March 5-9

Monday-Wednesday: Finalize Argumentative Paper. Turn in for test grade on Wednesday. students took a pretest over sentence structure.

Thursday- Sentence Structure Notes with pictures “draw the sentence types”

Friday- Additional sentence structure notes and practice of skill. Quiz Wednesday, March 14th over sentence structure.


February 26-March 2

Students will be working in the computer lab all week on an in-class argumentative essay.

Monday– Welcome back. Students finalized their argumentative graphic organizer.

Tuesday- Save new file to office 365. Format draft. After getting graphic organizer approved, begin writing rough draft.

Wednesday- “Hang Up and Drive” argumentative writing example. Finalize rough draft. Evaluate research. Visit Cobb Digital Library to locate further information.

Thursday- A look inside introductory paragraph. Revise attention grabber, background information, and two-point thesis. Body paragraph revisions

Friday- Counterclaims, conclusions, and call to actions. A look at revising for a strong closing. *have source information complete. Monday we will create a Works Cited page and Print our essays.

February 12-16

Monday- Read “The Science of Distracted Driving” on page 153. Begin Writing to Sources: Argument on page 154.

Tuesday- Review over TLQC format. TLQC warm up-18r1yel Revise. Rewrite. Highlight. Blocks 3-5 turn in paragraph (blocks 6 and 7 paragraphs are homework). Today students turned in their topic choice for argumentative embedded assessment.

Wednesday- Page 155 “Debatable Claims.” Unit Partners assigned. Partners will work on answering questions on page 156. HOMEWORK: Printed out research due Friday- 2 sources to support claim

Thursday– “Conducting Effective Research” page 157 and 158.In class  activity 2.15, “How the Brain Reacts” pages 160-161

Friday- Research check (homework from Wednesday night). Posted agree and disagree information about topics. Graphic Organizer about your topic.

February 5-9

Monday- Quiz Wednesday over Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.  Class Notes EthosPathosLogos-18fcpeo

Finalize argumentative chart on page 147. Class discussion and notes over Ethos, Pathos, and Logos persuasive appeals.

Tuesday- Practice Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Class activity for accuracy. Study items that you missed in class. Quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday– Quiz over Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Thursday- “Highlight Logos” see powerpoint for make-up lesson Text message powerpoint

Friday- “Sound Reasoning,” “Science Behind Distracted Driving,” and “Writing to Sources: Argument”


January 22-26


Block 3 Last Day to work on Final assessment in class. DUE DATE change. Graphic Organizer/Rough Draft Due Thursday, January 25th and Final Due Monday, January 29th.

Blocks 4 and 5. Final Assessment information given. Students have today to work on assessment in class. Graphic Organizer/Rough Draft Due Friday, January 26th and Final Draft Due Monday, January 29

Blocks 6 and 7- Students were given “Slip or Trip” Argumentative Writing Packet. Begin evaluating evidence.


Block 3 -Students were given “Slip or Trip” Argumentative Writing Packet. Begin evaluating evidence.

Blocks 4 and 5- Last day to work on F451 final assessment in class. Rough draft and organizer due Friday. Final draft due Monday, January 29

Blocks 6 and 7- Finish collecting evidence and complete evidence folder to share in class


B3-5 “Slip or Trip” collection and evaluation of evidence. Complete evidence folder.

B6-7 Share and evaluate evidence. State Claim. Writing Rubric and essay overview.


B3-5Share and evaluate evidence. State Claim. Writing Rubric and essay overview.

B6-7 Begin writing Argumentative Essay using “Slip or Trip” evidence


All classes will be working on “Slip or Trip” writing piece. Stating claim, evaluating evidence, or writing the argumentative essay.

January 15-19

Monday- MLK Holiday. No School.

Tuesday-(AC) Finish Part 3 of Fahrenheit 451. Block 3 Work on F451 final assessment.

Wednesday- Snow Day

Thursday- Snow Day

Friday- Snow Day


January 8 through 12

Monday- No School due to weather

Tuesday- Milestone Field Test Section 1

Wednesday– Milestone Field Test Section 2. (AC- block 3 read Fahrenheit 451)

Thursday- Milestone Field Test section 2.  (AC- block 3 worked on finalizing F451)

Friday- Class Spelling Bee *See me for an optional practice word list.

Homework- Journal Sheet completed and turned in by Wednesday, January 17th

Have a great weekend

Spelling Bee Class winners- Block 6 spellers- reminder to see me in homeroom on Tuesday, so we can finish the round. The rest of you, be prepared to compete next week.

January 4 and 5

Monday-Wednesday Student Holiday. No School

Thursday- Welcome Back! Happy 2018!

All classes: Expository Writing Notes/Review. Journal Sheet handed out to all classes

Friday- Touchstone Testing in all Classes

December 18-20


AC- F451: Part Two Test

Ol- The Giver Test

Tuesday (Early Release)

AC- Dover Beach analysis

Ol- Finalize The Giver

Wednesday (Early Release)

AC and OL: Portfolio Creation for 3rd and 4th Nineweeks

Thursday and Friday

Winter Break




December 11-15

All classes will begin preparing for their last test of the 9 weeks.

Each class will test on Monday, December 18th. We will spend this week preparing for the assessment.


“Snow Day”


AC- Part Two Reading comprehension questions. Reading goal- classes get to page 88.

OL- Grade Vocabulary handout. Vocab quiz on Thursday. Reading goal- class finish reading to chapter 16.


AC- Class discussion and reading goal to page 96

Ol- Reading goal-finish chapter 20. If time allows, class time to study for vocabulary quiz Thursday.


AC- Finish reading Part Two. Go over all comprehension questions for Part Two.

Ol- Vocabulary Quiz. Finish, The Giver.


AC- Review for Test Monday over Part Two F451

Ol- Review for Test Monday over chapters 14-23 *remember some chapters are only a few pages.