Upcoming for Next Week

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Science- we are continuing chapter 17 (electricity) and will complete stations, labs, and notes. Here is a study guide for the vocabulary words: Ch 17 Vocab SG You will have a quiz over these words!!!

Social Studies- we are continuing the Indian Removal Think Tac Toe. You will keep working in groups during class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Presentations start Thursday and Friday during class. Your question check will be this Monday. Your test will be next Tuesday (after presentations are finished). Here is your study guide: Indian Removal Study Guide

Social Studies Test Corrections

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If you are not happy with your grade for your Government Almost There, you have the opportunity to do test corrections!! Write out the questions and write out the complete answer to earn points back! Here are the answers for the Almost There: Georgia Government Almost There 2015 with Answers  Don’t forget to study for your test, which is Tuesday! If you turn in your completed study guide, it’s bonus points.

First Week Back

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I hope everyone has had a great first week back! We have some upcoming quizzes and tests that you need to start studying for!

Science- We have started a new unit (chapters 9 and 10)- Energy and Energy Transformations. Students started notes and will finish notes tomorrow; we also completed the Bounce Lab. Our quiz over Chapter 9 will be Monday, 1/12. Students have received study guides already. We have a quiz over Chapter 10 on Tuesday, 1/20 and our Unit Test on Friday, 1/23.

Social Studies- We are finishing our Government unit. We checked over the CRCT Review questions (some students will receive an alternate assignment) for a quiz grade. We also started Check Point 3 Notes. Your quiz over Check Point 3 will be Tuesday, 1/13 (study guides go out tomorrow). Your Unit Test will be Tuesday, 1/20 (study guides also go out tomorrow).

You can also print your own study guides here: Final Lap – Study Guide, Chapter 9 Study Guide, Study Guide Energy and Heat

Happy Studying!