Lyrical Poem analysis. Any student that completed the analysis will use the assignment as a journal pass this week.

Tuesday– Journal: Your 2017 Solar Eclipse Experience. Finalize Hero’s Journey Chart: Stages of Big Hero 6. See me, if absent.

Wednesday– Review Big Hero 6 chart and story. Ticket out the Door for a learning activity grade.

Thursday- The Onset of Adventure. Begin Activity 1.4 “Ithaca” Unpacking Learning Targets and Activity Preview. Read poem.

Friday- Finalize “Ithaca.” Students will receive their writing baselines back. Students will complete writing sources activity for a quiz grade. The writing activity is due Monday, August 28th.


August 14-18

Monday- Grade “Unpacking Embedded Assessments” Discuss the challenges of being a hero.

Tuesday- Quotes assigned to group. Preparation for presentations

Wednesday- Group presentations. Begin Activity 1.2 “Understanding the Hero’s Journey Archetype”

Thursday– Big Hero 6 stages 1 and 2 of Hero’s Journey

Friday- Hero’s journey stage 3. Finalize Activity 1.2 with a discussion over Pacing.

August 7-11

Monday- Baseline writing prompt and classroom library introduction

Tuesday- Review- effective writing techniques for response to literature pieces. Edit and revise baseline. HW-Final draft of baseline due tomorrow.

Wednesday- Turn in baseline after self-assessment. Textbook unit preview.

Thursday- Unpacking standards for unit one, “The Challenges of Heroism.” Turn in “Unpacking an Embedded Assessment” for a grade.

Friday- Mini-lesson over paraphrasing. Group activity exploring quotes about heroism. Activity also includes a class presentation component.

July 31-August 4

So Excited about the 2017-2018 school year!

Monday- Class information and getting to know you activity (AC-Zoom; OL-Airplanes)

Tuesday- Collaborative warm-up; Emergency drill procedures; Syllabus discussion and late work policy

Wednesday- Truth or Lie warm-up; Classroom hand-in procedures; Vocab “pre-test” and Writing baseline

Thursday- Finalize writing baseline; Textbooks; Brainfood

Friday- BYOD day; portfolio creation