Nov 13-17

Monday- (AC) Review pages 15-28 in text. Block 5 take comp check. Vocabulary List for Part One handed out. Vocabulary list due Wednesday. (OL) Chapters 1-5 comp check. Science Fiction Article due on Friday. Test over The Giver chapters 1-6 on Thursday.

Tuesday- (AC) Go over comp check. Read pages 28-35. Add a question to the class parking lot. (OL) Go over comp check. Read chapter 6. Begin review questions

Wednesday- (AC) Read pages 35-45 as a class. Discuss when needed. Comp check over 29-45 (OL) Review over chapters 1-6. Test tomorrow.

Thursday- (AC) Discuss comp check. Remediation/Extension assignment based on comp check results. (OL) Test over The Giver. Science Fiction article due tomorrow.

Friday- (AC)Read pages 45-65 as a class. Tweet a question and Post in class.  (OL) Class discussion over Science Fiction Article and Writing review lesson.


November 6-10

Monday– (AC) Fahrenheit 451 discussion cards warm-up. Students read the Introduction of the novel.(OL) First memories with books/reading. Discussion about reading and memories

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- (AC) Journal: What is the author’s purpose of the Introduction? Begin reading in-class novel. (OL) Begin reading The Giver. Class discussion over events and rules.

Thursday– ALLATOONA/HARRISON visit. All classes read in-class novel. Class goals (AC-pg 20; OL- end of chapter 3)

Friday- (AC) Read to page 28 on your own. Then, take chapters 1-5 comp check. (OL)  Read chapters 4 and 5 on your own. Comprehension check on Monday.


October 30-Nov 3

Monday- Discuss Utopias and Dystopias. Begin reading “Harrison Bergeron” Open book quiz Friday.

Tuesday- Finalize “Harrison Bergeron” Answer text-dependent question to be discussed tomorrow for a warm-up

Wednesday- Discuss text-dependent question. Partner review of text

Thursday- PSAT. Blocks 4 and 5 only. Review of “Harrison Bergeron” Review online text, if needed.

Friday- Open book quiz over “Harrison Bergeron.” If time allows, begin reading in-class novel

October 23-27

Monday- Verb assessment. Journal sheet. Intro to group mini-project, “Creating Your Utopia”

Tuesday- Brainstorm group mini-project ideas with your group

Wednesday- Finalize mini-project decisions. Prepare for final presentation. Get folder from teacher.

Thursday- Mini-project should be completed by the end of class.

Friday- Utopia evaluations. Group rotations.

October 16-20

Conference Week

Monday- Practice packets given out today. Verb mood practice with a partner

Tuesday- Verb tense practice with a partner

Wednesday- Grade practice sheets and make study cards

Thursday- Active and Passive voice practice

Friday- data check. Students were given a practice summative assessment. Use the results from your practice assessment to help you narrow down what to study over the weekend.

Oct. 9-13

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday– Touchstone Testing

Thursday– Grammar Pretest

Friday– Notes over verb tense, verb mood and voice. Please get a packet, if you were absent

October 2-6

Monday– Study Guide for Open Book Final given today. Dialogue Notes. Rubric Review.  Finish “The Return” of your narrative tonight for homework. Study Guide Unit One Final Unit Test-xbyx6n

Tuesday– Transitions in writing. Revise/Edit Rough Draft. Begin hand writing Final draft.

Wednesday– Finish writing final draft. Final Draft Due TomorrowFinal Narrative Information-272beyg

ThursdayTurn in final draft. Career Cruising. Open Book Final Over Unit One Tomorrow.

Friday– Unit One Open Book Final

Monday- Students finished reading, “The Odyssey.” Please login to the online textbook to review text; the link is to the right of this screen.  Also, remember to use online textbook link to create an account. Class codes were given in class toady, so please see me if you were absent. In addition, this link will be the link to login to the textbook throughout the year.

Tuesday- Class review and discussion over, “The Odyssey.” In-class Departure completion check today.

Wednesday- Open Book Quiz over “The Odyssey.” Students will also begin drafting the Initiation section of their narrative final exam. The draft is homework, if not completed in class.

Thursday- Students will begin reading an excerpt from A Wrinkle In Time. 

Friday- In-class completion check for the Initiation section of your narrative. You will also finalize A Wrinkle In Time if needed. You will have a majority of class to begin drafting the Return section of your narrative final exam. This is the last section of the narrative. After today, you should have a completed rough draft ready to revise the week we come back from break.


September 11-15

Monday and Tuesday- School Closing due to inclement weather (Irma).

Wednesday- Open book quiz over “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” (stage 1 of the hero’s archetype).

Thursday– Hero’s Journey proposals given back and discussed. Mini-lesson over using imagery and transitional elements in writing. In addition, students will begin writing “the deaparture” of their own hero’s journey narrative.

Friday- Students will begin unpacking “The Odyssey” and conducting a first read of the text.