March 2015 archive

Instrument Projects/ SS Study Guides

Science: Your musical instrument projects are due TOMORROW (4/1)!!! Don’t forget, your instrument must play at least three different pitches and you must perform a song (for example: Hot Cross Buns/Three Blind Mice, Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.).

****If you are having trouble, come to my room before or during homeroom and I will help you****

You can make a flute/recorder out of pipe or a guitar out of a shoe box and rubber bands.

Social Studies: Here are the keys to your study guides. Your test is TOMORROW! 2015 WWII and Holocaust Study Guide- KEY GA Governors After WWII- Study Guide- KEY

SS-Reconstruction Test// Sci- Waves Menu Project

Social Studies- your Reconstruction test is Wednesday 3/18!! Start studying your packet/study guide. The PowerPoint is on Ms. Pledger’s blog; be proactive and finish filling in your study guide. 🙂 2015 Reconstruction New South study guide I will post the answers to the Study Guide on Tuesday for you to check your study guide with.

Science- Don’t forget your Dessert is due Monday! You should also be completely finished with your main course/entree!!

Test Corrections

Did you score below a 75% on a test in Science or Social Studies? You are eligible for test corrections! Please come talk to me about scheduling a time before school (8:30-9:00) so that you can work on your test corrections. If you are unable to come in before school, you may take home your test to work on test corrections.


This Week

Science- we will finish the Magnetism unit (chapter 18). Your quiz will be Thursday (moved back due to the snow days). You can print the study guide: Ch 18 Study Guide

Social Studies- we started the Civil War unit today. We took notes on Resources and Strategies today. Tomorrow, we will continue on the notes outline. Your test will be soon! Here is your study guide: Civil War Study Guide