Instrument Projects/ SS Study Guides

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Science: Your musical instrument projects are due TOMORROW (4/1)!!! Don’t forget, your instrument must play at least three different pitches and you must perform a song (for example: Hot Cross Buns/Three Blind Mice, Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.).

****If you are having trouble, come to my room before or during homeroom and I will help you****

You can make a flute/recorder out of pipe or a guitar out of a shoe box and rubber bands.

Social Studies: Here are the keys to your study guides. Your test is TOMORROW! 2015 WWII and Holocaust Study Guide- KEY GA Governors After WWII- Study Guide- KEY

SS-Reconstruction Test// Sci- Waves Menu Project

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Social Studies- your Reconstruction test is Wednesday 3/18!! Start studying your packet/study guide. The PowerPoint is on Ms. Pledger’s blog; be proactive and finish filling in your study guide. 🙂 2015 Reconstruction New South study guide I will post the answers to the Study Guide on Tuesday for you to check your study guide with.

Science- Don’t forget your Dessert is due Monday! You should also be completely finished with your main course/entree!!

Test Corrections

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Did you score below a 75% on a test in Science or Social Studies? You are eligible for test corrections! Please come talk to me about scheduling a time before school (8:30-9:00) so that you can work on your test corrections. If you are unable to come in before school, you may take home your test to work on test corrections.