December 2-6

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a fun, restful Thanksgiving with friends and family. We want to thank everyone who came to help with the Friendsgiving on Friday before the break! It was so fun seeing the kids work together to make their snack and get to hang out with their friends 🙂 It’s hard to believe there are just THREE short weeks and we will be off again for winter break. We have a lot of fun things ahead!!

Important Dates

-December 10: Holiday Teacher Luncheon

-December 11: PTA Board Meeting


-Holiday Traditions Sharing: Sharing will start on Monday! Be sure to check the half sheet of paper that came home before the break to know which day your child will be bringing in their items to share. We can’t wait to hear about everyone’s winter holiday traditions and celebrations!

– FACT Clubs: This is the last week for FACT clubs for fall semester. We will return to your child’s original dismissal plan when FACT clubs are complete. Please let us know if you’d like to make any changes to dismissal through the rest of December.

What We Are Learning

Orton-Gillingham/Phonics: We will be learning about closed syllable words this week (ie. cat, mop, bus). These are closed syllable words because the vowel is “closed in” by a consonant which causes it to make the short vowel sound. We will learn a fun Alphabet King story this week to help us remember this! Ask your child about it 🙂

Reader’s Workshop: We will be reviewing main idea and detail as well as identifying the reasons an author gives to support points in a text.

Writer’s Workshop: In writing we are moving on to informational writing. One type of informational writing is how-to writing. This week we will learn what a how-to piece is and what it means to teach someone how to do something. We will practice doing and making some things in class to get a clear understanding of each of the steps needed in the process. This will help us become experts on how to teach someone else and write about each of the steps we took!

Guided Math: Before the break we learned about measurement and length. This week we will be continuing our unit on measurement but we will focus on weight.

Sci/SS/Health: We will be learning all about motion! We will discover what different attributes result in different types of motion for different objects as well as figuring out the best way to move an object based on it’s physical attributes.


Wrapping Up November

Important Dates:

-November 20 + 21 – High Touch High Tech

-November 22 – STEM Day

-November 22 – Friendsgiving

-November 25-29 – No School


What We Are Learning:

Orton-Gillingham/Phonics – We continued to work with digraphs this week! We will learn about open and closed syllables after the break.

Sight Words – big, did, us, sat, fun

Reader’s Workshop – We read Thanksgiving and turkey books this week! We discussed what we are thankful for, and reviewed main idea and detail along with character and setting for our books!

Writer’s Workshop: We continued writing our narrative books. We started sharing today and will finish sharing tomorrow!

Guided Math: This week we are learning about measurement! We are discussing length and comparing two objects to see which is longer or shorter.

Sci/SS/Health: We are learning about Thanksgiving!

November Updates!

Important Dates

  • November 11-15: Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • November 15: CCYA Pajama Day – $1 donation
  • November 20-21: High Touch High Tech
  • November 22: STEM Day & Friendship Feast
  • November 25-29: No School – Happy Thanksgiving!



  • Field Trip: Please return your field trip form for LEGO land if you haven’t already!
  • Feather: Please return your child’s decorated feather by Thursday!


What We Are Learning

Orton-Gillinham/Phonics: Last week we introduced digraphs sh, th, and ch! We continue to work on them this week. We know that digraphs are two letters that make one sound. We also know they can come at the beginning or the end of a word.

Sight Words: Last week’s words were: of, to, the, is, his. This week’s words are: an, am, can, ran, and.

Reader’s Workshop: Last week we finished up learning about our reading super powers! We added picture power, sound power, and persistence power! This week we are learning how to bring our books to life. We are working on our reading fluency and reading with expression instead of reading like a robot!

Writer’s Workshop: Last week we continued our narrative writing and completed our OUCH stories. The kids spent time sharing on Friday! This week we are writing about the bald eagle and starting our own narrative books!

Guided Math: Last week we assessed our knowledge of comparing groups of objects using greater than and equal to. We are now working on counting groups of up to 20 objects in various displays.

Sci/SS/Health: Last week we learned all about Veteran’s Day. This week we are learning about the Bald Eagle!

Last Call – Foundation Patron Drive!

We are in the final week of our Foundation Patron Drive!  Let’s go ALL IN!!  Thank you to the Mt. Bethel Foundation which has impacted our classroom personally in so many ways! The staff was not only trained in Orton-Gillingham math, but also in Orton-Gillingham phonics! We use OG every day – Thank You Foundation!! See a video below of our kids completing our OG letter drill. We are now PROS!

Thank you to the families to our families who have participated in the Foundation Patron Drive!

Letter Drill

Foundation Patron Drive

We are in the final week of our Foundation Patron Drive!  Let’s go ALL IN!!  Thank you to the Mt. Bethel Foundation which has impacted our classroom personally in so many ways! A huge purchase from the Foundation that has made recess and p.e. so wonderful! The kids no longer have to play in the big mud/dirt pile that used to be the field. The kids can now run around, play, do handstands, and more without tossing around dirt on accident. 🙂 When it rains, we can still go outside because the new turf does not stay wet for long! WE LOVE THE TURF!

Foundation Patron Drive

We are in the final week of our Foundation Patron Drive!  Let’s go ALL IN!!  Thank you to the Mt. Bethel Foundation which has impacted our classroom personally in so many ways! We love using SeeSaw to share different parts of our day with you all.  SeeSaw allows the kids to share their successes and hard work! We can’t wait for them to continue to explore different ways to display their work through this awesome online portfolio!



October 28-November

Important Dates

  • November 1: Fall Festival
  • November 2: Fun Run
  • November 5: No school; Staff Workday
  • November 7: PTA Meeting @ 7am



  • Super Reader Day– October 31st- Your child may wear a super hero costume or t-shirt on this day to celebrate the end of our “Super Reader” unit.  In this reading unit, students learned super powers that help them become a better reader; such as, picture power, sound power, pointer power, and many others.  No masks or weapons, please.
  • Scholastic Reading Club– We will continue to send home Scholastic Reading Club information.  If you would like to order some books, please go online to make that order.  My class code is Q94FG.  There are some really great books.  When you make an order through the club, I earn points to buy books for my classroom.
  • Fall Festival – November 1 – This event is for the kindergarten students only.  If you would like to attend, please look for volunteer positions through Shutterfly.


What We Are Learning

Orton-Gillingham/Phonics: This week we will learn about c vs. k. When spelling words like “cup” and “kit”…. how do we know which letter to use because they both make the same sound? Ask your child this week about our tricks!

Words of the week: but, at, on, got, not

Reader’s Workshop: This week we will begin learning about main idea and detail. We are continuing to work on our independent reading stamina! We are at 8 minutes of independent reading J

Writer’s Workshop: We’ve been learning what it means to write a narrative. We know that we want to write a seed story. This means we will focus on one specific event/experience to write about. We’ve practiced becoming storytellers and sharing our narratives out loud to get us ready to write them. Our narrative writing unit will push us to write more and use details in our writing. We’ve focused on WH- questions like who? what? where? And when? to help with our details. This week we will begin writing!

Guided Math: Last week we learned about comparing groups of objects and comparing numbers. We will continue this week as well as learning how to represent, build, and draw teen numbers.

Sci/SS/Health: We’ve been learning about day and night. We’ve discussed objects that are in the day and night sky and changes from day to night and night to day. The kids will also be identifying sunrise and sunset!

Foundation Patron Drive

The Foundation has been so wonderful to provide Reading and Writing strategy books by Jennifer Serravallo to the kindergarten teachers. Teachers are able to use these books to plan for guided lessons! This is one of many resources provided to us by the foundation!

Thank you to the families who have donated to the Foundation Patron Drive already! Your donations provide so much for our students and teachers!

Foundation Patron Drive

Our Foundation Patron Drive is still going strong!  Let’s go ALL IN!!  Thank you to the Mt. Bethel Foundation which has impacted our classroom personally in so many ways! The Foundation has funded Orton-Gillingham math training for our teachers. Below are some pictures of our math manipulatives that we are going to be using all year! Ask your child about the silly names we use to identify them and ask them to show you how to draw their die dots for numbers 1-9! This week we’ve started comparing numbers and groups of objects to determine greater than, less than, and equal to.







Conference Week & Looking Ahead

Important Dates

-October 22: STEM Fair

-November 2: Fun Run



– Thank you ALL for setting aside time last week to meet with us during conference week. We have enjoyed getting to know your kiddos over the last nine weeks, and we can’t wait to see all they do in the next nine!


What We Are Learning

Our conference week schedule provided us with some fun opportunities to tie in fall activities with what we are learning! We enjoyed learning and writing about apples, taste testing and graphing our results/learning about more and less, as well as completing apple themed math activities. We also had a ton of fun learning and writing about pumpkins! We got to carve pumpkins and we used this experience to learn about the five senses 🙂 We also spent time during conference week learning about Christopher Columbus!

Orton-Gillingham/Phonics: This week we will introduce sight words. We will be learning that there are two types of sight words: decodable and trick words.

Words of the Week = a, I, in, it, if

Guided Reading: We will be starting our reading super powers unit! This is always a favorite, and the super powers we learn about teach the kids strategies to use while they are reading. This week we will learn about: pointer power, snap word power, and partner power.

Writer’s Workshop: We are introducing our narrative writing unit! We will learn what a narrative is, brainstorm ideas for narrative writing, and learn how to focus on a “seed” story to be able to write and share details about specific events. We will use WH- questions such as who, what, where, and when to help us put details into our writing.

Guided Math: We will be comparing groups of objects to identify greater than or equal to!

Sci/SS/Health: We will learn about day and night as well as sunrise and sunset.