Social Studies Final Exam Study Guide

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Here is your study guide! Final Exam Study Guide

You must complete your study guide if you are taking the final. Students will only be allowed to exempt the final if they have an A in the class. If you are on the border of an A (i.e. you have a 90%, 91%, or 92%), please be proactive and complete your study guide. There will be a few more grades to go in that could bring your grade down to a B. In that case, you will have to take the final.

Projects Due/ Civil Rights Study Guide

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Science- your musical instrument projects were due yesterday, 4/1. If you still have not turned it in yet, please do so tomorrow!

Social Studies- here is the key to your Civil Rights Study Guide. You have an assessment over the Influential Georgians chart on Tuesday, 4/14. Make sure you get the notes from the PowerPoints (on Ms. Pledger’s blog) and from your government packet so that you can ace the assessment! Modern Civil Rights Study Guide- KEY